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Kenmore Pro Appliance Reviews and Buying Guide:

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Kenmore appliances have been a staple item in Sears stores for years and until recently the Kenmore Elite series was the top level product available. With the release of the Kenmore Pro Series in 2006, Sears was hoping to reach customers who were looking for high-end kitchen appliances that didn't want to spend as much as they might in purchasing kitchen appliances from Viking or Dacor. The Kenmore Pro line of appliances started selling in late 2006 in Sears stores and results have been very god. Sears recently released the 2nd generation of Kenmore Pro appliances. We have owned our Kenmore Pro double wall oven and cooktop since 2008 when we remodeled our kitchen and upgraded our appliances.

We were introduced to the Kenmore Pro lineup when the Top Chef television show used them in their kitchen. My wife and I are big fans of the show and we had heard about the new line of Kenmore Pro products while researching double ovens online. We decided to look into this new professional looking line of kitchen appliances at our local Sears store. My wife is an avid home chef and just recently started a catering business so she needs reliable appliances that can handle the daily demand of cooking. We wanted to get rid of our single oven and get double ovens and replace our cooktop with the high end Kenmore Pro 36 inch slide in model. The early reviews on the Kenmore Pro Series were mixed, but we decided to go with a solid name in the industry and start upgrading our kitchen with modern appliances.

The video below shows the basic features on the Kenmore Pro Double Wall Oven:

What to look for in Kenmore Appliances?

You can go online to Sears.com and look up the Kenmore Pro products to look at consumer reviews if you want more real feedback from actual owners. We found some excellent praise on the double ovens from Kenmore Pro and the dishwasher sounded like a dream machine to all customers who had bought it. Another great site for reading up on consumer products (kitchen appliances specifically) is at Gardenweb.com in their forums. There are some head to head comparisons between other luxury appliance brands like Wolf, Jenn-Air, Thermador, Dacor, and Viking. Consumer Reports recent articles on high-end kitchen appliances points out that most expensive brands don't always have the best reliability and customer satisfaction ratings like you would think. Why spend $5000 for a double oven when you can get a comparable product for almost 50% less.

Consumer Reports did write that the first few Kenmore Pro ovens delivered didn't work properly in their tests. We did some research of our own and found out at our Sears store that the line was so new that many installers had problems with a few basics when installing the units. Our Sears sales representative told us that he only trusts the installation of Kenmore Pro ovens with 1 contractor. Of course, that is who installed our double ovens and they did an excellent job and we have had no problems with the ovens at all. We like the professional knobs and gauges on our new Kenmore Pro double ovens and the performance has been perfect so far. I had never owned a Kenmore product before the ovens and cooktop that we recently bought. Our house was almost new when we bought it and it came with Amana appliances that did a good job for 10 years but needed an update. Down below we have gone into more details of what the Kenmore Pro appliances offer and how they get ranked by professionals and consumers alike.

The Kenmore Double ovens have all the standard features you would expect as well as a convection mode to speed up the cooking process in some situations. The controls are easy to follow and set. The dials turn smoothly and the temperature gauges have been very consistent. We get them checked once a year by a professional since my wife needs them to be accurate for her cooking business. The 'clean' option is something we have used a few times. It does take hours for the oven to clean itself and the first time we ran it we were a little worried when we smelled something funny. Perfectly normal when you run the 'clean' mode says customer service. Broiling is consistent as well as the baking function. We've cooked large Thanksgiving dinners with the double wall ovens and they perform flawlessly. You can watch the video we provided showing the oven after 7+ years of use. The oven doors are heavy duty and definitely well built. We have had issues with the glass on the doors getting dirty, but I feel like that is expected when using your oven almost every day.

The double ovens cost about $2850 and so far we feel like they've been a great addition to our kitchen and performed perfectly. Other prices can be seen below. Retail prices vary a bit from store to store and rebates are often available, but we have listed the standard prices below.

  • 30" Wall Oven - Double - $2999
  • 30" Wall Oven - Single - $1999
  • 36" Slide-In Cooktop - Gas - $1899
  • 36" Slide-In Cooktop - Electric - $1699
  • 36" Drop-In Cooktop - Gas - $1099
  • 30" Drop-In Cooktop - Gas - $999
  • 30" Dual Fuel Range - $3699
  • 36" Range Hood - $1359
  • 30" Range Hood - $1249
  • 30" Warming Drawer Less than $1,000
  • Professional Size Refrigerator/Freezer Less than $4,300 & Trim Kit
  • Side by Side/Counter Depth - $2999 Refrigerator
  • Side by Side/Standard Depth - $2699 Refrigerator
  • 24" Dishwasher - $1299

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Best Kenmore Pro Oven:

The most critical appliance in any kitchen these days are double ovens. Although many people rarely find the use for 2 ovens at once, the convection oven feature is what makes these such a hot item in kitchens. The Stainless Steel Kenmore Pro 30 in. Electric Double Wall Oven ($2999) is a beautiful appliance that will surely make your kitchen look great. We had a single oven by Amana that needed replacing with a built-in microwave above the oven. We had to get the microwave removed and some cabinetry redone to fit the new double oven from Kenmore, but after all the work was done it looked great. The convection oven with 2500 watt convection element and variable speed fan allows for fast cooking results. The 4.2 cubic foot capacity is large enough to cook multiple entrees at the same time. Need help cleaning the oven, just turn on the Self-Cleaning system and let it do the work. There are 13 rack positions offered which allows for the avid home chef lots of options. For those bakers in the crowd, users say you can fit multiple sheets of cookies into the oven at once eliminating the need to do multiple batches.

My wife likes to cook a lot and she has found the Kenmore Pro double ovens to be a timesaver and the food has turned out fabulous. Now we can entertain at our house and be proud of our ovens. Our ovens were an excellent bargain since we used our Sears card for a 10% discount and then there was a promotion for a 10% rebate from Kenmore on the Pro Series. Look for those types of discounts to save at least 15% or more.

To check out all the features of the Kenmore Pro Oven and Cooktop - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Kenmore Pro Cooktop:

Kenmore Pro offers a 36" slide-in cooktop for both gas and electric and a drop-in model as well. We went with the Kenmore Pro gas cooktop that features a ceramic glass surface below the burners. One thing that many reviewers mention is that they prefer shopping through a major retailer like Sears so that they get better customer service than with smaller appliance stores. I have to say my experience with Sears was easy and the installation by their contractors went smoothly. The 6 burner cooktop has been a blessing as my wife recently started cooking for a living and having all those burners is quite useful. There are 3 standard burners at 9500 to 12,000 BTUs and then a few specialized ones. The simmer burner has 5000 BTUs and is great for keeping sauces warm.

The triple burner in the front left has 2 different heat levels that you can control. If you are using larger cookware, crank it up to the 16,000 BTU level. Cooking something a little smaller, then use the 3000 BTU control. The power burner is located in the bottom right and cranks out 17,200 BTUs. We use this when boiling large pots of water for things like pasta. The amount of heat this burner can put out is a little scary at times. It definitely gets water boiling in a hurry. Cleaning the ceramic glass surface is not too bad. If left for a while it can be a pain to get into all the crevices properly. Overall we are very happy with the 6 burner cooktop from Kenmore Pro. Very industrial looking and gets lots of comments when people come to our house for dinner parties.

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Kenmore Pro Dishwasher:

First off, the stainless steel look of the dishwasher makes a big difference in all modern kitchens. The Stainless Steel Kenmore Pro 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with Ultra Wash System ($1300) is an Energy Star qualified appliance that will not only wash dishes clean but it will also save you money. The yearly cost (estimated) to run this dishwasher is only $21 if you use a natural gas water heater and $27 with an electric water heater. This does not take into account the water you use or dishwashing soap, but modern dishwashers are more efficient by far than models released even 5 years ago. The stainless steel door and interior tub provide a streamlined look and the loading capacity is amazing with lots of different configurations to choose from. You can put pots and pans up to 13 inches tall in the lower rack and 11 inch tall items in the upper rack. Other features include a split-able basket with 2 lids, utility basket, fold down tines, wire cup shelves, and removable rack inserts.

The QuietGuard II sound package makes for silent cleaning action and a quiet kitchen when the dishwasher is on. Our old dishwasher made loud noises and you could not watch tv in the same room without having to turn the television set way up (volume). This Kenmore Pro dishwasher is silent and very efficient. The results so far have been nothing short of spectacular. The TurboZone feature will get all cookware completely clean by using rotating spray jets. The price was a bit expensive compared to other dishwasher models, but my wife wanted a towel rack on the front and this was one of the few models that was stainless steel with a towel rack we could find. The only drawback so far has been that one of the push buttons on the inside of the door has come loose. Still works, but it will only get worse and not sure what will happen if it completely falls off.

More videos and resources are here on our Kenmore Pro Appliance Resource Page.

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