Updated: November 2017

Hose Reel Reviews:

Every year I go around the outside of my house in order to make sure my hose reels and holders are in the proper working condition. If you have a yard, odds are you have a water spigot somewhere to attach a garden hose to it. The problem is hoses get all coiled up and look bad if they are not kept in a neat and tidy place. I have multiple contraptions in my yard to keep the hoses I have in good shape and not all tangled up. Garden hose reels are a great way to organize your hose if you have a water spigot near or coming out of the exterior to your house. In my front yard I have attached a garden hose reel to the side of my house and the hose sits on the reel for easy access. The hose reel was pretty easy to install with a few screws to the exterior of the home. They are great at keeping the hose out of the dirt or mud and away from wet conditions. You can find even hose reels that have covers to help keep all the elements off of them. The hose just unwinds as you walk across your yard to water plants or bushes. Then just crank the hose back onto the reel when you are done. They can be expensive with the nicer ones selling for $200 or so.

Buying Guide - I also own an outdoor storage box for one of my hoses. The box has a hookup that allows you to connect the hose to your water spigot but have the hose actually reside in the box away from the elements. What I have found with these hose storage boxes is that the connections or fittings tend to give out way to fast and you end up with a leaky hose that doesn't work. Some of the decorative hose holders are great for backyard gardens as they add some style to your yard and keep your hose in one place all rolled up. Most of them require you to wind the hose up manually, but some crank and allow you to get the hose on the holder fairly fast. Lastly, I own something called a "Hose Reel Caddy" which is one of the most convenient hose holders I have ever seen. The hose gets wound up onto a reel that is supported by a wheeled structure. Once the hose is on the reel securely, you can then wheel the hose to wherever in your yard you want (you'll need a water spigot to hook it up to). I like the fact I can wheel the hose reel into my garage for safe keeping and take it whenever necessary. I take mine out of the garage and hook it up to a spigot next to my garage and wash my driveway, wash the car, water bushes, etc. For around $30 you can't beat the price and the fitting where the hose connects to the reel and the reel connects to the water spigot have lasted well over 5 years with regular use. We recently went to stores like Home Depot and Lowes to see what type of hose holders they offer and we ventured into smaller hardware stores to see what kind of specialty items they carry. Shopping online at sites like Amazon, we also spotted several of the more popular hose reels and holders and read consumer reviews to find which ones actually perform the best. Some of the results are below. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the best selling hose reels and holders here.

Best Hose Reel:

Hose reels are great in that they get your hose off the ground and rolled up nicely onto the reel which attaches to your house. You can go with reels that are parallel or perpendicular to wall they will be attached to. We prefer parallel wall reels, but either will do just fine. On Amazon.com we found the Rapid Reel 150-Foot Parallel Wall Reel ($86) from Reel Quick. It gets excellent ratings from customers as it can accommodate hoses up to 150 feet in length and works best for sidewall mountings. It's made of diecast aluminum so it's not only rustproof but you'll also find it be very durable. Installation take a few minutes as you must secure the reel to your house/shed/wall. Those that had been buying cheaper, plastic hose reels say they will never go back to anything like that again since the Rapid Reel is so strong and durable. Keep your hoses in a neat storage area that is quick and convenient to unwind as well. There is a perpendicular model available for a few dollars cheaper at Amazon also. Another excellent option are the Ames True Temper hose reels. Great variety of designs and pricing that makes sense.

Outdoor Hose Holder:

Some people prefer to hide their hose in a storage box that sits along the house or in your garden. These hose storage boxes usually have a hose reel inside that is not visible when the box is closed up. When you are ready to use the hose, just attach the fittings to a spigot and turn on the hose. The hose unwinds and some even have motorized or electric mechanism that wind the hose up for you. I would stick with a manual crank as electric things tend to break down more often, but it does sound tempting to have the hose wound back up automatically. Frontgate.com sells the Hydro Hose Reel ($169) which is a beautiful hardwood box with automatic hose rewind. The Motorized Hose Reel ($139) on Stacksandstacks.com gets good ratings as well and adds the convenience of wheels if you need to move the unit around your yard.

Hose Cart:

Being able to move your house around on a hose cart can be very practical and save you the energy of having to lug the house around yourself. I found that having multiple hoses in my yard just wasn't worth the hassle, so instead I purchased a hose reel cart which allows me to take the hose wherever I want and hook it up to a water spigot. As I mentioned above, the Ames True Temper Reel Easy Hose Reel Caddy ($31.50 on Amazon.com) is simple to maneuver around your garage or house and works pretty well. Just attached the fittings to your water spigot and get the hose turned on. The hose caddy comes with double O-rings to prevent leaking and so far the results are just what I would want. The hand crank on the side of the hose cart lets you quickly unwind or wind up the hose for easy storage and use. The model on the Amazon site doesn't have a set of wheels like the one I have, so make sure you buy one with wheels or else mobility isn't so easy. Myreels.com carries the Suncast Hosemobile Hose Reel Cart ($43) and they offer free shipping on a similar model. It has wheels so moving the hose is a breeze. RECOMMENDED - Check out the top selling Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Industrial 300 - 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart .