Updated: November 2017

Nostalgia Electrics Popcorn Maker Review

Remember back in the old days when an ice cold soda cost a nickel, you could leave your doors unlocked, and you gladly forked over a whole quarter for a day at the county fair? No? Too bad, isn't it - especially since that soda now costs about $1.60 and the county fair will set you back a few rolls of quarters. Even if you're not old enough to feel nostalgic about those elusive good old days, most of us feel a sense of nostalgia for innocence, simplicity, and being able to eat popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy with impunity. It's a shame we can't get that back, those days when your mouth watered when you just thought of popcorn or when a snow cone was enough to cool you off on the hottest day. Maybe we can't get prices to go back a half century or more, but we can recreate the sights, sounds, and tastes that make our mouths water. This is the guiding force behind Nostalgia Electrics, your source for appliances that create a thoroughly old time taste in the comfort of your modern kitchen. This is your one-stop guide for Nostalgia Electrics - find out how to make mouths water every day. Which Nostalgia Electrics product is right for you? Fondue, popcorn, snowcones, hotdogs, Nostalgia makes it all. Let your taste buds - and your budget - decide!

nostalgia electrics popcorn maker

Create a Movie Theater at Home with Nostalgia Popcorn Makers

If you start to drool whenever you enter a movie theater but hate to pay $5 or more for a small bag of popcorn - and we mean small, especially if you have a few hungry kids with you - Nostalgia Electrics is ready to come to your rescue. You can purchase your own popcorn machine and make delicious, aromatic, buttery popcorn for under $40. Is it worth it? Say you went to the movies with your spouse and two children. You each bought a small popcorn for $5 each - that's $20 in one sitting. Even if you share a few large bags, you're still shelling out more than you should for popcorn. With a popcorn machine, you can make up the money in just a few uses. Save yourself some money, wait for the DVD release, and pop up some family fun. Popcorn tastes better when it's saving you money.

For home use, try the OFP501 Movietime Popcorn Popper. This Nostalgia popcorn machine is a replica of an old-fashioned popcorn cart, down to the red color and fun wheels. It is designed to fit on your countertop and can pop 3.5 ounces of popcorn at a time. The handy measuring cup on top helps ensure optimal kernel popping. Best of all, the Movietime Popcorn Popper uses hot air to pop the kernels instead of hot oil. This is exponentially healthier - and loaded with fiber. Can you get healthy popcorn at the movies? The Nostalgia Movietime Popcorn Popper costs about $30 -- do your wallet and your waistline a favor with one of Nostalgia's popcorn machines.

If you've got a home theater or game room, you might want something a little bigger to sit in the corner, ready to pop-up a healthy pop-corn snack for your family or friends. The Nostalgia CCP509 Full-Size Popper is just the thing to fit that bill. It looks like a smaller version of those red popcorn carts you see at an amusement park. It makes up to 1.5 gallons of popcorn at a time. At about $270 it's not cheap, but it sure does popcorn in style!

Nostalgia Electrics: Fair Food is Not Just for the Fair Anymore

One of the best parts of going to the fair is the food. Here you can indulge in treats that you normally don't make at home. Nostalgia Electrics allows you to do this whenever you want. Not that you want to eat fair food everyday - you do want to hit the healthier food groups. But treats are definitely acceptable and can help you make parties, birthdays, holidays, and plain old Tuesdays special. One perennial fair favorite is cotton candy. Why not channel your inner child with a big cloud of spun sugar? The Nostalgia Electrics CCM55 Cotton Candy Maker is a compact kitchen appliance that spins sugar into cotton candy - and no lines or big prices! It, too, has a distinctly antique style. It includes two plastic cones for reusable fun. You can find this cotton candy machine for about $30.

Hot dogs are also guilty pleasures - and ones that you can indulge in once in a while with your Nostalgia Hot Dog Roller with Griddle. A replica of a fair food tent, the Hot Dog Roller will cook up to 8 juicy, delicious hot dogs in just minutes. A bun warmer completes the taste experience. For a bit more versatility, you can also cook up to 12 breakfast sausages and keep them warm until you're ready for them. Why not add a little fun to your day? The Hot Dog Roller looks great on any countertop and adds something extra to those ordinary days. You can find a Hot Dog Roller with Griddle for about $42.
If you want a snack that you can feel great about, try the Nostalgia Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker for under $40. Nothing is better on hot summer days than a snow cone. The Nostalgia Electrics model shaves ice cubes into snow. You simply add flavored syrup, and you have a tasty treat. Again, this machine knows more than one trick: it can also create slushies, snow smoothies, and yogurt snow.

Chocolate Anyone? The Nostalgia Electrics Chocolate Fountain
When it's time for serious indulgences, there is nothing better than Nostalgic Electrics chocolate fountain. Turn ordinary chocolate and fruit into a delightful, decadent treat. Save money by making your own chocolate covered pretzels. The options are tantalizing and endless. You can make chocolate-covered strawberries, cherries, marshmallows, pretzels, and much more simply by pouring melted chocolate into the base and turning the fountain on. That's it. A beautiful brown (or white) river flows down the tiers, ready for dipping. Impress guests with the amazing taste and elegant appearance. All that for only $40. You won't want to save it just for parties though. With its stainless steel base and dishwasher safe plastic auger and tower, it is a breeze to use and just as easy to clean up.

Nostalgia Electrics for Your Fundraising Efforts

Nostalgia products are great in the home, and they can also be a big moneymaker for your organization, school, or church. You can sell popcorn, hotdogs, snow cones, and even your chocolate-covered pretzels and recoup your investment almost immediately. After that, just buy the kernels, dogs, or ice and Nostalgia does the rest. Well-suited for the task are the Full Size Popper for under $300 (see above) which is approved for commercial use, and the Carnival Hot Dog Cart. With this, you can easily cook 16 hot dogs at a time. It also features 2 warming and steaming inserts, 3 inserts for condiments, a beverage cooler, a side shelf for tools, and even a removable umbrella. See how fast you will make back the initial cost of $350.

Whether you are raising funds for your organization or simply having fun at home with your family, Nostalgia Electrics allows you to entertain, save money, and indulge your taste buds with delicious treats. Everyday should be fun. Check out Nostalgia's wide range of products here - and make food fun again!