Updated: November 2017

Organizing your Pantry:

One of the messiest areas of our kitchen is the pantry. We aren't lucky enough to have a walk in pantry like some homes, so storage in our pantry is often difficult as even the shape of the little closet is bizarre. My wife has been going nuts over the last few years and so we finally decided to look into some options. We could remodel the kitchen pantry and design it differently but that would cost $1000's which is not what we wanted to do at this moment. A better option is to use the pantry space wisely with pull out drawers, lazy susans, and even converting the many boxes of cereals, chips, and other food into storage containers that you can see into. If you actually go through the items in your kitchen pantry you will probably find cereal boxes, chip bags, and other things that are either stale or almost empty making them a space waster. A pantry should be a place where you can store canned and snack foods in an organized manner so it's easy to access the things you need. Which pantry organizer is the best? How should I organize my pantry? We answer all these questions below.
pantry storage

Depending on the dimensions of your pantry you do have plenty of ways you could organize your pantry storage system. Most pantries have shelves and hopefully they are of different heights to accommodate varying sizes of boxes and containers. Our pantry happens to be narrow and deep, perhaps the worst combination possible. It's nearly impossible to know what items are near the back so we are always rearranging and searching. The other issue is that our pantry has a very bad light source so it's dark near the back of the pantry closet. Our first issue was to resolve the shelving mess. There are pull out drawers, roll out baskets, can racks, door racks, adjustable shelves, and more. The key is to make your pantry accessible and somewhat organized so you know where breakfast foods are, canned foods, and so on. That way each shelf can serve a purpose and get you on the path to pantry organization. Lazy susans are good, but often their round shape takes up too much space in a pantry. Again, it comes down to space allocation and whatever makes sense is what you use. Some of the best storage solutions I have seen are the pantry roll out storage systems which literally roll right out of the pantry closet. You will need a pantry designed for this system so it may not work for everyone. For anyone who likes to keep canned foods (soups, beans, etc.) we RECOMMEND the Chrome Pantry Can Goods Rack which is the perfect solution. The can goods rack holds cans of various sizes and types so storage is efficient and clean. Another area of the pantry that usually goes wasted is the space behind the door. You can buy adjustable door racks which often come in 18 inch wide or 24" width designs. They are great for using space wisely and perfect for keeping cans, jars, and small boxes in an area otherwise never used. Hopefully you are getting the picture here, your PANTRY can become organized and with a little help from innovative products you'll be on your way. View all the best selling pantry and cabinet storage solutions here.

Pantry Storage Ideas:

There is no doubt that the best idea for keeping a pantry clean and organized is to buy storage containers. Cluttered food boxes and packages make for waste and experts say the glass or rigid plastic clear containers are the best. We personally like the Tupperware Modular Mates Super Oval Pantry Set. Brilliant Blue which give you maximum storage space in tight pantries. The great thing about stackable storage containers is that you make the most of your storage area and you can easily see what is left in each clear container. The different sized tupperware containers allow for keeping cereal, nuts, rice, sugar, pasta, etc. Make sure the lids provide you with an airtight seal since stale food is no good even if it looks good. Some people label containers so they can organize the food and cans easier. Ultimately you need to do what is right for you. One thing that drives me crazy are the countless boxes of cereal in our pantry, many of which are totally stale or practically empty and no one touches them. An innovative solution is to buy the Zevro Dual Dry food Dispenser, Stainless Steel which is highly rated on Amazon. The Zevro will keep things like cereal fresh and definitely end your cereal box clutter. Parents can't say enough about these storage containers and kids can even serve themselves. RECOMMENDED - Amazon.com carries a huge selection of tupperware sets, food storage containers, and Rubbermaid pantry storage systems on their website.

Kitchen Pantry - Shelves and Drawers:

If you have deep shelving in your pantry, then consider installing pull out drawers or baskets. You can find them online at Amazon or in stores like Home Depot and even Target. They make storing food in the pantry convenient and most importantly the items are easy to get to. Just slide the drawer out or pull out the basket as they are on rollers. We have one of these systems in our storage area under the stove for our pots and pans and it sure makes getting to them easy. Installing them can be a bit tricky, but the end result is very nice. I've even heard of people hiring a carpenter or handyman to build something similar (custom made) and have it installed for fairly cheap. So instead of remodeling your pantry be creative and find a solution to that storage clutter that many of us go through. You can find pull out shelves and drawers online here.