Updated: November 2017

Power Washing Services:

If you live in an area with constant drizzle and not a lot of sunshine then odds are you will have to power wash things like your deck, house, or driveway in order to keep mildew and moss to a minimum. I reside in Portland, Oregon so we get our share of rain and cloudy days. Therefore, moss buildup on my concrete driveway and sidewalks is a constant battle. I own a low powered pressure washer that plugs into an electric outlet but it isn't powerful enough to spray away the moss that grows on the concrete. I recently looked into power washing services that will come out to your house with a high powered gas pressure washer and clean things up. Some charge a flat fee while others base it upon square footage or an hourly charge. We found that professional power washing services charge about $.08-$.35 per square foot depending the type of stain or dirt that needs removing. Power washing vinyl siding is a big job and most services go by square footage on this one.

I had a service power wash my roof twice now. It's called roof restoration, but it's pretty much a thorough power washing of your roof to get rid of mildew and mold that eats away at the shingles and shortens the life of the roof if gone untreated. My driveway had never been pressure washed until recently and the moss building was getting dangerous as several kids and adults had slipped on the slippery surface. Power washing a concrete driveway can cost you $150 to $400 - depends on the size - and some say it's worth renting a pressure washer from a rental service for a job like this. It's not difficult and many homeowners can do it themselves in 4 hours or so. Overall, power washing is considered a beginner/intermediate type of DIY project around the house. We do however warn homeowners to be careful if they plan on power washing their house since you can damage and peel off paint if the pressure washer is too powerful. Power washing a house is a huge job and probably best left for the pros. Walkways, decks, driveways, etc. - these all are smaller jobs that are easier to do. If you allow the moss and dirt to buildup over the years (as I did), then an underpowered pressure washer may not do the job. You'll definitely need to go with the gas powered machines that have lots of concentrated power to remove moss and other stains. One of my neighbors borrowed someones gas power washer and it was so powerful it literally removed small rocks from the aggregate driveway and blew them into his house causing damage. That's not a good thing, so be careful and always start with less power versus more. The person I chose to power wash our walkways and driveway was a local handyman and he is well recommended by friends. See what you can find in terms of power washing services via word of mouth and then check on websites like Craigslists. Get a few estimates and then go with the person or company you feel most comfortable with. Always get the price in writing before starting - we heard some folks say they were verbally quoted a price but by the end of the job it had changed (cost was higher than originally quoted) and they felt rooked and scammed.

Power Washing Prices:

How much does it cost to power wash a driveway? A house? A Deck? They vary from city to city and from company to company. The average size driveway and walkways at a house is about 1200 square feet of pavement and depending on the level of dirt and moss on it, you are looking at $100 to $400 to clean it up. Washing the exterior of your house (say it's 2000 square feet) will cost you $200 to $800 - the more intricate the cleaning the higher the price. Power washing a deck shouldn't be more than a few hundred dollars. The power washing of our roof that I mentioned above was roughly $1000 but that does include a bundle of shingles that need to get replaced after the pressure washing. Renting a power washer runs about $40 to $75 a day so if you are organized and want to take the time, it's worth looking into that as an option versus paying a guy to do it. I asked the guy who did our power washing and he says that in the Pacific Northwest one of the most common jobs is power washing vinyl siding to remove mildew. Ranges from $500 to $1400 on most homes. Keep in mind if you have a 2 story house climbing up on a ladder to reach high spot with a power washing hose in your hand can be dangerous and that is why most homeowners don't even attempt that kind of project on their own.

Power Washing Concrete:

Don't feel like you have to hire a professional power washing service just to clean your driveway. Many of the $150 to $250 pressure washers will do the job just fine. I have an aggregate rock driveway and walkways around my house which require a more powerful pressure washer to really get into those nooks and get rid of the moss that always grows due to our damp conditions in Oregon. If you have a regular concrete driveway then even a mid-range power washer should do just fine on removing stains, dirt, etc from the driveway. I found that with a low powered washer that it took way too long to get my driveway clean and usually it came right back within a year. I'm hoping that hiring a pro will give me a cleaner driveway that is moss free and won't need another extensive cleaning for years. I will follow up this article with the results - 1 year , 2 years, etc.

Power Washing a House:

One of the more difficult and costly jobs can be having your house power washed. Many people need to clean the vinyl siding once every 4 years or so and it can cost you $1000 or more for this. Often there are hard to reach areas of the house siding that requires ladders or even 2 people. My neighbor had his siding power washed and it cost him roughly $900 for a 2 story house with easily accessed areas - no trees or bushes blocking it. He was happy with the initial results and 1 year later it still looks great. You can get sealants put on driveways and houses that help reduce the buildup of mildews and mosses - something to consider immediately after it is cleaned. When my roof was pressured washed, the company puts a treatment on it as well to help reduce any kind of moss buildup in the future. Unfortunately, every 5 years or so you need to reapply the treatment after a power washing. I can add up over time.