Updated: November 2017

Rockwell Jawhorse Review

Introducing the Jawhorse - how this 3-legged sawhorse vise grip combo can help you around the house..
I can't tell you how often I have been working on a construction project and longed for a horse with a big jaw to stand there and hold something for me. What? You haven't had that experience? Ok, obviously I am taking the whole "jawhorse" theme too literally. A jawhorse is actually not a horse at all, but a clamping workbench made by Rockwell - picture a sawhorse with a sturdy vise clamp at one end. Rockwell has been around since 1994 and selling and manufacturing tools since this time. Most of their products are geared towards do-it-yourself people and tradepeople. The Jawhorse is meant to replace a variety of tools used by "do-it-yourself'ers" and tradesmen. It can potentially eliminate a workbench, sawhorse, clamp and/or bench vise. The jawhorse is also meant to help people who often work on their own. If you have ever tried to assemble something on your own, you are likely familiar with the experience of wishing you had an assistant to stand there and hold something for you. That is exactly what the Jawhorse can easily do. It gives people the freedom to work on their own without relying on a second party to stand around and hold something like a door or a wall. We even seen people use it to hold a post while pouring in concrete. In this guide, we'll take a look at the versatility of the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse, and help you decide if it is right for your projects around the house or work site.

rockwell jawhorse

How does the Jawhorse work?

The jawhorse is made of solid steel and weighs about 43 lbs. It has ten times the clamping power of a regular vise and the pressing power of a one-ton machine press. A footpress controls the jawhorse's clamping power. One of the jawhorse's motto's is "if you can lift it, the jawhorse can hold it." Because the jawhorse weighs less than 50 pounds, it can be folded in a manner easy for carrying. In essence, this device has great portability. This is an ideal factor for people who may need to bring the jawhorse with them to a worksite. It can also fold up to a small size and be stored in a closet. Many people simply set up shop in their driveway, home or workplace because the jawhorse doesn't require a great deal of space. Rockwell's Jawhorse is one of those things you don't realize you need, but once you have it its handy for everything. It can hold almost anything. It's 3-legged design (2 legs on one end, 1 leg on the other) provides a stable work base. The clamp slides along the entire length of the table, giving you a wide range of grip widths. The whole thing comes fully assembled -- you just open the box and unfold it and start working. If you need a portable work bench/sawhorse, the Jawhorse is probably what you are looking for. You can watch a video of the Jawhorse in action here.

How much does the Rockwell Jawhorse Cost?

The Rockwell website sells a jawhorse for about $180. This includes a 5-year warranty. Although the Rockwell website states that the Jawhorse is not available in stores, and must be purchased online, many people have commented that they have seen it for sale at Lowe's. Whether or not this is a temporary or a long-term situation is yet to be seen, but if you don't want to order the jawhorse by mail, it certainly doesn't hurt to call your local Lowe's to see if they carry one. If you're looking to buy online, Amazon.com also sells the Rockwell Jawhorse for the same price of $177 and ships it for free, so that is another way to get a jawhorse for a reasonable price with no extra charges for shipping and handling. Since most people already shop with Amazon and trust them, they are our first choice.

Jawhorse Reviews

ToolSnob.com appreciated the Jawhorse's versatility, finding it handy for a multitude of around the house projects. They also liked its portability, gripping power, and ease of use. We also checked out the reviews on Amazon to gather information on how users feel that the Rockwell Jawhorse is performing. At the time of this writing, we found over 150 Jawhorse reviews. Most of these reviews give the jawhorse either 4 or 5 stars. Most reviewers were thrilled with their jawhorse. This device received high marks for versatility, stability, design and portability. People were happy it was easy to set up and glad that it only takes a few minutes. Less than 5 people have given the jawhorse 3 stars, 2 stars or 1 star. The main complaints were from people who accidentally misused the jawhorse. For example, someone mentioned that they tried to clamp something without the jawhorse being in lock mode. Not following directions properly could potentially ruin the item you are clamping. Also some people complained that if you have a large hand it might be tough to comfortably carry the folded jawhorse. However, in general, people have found that the Rockwell Jawhorse does what it promises and really is like no other tool. Personally, I like that the clamp is adjustable using a foot, meaning your hands are free to adjust or support larger objects as you use the Jawhorse for support - you can use this to hang a door, hold up crown molding, even hold up drywall overhead (using a 2X4) without anyone else helping you.

Jawhorse Accessories

What are the Jawhorse Accessories? The Rockwell jawhorse does come with quite a few options for add-ons to increase the versatility of the device. One of the most popular accessories is the RK9101 - Log Jaw with Chainsaw Vices for $40. This product has special vises that fold out to help users sharpen chainsaw blades. There is also a Miter Saw Station available for $80. This product mounts any miter saw. In fact, it is designed to fit almost any miter saw to the jawhorse. The table clamps between the jaws. There is also a Plywood jaw for $50, which adapts large sheet goods up to 52" wide. You can also buy a saddlebag for $20. The saddlebag is designed to hang on the jawhorse and hold tools. Finally, there is a worktable for $50 a welding station for $70. If you plan to buy a jawhorse, it is more than likely that at least one or two of these accessories will be helpful to you and increase your jawhorse's usability.