Updated: November 2017

Miele Canister Vacuum Reviews:

Miele: A Tradition of Excellence - On your list of chores, where does vacuuming rank? Usually, it's right after dusting but before dishes. In other words, it's not fun. While vacuuming may not be the highlight of your day, you can make it much faster, easier, and effective if you have the right tools. Not all vacuums are created equal, and a poorly made one will have you spending more time on your carpets with less satisfying results. Spending a little time researching the best vacuums will save you a lot of time later. One name you'll come across is Miele vacuums. Why choose Miele? Whenever you can invite a world renowned, award-winner into your home, you're making a good decision. The Miele company was founded in 1899 - and in its 111-year history, they have gone from creating cream separators and butter churns to world class refrigeration systems, laundry machines, dishwashers, cooking appliances, and of course, vacuums. But how good are Miele products really? Germany's top laundry research institute found that Miele washing machines performed beautifully even after 4995 cycles - the equivalent to 20 years of use. This one test is demonstrative of the entire line of Miele products. They are built to last, they are built to make your life easier, and they are built to do an outstanding job again and again. Miele vacuums are some of the best in the world; here's a guide to choosing the right Miele canister vacuum for your home and budget.
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Miele Vaccums - If you have ever used a Miele vacuum, you know why the company consistently receives the industry's top awards: Miele was awarded an astonishing 5 iF gold awards from the International Forum Design, a prestigious award indicating exceedingly high quality. Of 2771 products submitted for consideration, only 35 were given iF gold awards - and Miele scooped up 5. Their vacuums have been recognized by Which? magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Consumer Digest, among others. Why? Because they work. And because they work so well, you have to work much less. Miele manufactures a wide variety of vacuums, which can be found at Amazon for lower prices than other leading retailers (view the Miele canister vacuums here). Because of the variety, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the best Miele vacuum for your home. Not to worry. Here are some buying tips. Which Miele Vacuum is Right for You? - One of the first questions you need to answer is whether you want an upright or canister vacuum. This is largely a matter of choice, though experts recommend canister vacuums for those with allergies and/or asthma. Uprights tend to be lighter and more maneuverable, though the canister vacuums manufactured by Miele are designed for maximum usability. Among the most popular uprights are the S163 and S168; they are super lightweight and powerful, making even daily vacuuming less of a chore. The S163 has two speeds, IntenstiveClean dust bags, and can be used on various surfaces. The S168 has a powerful - yet quiet - 1000 watt motor, various speeds, and a multilayer filtration system. These smaller models are ideal for apartments and lofts, as well as quick clean-ups. They range in price from $289 to $399 (browse the top rated Miele uprights here). If you have a bigger home or would like a heavier duty model, a Miele canister vacuum will work perfectly. Two of the most popular models are the Neptune and Antares. They are both mid-tier models in terms of price, costing about $500 each. So what do you get for your $500? Clean floors! And much more. The Neptune features a STB 205 Turbo Brush that is ideal for loftier carpets and even those with pet hair and a powerful 1200 watt motor. Canister vacuums have the unfair reputation as being cumbersome. Set your mind at ease. The Neptune has a telescopic suction tube so you don't have to contort yourself to clean your carpet; it can be adjusted for your height; it can clean within 30 feet so you don't have to run from one outlet to the next while cleaning your living room. A nice extra is the upholstery tool, which is great for your furniture.

Best Miele Canister Vacuum:

The Antares, which has been retired but is still available for purchase (find it on Amazon here) is another top quality Miele canister vacuum. At only 14 pounds, the Antares is lightweight, compact, and convenient. It features a 1200 watt Miele Vortex Motor System, silent operation, suction control, STB 205-3 Turbo Power Brush, a nozzle designed for parquet floors, telescopic hose, natural bristle dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and a 29.5-foot cleaning range. This is a deluxe model that will keep your floors looking - and feeling - great. What really sets these canister vacuums apart, though, is their ability to trap allergens. Vacuuming with a standard vacuum actually releases more allergens into the air. What's the point in vacuuming then! But using a Miele vacuum, like the Neptune or Antares, reduces the amount of allergens in the air. The Neptune has a HEPA filtration system to trap allergy-inducing particles, and the Antares has a Super Air Clean Filter and Pre-Motor Filter which retain nearly all of the allergens in the vacuum where it belongs - not in your carpet, and certainly not in your nose and eyes. BEST - The Miele S4212 Neptune features HEPA filtration, a powerfull 1200 watt motor, telescopic suction tube, and an upholstery tool to handle things like pet hair that are hard to get off chairs or your favorite sofa. The Neptune S4 Galaxy Series are perhaps the most praised vacuums on the market with owner reviews nearly perfect (all those on Amazon are 5 of 5 stars).

Should You Pay More for a Miele Vacuum?:

On the lower end of the price spectrum, you can find stick or upright for under $300. On the higher end, you can choose a model like the Capricorn S5980, which retails for about $1200. Why would anyone spend over $1000 on a vacuum? Why would anyone even spend much over $100? You can find an endless selection of lower priced vacuums, so why pay more for Miele? The simple answer is that you get more. Miele products are extensively tested to last for at least 20 years. If you went all out and bought the Capricorn, you are spending about $60 a year for your vacuum. On the other hand, if you buy a cheap $100 vacuum every year, you will spend almost twice as much in the long term. Your Miele vacuum will last for decades, while other brands seem to break just before your guests are coming and you're frantically trying to clean. Why bother with the hassle? Another reason why you may want to spend a bit more on your vacuum is your health and that of your family. Both the Neptune and Antares models have Super Air Clean Filters, which retain 99 percent of allergy particles down to 0.5 of a micro, and 94 percent down to 0.3 of a micron. This ensures that little dust mites, pet dander, and other eye-watering, nose-running allergens are trapped instead of released into the air. You can stop your decongestant habit simply by vacuuming more efficiently with a Miele vacuum.You will pay more for a Miele vacuum, but you will also get exponentially more than with another model. Browse through their extensive selection listed online if you want the cleanest, healthiest carpet possible. You may not want to skip through a field of goldenrod, but you don't have to fear allergy season in your home. See the most popular Miele vacuums here.