Updated: November 2017

Home Bar Reviews:

Home bars can make a great addition to any house if they are well placed and provide the right ambience. Whether you are entertaining co-workers or just hanging out with some college buddies, a home bar can be a great spot to relax at. Many homes from the 1970's were built with permanent home bars as a way to entertain friends and family. That particular style of home bar has been left out of most modern homes, although you still see them from time to time. When I was renting a house in college with some of my friends, we got a second hand home bar that was portable enough to move into our house. We had a blast setting up bar stools, stock piling our liquor and having parties with the bar as the center of the action. I have a mobile bar in my home today and my family enjoys it when we can, but ultimately we wanted a permanent bar with room for glassware and a good storage area for bottles. I was even open to the idea of having an outdoor bar when I went shopping.

Buying Guide - Home bars are broken down into 2 basic categories - indoor and outdoor. From there you have permanent bars, semi-permanent bars, and mobile home bars. For those of you with ample space in an office, living room, or rec room, having a built in bar can be the perfect solution to your needs. Permanent home bars usually offer a serving counter and lots of storage room for your bottles and glasses. Make sure you leave room for bar stools. Permanent bars tend to be made of nicer quality materials (usually woods) as they will remain a fixture in your home. If space is a premium perhaps a smaller semi-permanent bar is a better choice. These smaller home bars still have shelves or counters to mix drinks, but lack some of the storage space and overall design quality seen on permanent bars. Though some semi-permanent home bars can be rather heavy, the idea behind them is to be able to move them if you have too. Often, you will see people store semi-permanent bars in their garages and bring them out for special occassions. Lastly, you have the truly mobile home bars, many with wheels for easy transport. Mobile home hars are the least extravagent and meant for indoor or outdoor use. Some are made with metal (stainless steel and the like) and they have rollers which allows you to move them virtually anywhere in your house or outside. If you are going to choose a permanent home bar, pick one that has some craftmanship behind it and one that matches your home decor. Outdoor bars are a fun addition to any pool party or outdoor event. They are made with metal, tiki, wood, or wicker, and their countertops are usually available in wood, glass, bamboo, or wicker. You'll find styles that include Tiki, Saloon, Traditional, and Contemporary. Sometimes a home bar is too much and homeowners go with a pub set which includes a smaller table and 2 chairs. Pub sets can often be a great compliment to a bar that has no stools. Mix the drinks at your bar and then sit at your pub table and chairs. Either way, home bars and pub sets are a nice way to entertain guests in your house and they are made for indoor or outdoor purposes. A home bar will cost you more than a pub set as prices for home bar can go above $2000. A pub table set costs between $400 and $1000. We found 2 excellent sites online with extensive inventory at Greathomebars.com and Pubsets.com. Greathomebars even has customer reviews listed on their site so you can get instant feedback on whatever bar you are considering. Many online sites offer free shipping which is a great reason to shop on the Internet and avoid driving to your local home bar store. We have tried to list the best selling and most popular home bars and pub sets down below with prices, a brief description and owner comments. You can browse their entire inventory of home bars here.

Best Indoor Home Bar:

One of the best home bars we spotted online was the Governor Bar ($900) on Greathomebars.com that has a sink and a traditional design. You get storage shelves and drawers for your glassware, supplies, and liquor bottles. If you are a wine enthusiasts, it comes with a 10-bottle wine rack. In the front along the bottom is the brass footrest that many of us have come to expect on home bars. The bar itself is made with wood and has a beautiful cherry finish. It stands 41 inches high and DOES NOT include bar stools which will set you back another $200/each. Check out the best selling home bars here.

Portable Home Bar:

Another popular style home bar is the Swing Open Portable Bar ($430) that comes in solid hardwood with black, cherry, or oak finishes. This mini bar has raised panels and durable locking rubber casters. The antique brass plated foot rails and locking liquor cabinet are nice touches. There are 2 storage drawers for supplies and 1 drawer with a stemware insert. You do have to assemble the bar yourself which some owners note can be difficult but overall they are happy with the value and durability of the product. Consumers say this bar works well as a temporary bar when throwing the occasional party or neighborhood get together. It will fold up compactly and store in closets or garages.

Outdoor Home Bar:

Outdoor bars should have some style and the Tiki Bar with Four Stools ($1500) is a fun addition to any backyard party. It looks like something straight off the set of Gilligans Island, but your party guests will enjoy the atmosphere this bar brings. The Tiki bar resembles bamboo, but the PVC resin wicker is durable and perfect for outdoor use. Comes with 4 barstools and a thatch roof. There are 2 shelves for storing bottles and a built-in rack for your stemware comes as part of the canopy. The price is a bit steep, but remember you do get the stools included in the price. If you just want a tiki bar (w/out the stools), take a look at Tikibars.com for discount pricing.

Top Rated Pub Sets:

Pub sets are great for those with smaller kitchens or little outdoor patios and decks that aren't able to fit larger tables and chairs. A pub set includes a small table (often rounded) with 2 chairs. Pubsets.com is the best place to start your search online as they carry almost everything imagineable. They have wood pub sets, metal pub sets, wrought iron pub sets, some with glass tops and much more. For a basic bistro table with stools you are looking at $400 and some of the nicer indoor pub sets are closer to $1000. Measure your indoor our outdoor space to make sure the table and chairs/stools will fit. You can also find these sets in stores like Pottery Barn or Pier 1 Imports.