Updated: November 2017

Best Hyloft Garage Storage Units:

Finding the Right Hyloft Storage Unit - If your idea of garage storage organization is shoving everything into cardboard boxes or just adding to the big pile in the corner, you need some help. Did you know that some people put their cars in their garages? Yes, and they even fit in their tools, lawn equipment, gardening supplies, and their kids' bikes to boot. Organization is the key to making the most of your space, and there's a lot of space you're not using in your garage. If you think that's impossible, that you have crammed your belongings into every inch possible, look up. There is a lot of space that you can utilize if you only look up. And if you have an overhead storage system that is strong, durable, convenient, and safe. Hyloft pioneered this field and remains one of the best choices for overhead storage systems. So look up and free up some floor space. You'll have a clean, uncluttered garage. Or room for more stuff. Either way, Hyloft can help.
hyloft garage storage

Who is Hyloft? - Hyloft is renowned for its innovative storage solutions, particularly its ingenius overheard storage systems. Intensive reasearch and development has created the safest, easiest, and strongest storage units for your home, garage, office, and any other space where clutter needs to be contained and space needs to be utilized optimally. Hyloft's flagship product, a garage overhead storage unit, was marketed only after it passed the most rigorous design and quality tests. It was designed not only to fit in any garage, but to be safe in any garage. Even if that garage was in an earthquake zone: the unit has a limited amount of sway and can absorb energy from earthquakes and other tremendous forces and disperse it safely. Hyloft storage solutions use the best quality parts for strenth and stability, but they are also lightweight and very easy to install. And to top it off, Hyloft offers a lifetime warranty for each product. Few companies stand behind their products as proudly as Hyloft. The Best Hyloft Storage Systems - Hyloft's extensive selection of overhead storage options, shelving units, and cabinets ensure that you will find the right organizational tool for your garage, kitchen, office, or basement and attic. On the Hyloft website, you can search for products either by room or by type (wall or overhead) so you can find the best storage unit for your needs. Below we have reviewed their top selling products with details, prices, and photos. You can browse the best selling Hyloft overhead storage systems here.

Hyloft Wall Shelving Units:

Hyloft wall shelves are known for their strength and great capacity: if you're trying to organize a garage or basement, you need capacity. These shelves can hold up to 200 pounds each, and the innovative low-profile brackets help you make the most of every millimeter of shelf space. You can choose from two shelf units, corner storage, Hyder wall units, which have reversible door openings so you can access from either the left or right side, and tire storage units. One of their most popular wall shelving units is the HyLoft 967 45-by-15-Inch Wall Shelf. This set comes with two wall mounted storage shelves that are ideal for use anywhere, from garages and basements to laundry rooms and kitchens. The shelves set up quickly and the steel construction and scratch-resistant finish ensures that they keep doing their job for years. Hyloft storage systems are also designed to interconnect, so you can design your own storage solution. The set costs about $60. Reviewers on Amazon have called the shelves "very high quality." Another great solution for organizing those hard-to-organize areas is the Hyloft USA 518 Bin-Max 34-by-36-inch Storage Unit. This is a wall-mounted system that is just as easy and quick to install as the previous wall shelf. The steel build ensures it is tough and durable, and the flexibility of adjustable shelves ensures that it is convenient and versatile. You can even connect multiple units and create a huge storage system. This model has up to four storage zones, which are self-supporting. This is great because you don't have to stack everything on top of each other. This makes it easier to access the things you want and also minimizes the risk of having an avalanche of your belongings falling on you, as is common with other wall-mount shelves. As a whole, the Bin-Max can handle loads up to 100 pounds, making it ideal for offices, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and much more. Amazon reviewers have used this for a wide variety of purposes, including storing all those holiday decorations. Its durability, strength, and good looks are often commented on. The Bin-Max costs about $55. Hyloft wall shelving units are made to accommodate your space and to help you make the most of it. Try these or the handy corner and reversible shelves. Clutter and mess have no chance.

Hyloft Overheard Storage Systems:

Arguably the best garage storage organization tool ever created, Hyloft's line of innovative products will help you clear space so you can use your garage space more wisely - imagine being able to walk in your garage! Or even park the car there! It is possible when you tame the clutter beast, and this is exactly what Hyloft helps you do. Their ceiling mounted shelving units consistently get top scores from Amazon and Buzillion reviewers. Which is best for you? As Hyloft says, "You have the space, you're just not using it." All that wasted space up there...but Hyloft has developed systems that help you utilize your ceiling space, free up floor space, and get rid of that clutter. These units were singled as being a convenient and effective storage solution. The reviewer remarked on the ease of access due to the open sides and the convenience of optional hook attachments. You can purchase different attachments, including bike hooks so you can get those out of the way as well. One Amazon reviewer called the HyLoft 540 45-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System the best storage you can buy, and scores of other happy owners agree. This particular model allows you to clear up to 30 cubic feet of floor space. Heavy loads up to 250 pounds are no problem for the durable steel unit and scratch-resistant finish. This overhead storage unit is designed to fit a wide variety of spaces, and it adjusts in height from 16 to 28 inches. Like all other Hyloft products, this is covered by a lifetime warranty. This great unit costs about $70. See all the most popular Hyloft storage units here.

Hyloft Accessories:

Hyloft carefully designs their products to be very versatile. For this reason, you can connect multiple shelving units and add accessories that increase the efficiency and practicality of the shelves. You can find hooks, which will allow you to hang anything from clothes to power cords; you can find tool and ladder holders, and bike hooks so you can organize all of your space to its best advantage. You can check out some of Hyloft's accessories here. Hyloft is the answer to any clutter or mess you've been struggling with. You'll be amazed at how big your garage, office, or kitchen really is when you use your space well. Look through some of Hyloft's best products and start planning how to use that extra room.