Updated: November 2017

Margaritaville frozen concoction maker Review

"But there's booze in the blender/ And soon it will render/ That frozen concoction that helps me hang on." Margaritaville is not just a song: Jimmy Buffet has turned it into an empire. Why? How did a song about a down and out tourist craving some liquid refreshment become way more than that? Because, even though he blew out his flip flop and stepped on a pop top, we all kind of envy him. We all want to get away to a sunny, hot retreat where we don't have to worry about anything other than having plenty of ice and tequila. The Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker is one way to get a little fun and sun no matter where you are or what time of year it is. According to the fully loaded Margaritaville website, "It does all the work... you take all the credit!" Sounds good to us. In this guide we will take a look at the various margarita makers Margaritaville offers, find out how they work, and how much they cost -- and what users are saying about them.


Get to Margaritaville with the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

How do you get to Margaritaville? "It's in the tropics somewhere between the port of Indecision and Southwest of Disorder...Where is Margaritaville? It's in your mind. It's in the mix." And now, it can be in your kitchen. Perfect frozen margaritas are a push of the button away. But why not simply use blenders? Can't they do the same thing? Sure, if you want watery or chunky drinks, blenders will do fine. However, the key to an outstanding frozen margarita is shaved ice. This margarita machine shaves the ice and blends your ingredients into a restaurant-quality drink every time. Simply pour your mix, ice, and alcohol in, and you're ready to go. Of course you can also use it to make virgin drinks and any variety of other frozen drinks -- there is more to life than margaritas. The frozen drink maker also has a host of other features that makes it easy, quick, and delicious to make your own icy beverages. You will find:
  • *A large 32-ounce jar made of top-quality, heavy-duty glass.
  • *A convenient pour spout for mess-free distribution - assuming the bartender hasn't dipped into the contents.
  • *A shot glass if you feel like going by the book.
  • *A salt rimmer. A perfect frozen margarita needs a touch of salt to temper the tequila.

How Do You Use a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker?

It couldn't be easier. All you have to do is put ice into the top ice reservoir and put your drink mix or ingredients into the pitcher. Select how many drinks you want to make - one, two, or three - on the handy drink dial, and then flip the shave and blend switch. It shaves the ideal amount of ice for your drinks - every time. But if you are an icy type, you can up the ice factor with the manual switch. There you go. Done. Add a straw if you want, and kick back. Now that we know how to use this frozen drink machine, the next question is why? Why not just grab a few drinks at your local watering hole or restaurant? After all, what could be easier than having someone deliver it to you on a tray? But you pay a lot for that someone to deliver it to you on a tray. Frozen drinks can cost as much as $10. That's quite a bill if you and some thirsty friends get together. But, you say, I really like special margaritas, like the pomegranate margarita or the apple one or the coconut tropical splash one with fruit. No problem. Just add what you want, make your own concoction. No worries, and no way to get it wrong.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Margaritaville Frozen Margarita Machine
Shaved ice will melt at a more rapid pace than ice chips or ice cubes when it hits your glass. If you're not into guzzling your drink and getting brain freeze, you may want to chill your glasses in the freezer before pouring your drinks. Problem solved, and a delicious solution it is. This beauty wants to make your home into the best party spot in town: it wants to make pitchers and pitchers of drinks. What if you're feeling moderate? You may want to switch to manual and shave the ice to your liking for a single drink. Again, just a flick of the switch gets you that perfect restaurant-quality frozen margarita.

The most important tip: experiment. You don't have to add one cup margarita mix to two cups ice or 3 ounces of tequila, 1 ounce of triple sec, 2 ounces of lime juice, and 1 cup of ice. You don't have to get out your measuring spoons and cups and shot glasses - though you certainly can. Dump a little of this and a little of that and see what happens. You can create your own frozen concoction and name it after yourself. Have fun, you're in Margaritaville.

Why a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker? Why Not Get Another Frozen Drink Maker?

You could. There is no shortage of frozen drink makers and blenders on the market. Why get the official Jimmy Buffet warm, sunny Margaritaville version? Because it's pretty with its lime green, white, and silver colors? That may not be enough for some people. An Amazon customer who purchased the margarita machine put it best when he recalled how he made fun of the product until his wife asked for one as a birthday present. He then had to purchase one. Lo and behold, when it arrived from Amazon in short order and the machine was tried, it proved to change his mind quickly. The set-up was easy and margaritas were being churned out before he knew it. The margaritas were of perfect consistency and he had to bow to his wife's good judgment. They also make the Margaritaville DM2000 Premium Frozen Concoction Maker - you can see a video of it in action here.
How Much Does the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker Cost? You can find the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker on Amazon for about $250. Yes, this is considerably more than you might pay for regular blenders. If you like a frozen drink every other month or so, this is not the most economical choice. However, if you love them - and your friends love them - this is a good investment. If you stay home and make your own drinks instead of going out a few times, you've recouped your money. In addition, alcohol and ingredients cost much less when you buy them at a liquor store or outlet. The entire line of margarita machines can be seen here (including battery powered ones!).

You don't have to have a hammock or a warm, white sandy beach to be in Margaritaville. As they say, there is no passport. Transport yourself anytime with your Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker.