Updated: November 2017

Kitchen Sink Reviews:

Remodeling a kitchen is always a good idea if your countertops, appliances, or sink are outdated. Kitchen sinks cost from $100 to $4000 so there is a wide range of options available when you go look. One of the first things you need to figure out is how much space you have in your sink area which will ultimately define out big a kitchen sink you can buy. If your kitchen sink area is small, consider going with a single bowl kitchen sink to use your space wisely. Double-bowl kitchen sinks are very popular these days as they are divided into usually a larger basin for washing dishes and a smaller side for disposing of scraps of food into your garbage disposal. Don't always assume that the deeper the sink the better the product. Many consumers note that a wash basin in a sink that is too deep makes it hard to wash dishes by hand. On the other hand, if your sink is too shallow, water will splash out of the sink and onto the countertops or floors.
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Buying Guide - Sink materials are another consideration when buying a kitchen sink. You will have to choose between stainless steel, solid surface, copper, acrylic, enamel on cast iron, enamel on steel, or vitreous China (Fireclay). Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the most popular simply because they won't chip, rust, stain, or fade. Stainless steel sinks come in 18-23 gauge - the lower the gauge the thicker the steel will be. The high end stainless steel kitchen sinks are made with 18 and 19-gauge stainless steel. You will find that the lower gauge stainless steel sinks deaden sounds better when objects are dropped into the sink and they are more dent resistant as well. Homeowners like stainless steel sinks since they are very sanitary and come in a variety of finishes - brushed, satin, and shiny mirrored. The solid surface style sinks are a great way to blend that new granite countertop in with your kitchen sink. Solid surface kitchen sinks are offered in lots of colors so you get a seamless look with your countertops. The one big drawback to solid surface sinks is that they will scratch quite easily, although most experts agree that you can buff out most scratches. They are heat and stain resistant. Consumer Reports recently rated enamel on cast iron kitchen sinks as the top rated products in this category. There are also enamel on steel kitchen sinks which don't cost as much as the cast iron models, but they are not as strong and can dent or crack when heavy objects are dropped in your sink. The big pluses to enamel on cast iron sinks are that they last a longtime, they are quieter when compared to other sink styles, and they are very durable to any type of structural damage. If you are a DIY (do-it-yourselfer) homeowner, an enamel cast iron kitchen sink can be very hard to install since it's so heavy. Acrylic sinks do resemble enamel but customer feedback online said that the acrylic kitchen sinks tend to scratch quite easily and hot items can even melt the surface. Copper sinks are stylish and considered very hygienic since bacteria can't grow on them. There are essentially 4 types of kitchen sinks - undermount, top-mount, farmhouse (apron-front), and trough style sinks. The major brands of kitchen sinks are American Standard, Franke, Kohler, Blanco, Elkay, Grohe, Moen, and Delta. If you are going to redo your countertops and get a new sink, make sure you let your counter installer know exactly what type of sink you are going with so they can accommodate the new sink properly. You can browse the most popular kitchen sinks online here.

Undermount Kitchen Sink:

Undermount sinks run from $200 to $1000 and are best used with solid surface countertops like marble, soapstone, granite, concrete, or Corian. The sink itself mounts under the countertop (hence the name) giving you a sleek, seamless look. Owners say cleanup is simple since you can just wipe crumbs or spills right into the sink. Undermount kitchen sinks tend to be more expensive than other models and you will be forced to use them only with waterproof countertops (laminate won't work). The actual faucet will need to be installed into the counter or onto a walled surface. Faucet.com carries some nice undermount sinks like the Blanco BL510887 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel ($570) and the American Standard AS7504000SS Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel ($513). RECOMMENDED - View all the top rated undermount kitchen sinks here.

Top-Mount Kitchen Sink:

Top-mount kitchen sinks are also referred to as drop-in or self-rimming and are the most popular style sinks since they are so easy to install. They are also the cheapest of the 4 different types of sinks mentioned above with prices ranging from $100 to $500. Top-mount sinks are often used with laminate countertops like Formica. I have a top-mount sink in my kitchen and can't stand all the grime that builds up around the edge where it meets the countertop. When I redo my countertops to granite I will go with an undermount sink to eliminate that mess. Kohler and Elkay make some excellent top-mount kitchen sinks and you can will find a great selection on Faucet.com. WE SUGGEST - going to Amazon.com and view the 100's of topmount kitchen sinks they carry here.

Apron-Front (Farmhouse) Kitchen Sink:

Farmhouse kitchen sinks, or just farm sinks, look great in country style kitchens or more traditional kitchens. Installation is tricky with this style so leave it for a professional to do. Apron-front kitchen sinks are also quite expensive ranging from $900 to $3700. The sink itself is most often just a single deep-bowl design with the faucet coming in from a wall mount or the countertop. Some owners say water damage is an issue with apron kitchen sinks since water can run over the front edge and fall directly onto your cabinets. The Franke FKMHX720 Apron Front Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel ($2500) looks great in modern kitchens with a sleek design and shiny finish. See the most popular farmhouse kitchen sinks here.

Trough Kitchen Sink:

With kitchen islands becoming more grand all the time, trough sinks are the latest thing. A trough kitchen sink is best used as a "prep" sink for those gourmet home chefs that need lots of room to prepare a meal. The trough sinks range from 8 to 14 inches wide and are long and narrow in design. They do cost quite a bit and require a custom install due to their shape. With pricing on these sinks between $500 and $2000+, they are more of a conversation piece to many than functional in your daily kitchen routine.