Updated: November 2017

Garage Door Opener Reviews:

When looking for a garage door for your home or a sectional rolling door for a commercial location, you want to find something that is durable, long lasting, and dependable. The top manufacturers of garage doors are companies like Raynor Garage Doors, Amarr Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, Martin Garage Doors, and Seal Garage Doors. Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home so you need something that can handle minor knocks and still work effortlessly while maintaining a solid look. Some things to consider when buying a garage door are: maintenance requirements, thickness, durability, composition (steel, wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass), available colors, window options, security and safety issues, and warranties. Keep reading to find out more about garage doors.

Garage Door Buying Guide

Look into the counterbalance spring mechanicisms (extension vs torsion), strength and gauge of track, insulation "R" values (Polystyrene vs Polyurethane), and styles (ribbed, elongated panels, flush, raised panel). Be sure to do regular safety checks on your garage door to keep it in good working condition. Lube moving parts and repair loose or worn hinges, springs and other hardware. You can buy garage doors at stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Sears has a garage door installation team that does great work if it's too much work for yourself. Making sure the door operates properly is most important, so hiring a professional is always a good idea when in doubt on something like a garage door. No need in worrying if it will collapse on your car because you didn't install it right. You can browse the most popular garage door openers online here.

Best Garage Doors Openers:

What we found is that most people in the market for a garage door look at the garage door opener more than the actual garage door itself. The best garage door opener is the Liftmaster Estate Series 2500 Belt-Drive ($250) with it's quiet belt driven operation. The Liftmaster has a 20-hour battery back up so that when the power is out, you can still use the garage door and there is an optional keyless entry system which allows you to operate the garage door without a key or remote control. You can disable the remote control (good when you are gone on vacation). Another quality garage door opener is the Genie ISD990-2X ($200) with a smooth start/stop to help decrease wear and tear. The Excelerator closes the door at the standard rate of seven inches per second, but opens it twice as fast. The safety sensor that automatically reverses the door if an obstruction is detected can be a lifesaver. It's not as quiet as the Liftmaster, but customers give it a thumbs up with a good value and dependability. The Craftsman 53985 ($170) is the cheapest of the models reviewed and the chain drive makes it the noisiest as well. You still get all the regular features like 2 remotes, infrared sensors for safety, and an outside keypad for keyless entry. Eventhough searchers continue to look online for Stanley Garage door openers, the company itself has gone out of business and no longer produces garage door openers. Some parts are still available through stores like Sears, but no new products have been made since 2002. Chamberlain is the official manufacturer of LiftMaster residential and commercial garage door openers and accessories. The Chamberlain website claims that over half of the garage door openers installed worldwide are built by them. You can check out their line of openers at Liftmaster. One thing we prefer about the Genie garage door openers is that they are an easy do it yourself home project with directions that make sense and a quick troubleshooting page for immediate solutions to any issues. RECOMMENDED - See all the top selling screw, belt and chain drive garage door openers here.

Garage Door Repair - Garage Door Parts:

Sooner or later your garage door will need some repairs. Usually springs or hardware fail and the door will not be able to go up and down smoothly or safely. The big question is, who will do the repairs, you or a handyman. Having tried unsuccessfully to repair my garage door, I realize a trained professional can save time and keep you safe with a repair job done properly. Working with torsion springs is no joke -- don't try it unless you know what you are doing. If you can do the work yourself, we recommend buying parts online at Garagedoorsupply.com, Hobbit Distributing, or Sears.com and then go to the Natural Handymans website with repair information on garage doors and openers HERE. If you do need to hire a professional, then we suggest using the ServiceMagic.com website where they find screened home contractors to install, repair or replace your garage door.

Wayne-Dalton iDrive Garage Door Opener:

The new technology from Wayne-Dalton does not use a standard belt, screw, or chain-drive model. It uses a torsion system which does away with the large ceiling mounted motor box and there is no need for an overhead track. The iDrive looks like the wave of the future for garage door openers with it's silent mechanism. It retails for $300 and installation can be tricky so a professional may need to help with the install. Their website has more information on the latest product releases at Wayne-Dalton.com.