Updated: November 2017

Buying a Haier Wine Refrigerator - Haier Water Dispenser

Why Haier Water Dispensers are Considered the Best
Haier is one of the largest manufacturers of white goods in the world: when you need major appliances, there is no better source. Haier, which employees 60,000 people throughout the world, has been ranked 86th on the 500 Most Influential Brands by World Brand Lab. It is the only Chinese brand to break through the top 100 for three years running. CEO Zhang Ruimin was named as one of the Most Respected Business Leaders in the world by Financial Times, as well as one of the Most Powerful People in Business by Fortune Magazine. Haier has received numerous distinctions and accolades, including a World Climate Award from the UN Development Program and the US EPA in 2000. Why does all this matter for the consumer? Because it tells us that the Haier appliances we invite into our homes will be of the best quality. All of your appliance needs, from dishwasher and refrigerator to wine cellar and water dispenser, will be well taken care of with Haier.
Food and drink are the two great necessities of life. Water and wine are two of the world's oldest and most popular beverages, and Haier has designed a variety of products to keep them cool and fresh. Top quality design and reasonable prices combine to make these products must-haves for homes everywhere -- especially homes with water and wine connoisseurs. In this guide we will take a look at the best Haier beverage appliances.

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The Haier Water Dispenser Review - Haier Water Coolers

Drinking water is one of the healthiest choices we can make for our bodies. It keeps us hydrated, which helps our bodies and minds perform at their optimal level. Buying disposable water bottles, however, is not such a healthy choice for the environment. In 2005, 30 billion plastic water bottles were purchased: it is the most popular beverage bought, but unfortunately, it is the least recycled. Only about 12 percent of the bottles were recycled, with the rest going to waste in landfills or being incinerated. We have also started to hear a lot about BPA in water bottles, which can make the healthy choice of drinking water seem a little less beneficial.

We can't - and shouldn't! - stop drinking water, but we should change how we drink it. Instead of buying water in a store, invest in a Haier water dispenser. You will still get the same great hydration and health benefits without the massive consumer waste that plastic bottles generate. One refillable bottle with your dispenser will save untold amounts of plastic and energy used to produce them. A dispenser is invaluable - both for you and for the environment. So it's better for the world, better for our bodies - is it better for our budgets? Let's see.

You can buy the Haier WDNSC145 water dispenser for about $120. A bottle for the dispenser usually costs under $20 for a 5-gallon bottle. So, all told, you have spent $140. Now, when that water bottle is empty, you simply refill it. Again and again. By contrast, you can buy a 16-ounce bottle of water for about $1.50. If you buy one a day, that is about $550 a year. But that's not the only cost for that 57 gallons of water: you are also using 114 extra gallons for production, 37 megajoules for manufacturing, 9 gallons of oil, and contributing 68 pounds of carbon dioxide to the air. Or you could just refill your resuable water bottle (even from the tap if you're feeling especially frugal), put it in your Haier water dispenser, and save yourself and the world a lot.

The Haier WDNS145 is a full-size standing dispenser that can also convert to a table-top model. It has a storage compartment in the bottom with a removable shelf for cups or supplies. There is a stainless steel reservoir, a compressor cooling method, a removable drip tray, and an LED power indicator light for hot and cold water. You can get a glass of refreshing, cold water or grab your mug and get some hot water for tea or coffee. It's versatile - and you can save money by not having to buy that cup of coffee (or two) each morning. The Haier WDNS402VS Table-Top Hot/Cold Water Dispenser has a refrigerator compartment, adding even more convenience for about $180. Both water dispensers are ideal for homes, offices, waiting rooms, and anywhere else there are thirsty people. There is a wide selection of water dispensers to fit all homes, offices, and budgets here.

The Haier Wine Cooler

Haier knows wine as well as it does water. Their line of wine refrigerators offers great convenience, stellar appearance, and reasonable prices. The HVT12ABS 12-Bottle-Capacity Table-Top Wine Cellar is one of their more popular models. It is a compact table-top wine cooler that can accommodate up to 12 bottles of wine on three chrome racks. It has an adjustable thermostat so your wine will always be chilled to perfection. With its silver-trimmed, double-pane insulated glass door, recessed handle, sleek black exterior, and ultra-quiet motor, this wine cellar is perfectly at ease in any home. It can be found for only $130. This is a rather square-shaped model, but there are several, including the Sunpentown WC-1271 ThermoElectric 12-Bottle Slim Wine Cooler, that are taller and slimmer. There are also models with greater or lesser bottle capacities. You can find the right Haier wine chiller for your home here.

If you're more of a can than a bottle person, no fears. Haier makes several models that will accommodate a mix of wine bottles and beer and soft drink cans. The Haier 150-Can Beverage Center, for example, holds, well, 150 beverage cans. The attractive little beverage cooler is made of high quality steel; it features a security lock and key, adjustable thermostat, and automatic interior light. There are four adjustable, durable black vinyl coasted shelves. You can remove the lower rack to accommodate bottles as well. It is versatile and perfect for parties and gatherings.

Haier will keep your beverages nice and cold so you can keep your body nice and hydrated. This top-rated company has a reputation for providing the best quality at reasonable prices to their worldwide customers, and their wine coolers and water dispensers live up to the Haier name.