Updated: November 2017

Outdoor Garden Bench Reviews:

When decorating your front or backyard, putting in a bench can not only be practical but it adds style as well. Outdoor benches go great on patios, under arbors, on lawns, and in landscaped areas just for looks. Garden benches make great accent pieces around your house and they come in so many different styles, you can't go wrong. We recently did a home improvement project in our backyard and I'm not the most avid DIY type of homeowner but I was able to do simple landscaping with pavers and put in a nice park bench that topped off the project. We had wanted to put up an arbor between two bushes and put pavers down below with a nice outdoor bench below the arbor. I didn't realize all the varities and styles that were available until I walked into Home Depot and felt a little overwhelmed by the process. I immediately came back home and did some research online to find out just what makes a good garden bench (materials, hardware, finish, etc). I have put together a simple buying guide down below followed by popular garden benches based on user reviews.
garden bench

Buying Guide - The first thing to consider are the different types of benches you can choose from - outdoor, backless, garden, potting, storage, arbor, kids, etc. Wood types for garden benches generally include white cedar, red cedar, brazilian pine, brazilian cherry, poplar, rubberwood, beech, birch ply, teak, oak, fiberboard, and Asian hardwoods. Others are made with steel frames or cast iron cross weave patterns. Recycled plastic will give you a very durable bench (often for commerical purposes). Storage benches double as a sitting bench and a place to keep backyard toys and garden tools. Cast stone and concrete benches are less practical for sitting on, but offer the chance to personalize them with written expressions or quotes. Wooden outdoor benches are the most popular kind available as they hold up well to weather with the proper finish. If you are going to add a cushion to the bench, make sure you store it during the winter months so no damage occurs to the material. For a very decorative look, consider an arbor bench that will allow you to sit right below your favorite plants. Around backyard lakes or ponds, a backless bench makes the perfect compliment to an already serene atmosphere. There are some indoor benches as well that tend to go in front entryways or near hall trees. You can find limited reviews of outdoor benches on Amazon.com and Epinions, but we prefer to do our bench shopping at Benches.com. Their selection is top rate and they also offer consumer reviews on their products giving you the buyer some immediate feedback on advantages or disadvantages to each model. With so many varities of outdoor benches to choose from, we have tried to include only the most popular product in each category below. Where possible we have include the price and website where you can purchase it. You can also go to any home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot to see their selection in person. For many people this is the wiser choice because then you can actually sit on the bench and feel how comfortable it is. Be sure to ask any salesperson what type of wood is best suited for your climate/weather. Most garden benches range in price from $75 to $400. You can browse their top selling garden benches online here.

Best Garden Bench:

Everyone could probably use a classic looking garden bench in their yards, and the Secret Garden Bench ($250) on the Benches.com website fits the mold. It's made with red cedar so you know it's durable and rot resistant. The brass hardware and staples that hold this bench together will not cause any corrosion keeping your bench looking new for years. The red cedar has been preserved with natural oils and you can paint or stain the bench if you wish. Experts agree that Western red cedar is one of the best outdoor wood materials you can buy and the natural aroma to red cedar acts as an insect repellent as well. The weight capacity on this garden bench is 600 lbs and the overall weight of the actual bench is 38 pounds. The seat dimensions are 54 1/2 inches in length and 18 inches deep. It's listed as a top seller on the website and you can get free ground shipping. BEST - We found the Strathwood All-Weather Hardwood Bench as the top seller on Amazon and it comes in 2 or 3 seater styles. The high density Kapur hardwood is durable and perfect for any yard. It's comfortable too with a slightly curved back.

Park Bench:

Looking for a replica of a park bench to put in your yard? The Crossweave Park Bench ($100) comes about as close as possible with cast iron framework in the backrest. The seat has contoured wood for a comfortable seated position and the Asian hardwood looks great. Owners say this bench will highlight any patio or yard and comes in handy when you need an extra seat during outdoor entertaining. Many consumers mention that the assembly directions were hard to follow and a power drill would be helpful. We found a similar model in our local CostPlus store that was already built that was selling for $75. Check your local stores for bargains.

Outdoor Storage Bench:

If you have kids then buying an outdoor storage bench is essential for your backyard. Storage benches make the perfect place to keep pool toys, lawn toys, and garden tools. Some storage benches are more elegant than others. Wooden storage benches will make a nice addition to yards that already have wood patio furniture. The Ultimate Patio Bench ($130) gets great ratings on Benches.com and many people say they like the extra large storage space down below the seat. This neutral color of the bench will help it fit into any yard or patio. It may not be the most comfortable bench amongst the group, but you can buy a cushion that will make it suitable for sitting. Resin construction provide for a weather resistant and durable bench. Some people mentioned they would prefer it offered in different colors, but all in all they were happy with their purchase. Home Depot offers a Hampton Bay Amazon Teak Storage Bench ($600) that is truly beautiful and it will hold up in all weather.

Potting Bench:

Gardening is an incredibly peaceful and fulfilling pastime where you can be creative and transform your yard into a work of art. Buying a potting bench will help you organize and plant whatever you desire. They usually come equipped with a bottom level for storing soils, fertilizers, flowers, seeds, etc. and a top (desklike) level for doing the potting process. You will also find potting benches that have storage drawers for trowels, scissors, and other tools. You can buy simple potting benches to extravagent potting benches for the most extreme gardeners. We really like the Windsor Potting Bench ($300) on the Pottingbenches.com website. The reviews are very positive as consumers are happy with the cedar wood construction and say the raised shelf above the table surface adds just a little more storage space. The drawers are large enough to put your gardening gloves into and the bottom shelf will store potting soil or pots. Assembly is required but most said it was easy to do.

Backless Bench:

Backless benches are not the most ornate backyard furniture you can buy, but they can be practical. They go well along walkways, on the grass, and near ponds or lakes. Some offer contoured seats and most are made of wood with a few being manufactured from cast iron. Homegardenandpatio.com has a rather extensive selection of backless garden benches, many made with teak or red cedar woods. The Teak Backless Garden Bench 5 Ft ($670) on the site is beautiful and the wood is resistant to warping, water, and weather. RECOMMENDED - We found some great deals on Amazon and they carry a nice variety. Check out the most popular backless benches online here.

Entryway Bench:

Indoor benches are alot like storage benches that are for outdoor purposes. A good entryway bench is typically not used to sit on very often, so having a large storage space below the seat is an attractive feature that indoor benches can offer. The Hunter Storage Bench ($170) on Benches.com has a nice cherry finish and a split bench seat for added convenience when storing items. Owners say this indoor bench fits great in entryways or hallways and they like the sturdy rubberwood construction. Reviews on this model are overwhelmingly positive and owners love the fact the entryway bench looks in their homes. Some consumers mention they have placed the bench in their bedrooms as well adding some new style to boring rooms. They go on to say the value is excellent and the bench makes an ideal storage space for blankets, clothes, boots, shoes, etc.