Updated: November 2017

George Foreman Grill Reviews:

Do you love that grilled meat and/or vegetable taste, but lack the space or the weather to cook meat on an outdoor grill year round? Maybe you are one of the many people who have limited space within their basement or condo unit and can't afford a full sized stove. Or maybe, you are looking for a fast and healthy way to cook quantities of meat without all the clean-up needed afterwards. The George Foreman grill has been marketed by the boxer as answering all of these needs for the modern cook. In fact, it is marketed so well by the boxer that most people think he is the inventor (he is not) and the incredible 80 million units of the different Foreman grill models (all George Foreman grills listed here) sold over the last 15 years have made the former boxer about $150 million. Are there George Foreman grills which are better than others? How can you tell which Foreman grill is the perfect buy for you or your family? We take a look at different Foreman grill models, the costs of these grills, and various reviews from experts about how well George Foreman grills perform.
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Best George Foreman Grills:

The Foreman Grill Pitch - You can't really deny that the Foreman grill has the most powerful marketing pitch out there. While Consumersearch.com, About.com, and other sites suggest that different electric grills may have surpassed the Foreman models in quality and ease of use, the boxer's face seems to have more appeal than all of these publications combined. The main pitch of the Foreman grill company is that these electric grills offer even cooking of meat of various sizes and in different servings, cooking that is healthier than traditional broiling methods. The grills are slanted so as to provide a run off for fat, with two drip trays which are dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning. In the first generation of George Foreman grills, the grills were attached, with two on each side of the grill, and had to be cleaned using the patented spatulas and sponges which could be bought with the grills or separately. Reviews in Good Housekeeping magazine, Consumersearch.com and other places suggest that these earlier models of Foreman grills did not cook meat evenly, tended to bake them rather than grill them, and were difficult to clean. On the other hand, those earlier models were also a lot less expensive than the Next Grilleration models that the Foreman grill company develops alongside first generation offerings today. Both lines are marketed and packaged according to size and features.

The very basic model is simply called the Champ Grill, priced at $20. It's a good fit for couples, or maybe just hungry men, with 36" of grilling space, or enough room for two servings at a time. It was also rated number six in the top electric grills at About.com. Next up the line is the 72" G-Broil, for $50 it will cook three servings. It also comes with a few extra features which are included in higher priced models. Among them are the 1 " float and lock hinge which can firmly fix the top element in place, and the locking side latches which close the grill firmly when it is in storage. Additional models of the G Broil include the George Foreman G Broil Supreme, with an on/off switch (a dual safety measure along with the electrical cord) and a digital countdown timer thrown in for another $30, bringing the price up to $80. For that price you might as well spring for the reliable (according to Viewpoints.com reviewers) G Broil Digital Grill, with digital controls not just for timing but for total control over temperature as well. Super large models of the George Foreman Grill include the Grand Champ; at a whopping 133" it's a good buy for $60, but it's hard to find reviews and we are tempted to guess that quality must suffer. A better bet might be the Super Large Value Grill; 144" of grilling power for $60. Foreman grills also have an indoor/outdoor electric grill with one removable plate; it stands up and is a great fit for the urban BBQ enthusiast, but it's hard to find reviews on how well this domed grill works. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the top rated George Foreman grills online here.

The Next Generation of Foreman Grills:

What it is not hard to find is information and praise for the latest in the Foreman Grill line, the Next Grilleration models. All of these Foreman grills offer important innovations over earlier models. First off are the removable plates. The company evidently listened to complaints about the difficulty in cleaning their original models, and now offers the popular grills with removable plates. Not only are these plates removable, they also come in an all new variety of choices. The sleek, circular 360 Grill sells for $100, quite expensive when compared to the Champ and other Foreman Grill models, but has no less than five different grilling plates. Foreman has also compromised on its patented tilt design, probably acknowledging the fact that some people want their food cooked in its juices; buyers have the option of tilt or none tilt on the 360 Grill. The plates themselves include two traditional ribbed plates, a deep dish pizza plate, and two quesadilla plates. The EZ Clean G Broil is the evolution of the popular G Broil model, with two removable plates and selling at $60. The most popular of the George Foreman grill models, at least online, is the Next Grilleration G5 Grill. It's got 84" of grilling room and like the 360 has five different removable grilling plates for various dishes. It sells for $100, and has received incredible reviews at online sites including Amazon.com and Viewpoints.com, more than any other electric grill out there in fact. Along with the positive reviews for the Precision Grill ($80 for digital controls, two removable plates, and 100" of cooking space) in both Good Housekeeping and Prevention magazines, it is probably the most well received George Foreman grill released to date.