Updated: November 2017

Rubbermaid Storage Shed Review - Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Sheds

Will a Rubbermaid Storage Shed solve your outdoor storage needs?
If there is one problem common to every household, it is the problem of clutter. It just seems as though no matter how big our house or how much room, eventually our belongings outstrip our ability to store them in an organized fashion. Spare rooms, sheds, and garages become the default place to throw extra items, and eventually they become hard to walk into. You don't even have to be an organized person to feel stress as you walk into that kind of mess! Fortunately, help is on the way in the form of a Rubbermaid Storage Shed. These hardy, plastic structures are meant for indoor or outdoor use, and come in a variety of sizes to fit your storage needs. In this guide, we'll get into the details and provide some information that should help you decide which is the best Rubbermaid vertical storage shed for you.

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What makes Rubbermaid Storage Sheds the best?

Odds are you are familiar with the Rubbermaid name, but if not, here's a brief introduction. The company has been in operation for just under a century now, making durable products for a variety of organizational needs. As you might guess from the name, the company started out making products solely from rubber, but the invention of plastic changed the number of products that Rubbermaid was able to offer. They branched into food and other storage solutions, and earned a reputation for manufacturing high quality and highly durable products. That's why many people prefer products made by Rubbermaid -- like storage sheds. A nice feature of these tough plastic sheds is that they require no maintenance - they won't rust or rot, no need to paint. One reviewer on the Rubbermaid site commented that their shed stayed upright and locked even during 100MPH+ hurricane winds - wow (though a few also said theirs had come apart in the wind)! One suggested using construction adhesive during the assembly process for an extra-sturdy shed. Another said they had theirs for almost 15 years and it still looks nearly new. Rubbermaid offers two main varieties of sheds, what they call vertical storage sheds (taller and thinner) and horizontal storage sheds (shorter and wider).

Different types of Rubbermaid Storage Sheds - Vertical Sheds - Horizontal Storage Sheds

Obviously, not all organizational needs are the same, so you will find that there is a specific Rubbermaid vertical storage shed which best suits your needs. We'll start out by looking at what each type of Rubbermaid vertical storage shed has in common, and that of course begins with the structure and the material itself. The Rubbermaid vertical storage sheds are built in a rectangular fashion, made from polyethylene shells. Flat roofs are a trademark of these blocky storage options; it makes them a lot easier to fit into whatever space you wish. On the other hand, as one reviewer on Nextstep.com noted, it does make it hard for the the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed 3746 and other models to drain off rain if you are storing them outside. However, as all of the models (including Rubbermaid 3749 and Rubbermaid vertical storage shed 7083) are waterproof, this will cause no damage to whatever you have stored inside. It's also worth noting that the Rubbermaid sheds all have a damage resistant floor. It's also waterproof, and if you drop a tool as you grab it off of the shelf, no problem; there will be no dent in the floor.

And that brings us to the differences between the models of these sheds. First of all, although sites such as Amazon divide Rubbermaid vertical storage sheds into categories such as Home and Garden, Tools and Equipment, Automotive, and so on, it is important to note that these utilitarian products can be used in all manner of different areas. You might want them to put your craft supplies in, or to store clothes in a loft style condo. Therefore, you need to determine what you are going to use your shed for before you go out to make the purchase.

The first differentiation between the different Rubbermaid storage sheds is the amount of storage capacity they have. Although the Rubbermaid storage shed line is divided up by a company selected number (Rubbermaid vertical storage shed 3763, Shed 3749, Shed 3746 and so on), the biggest dividing line, and the one you will be most interested in, is the amount of room they have inside. Those meant for larger objects such as patio furniture usually include the word large somewhere in the title, such as the "Rubbermaid Large vertical storage shed 3749" in addition to their brand number. These larger units do not usually come with shelves which will fit throughout the whole unit itself. Instead, they have large open spaces inside for storing items such as your barbecue, with room for shelves alongside. It also includes lockable doors, a standard feature for this as well as the Rubbermaid Double Deep heavy duty vertical storage shed and other models. That Double Deep Rubbermaid vertical storage shed will be one of the best options for those looking to store a lot of power tools, a generator, and so on.

For storage of smaller items, many people prefer the smaller models of Rubbermaid sheds, including the Rubbermaid 7083 vertical storage shed and the Rubbermaid 5E16 FastTrack. The Rubbermaid 5E16 FastTrack is probably the most unique model in Rubbermaid's storage line, with much narrower dimensions and a more elegant style designed for storing balls.

Which Size Rubbermaid Vertical storage shed best suits you?

The primary criteria you'll use when it comes to buying the best Rubbermaid vertical storage shed for your needs will be size. As you can see from the above, some of the size differentiations include words such as double deep and large, which indicate that models such as the Rubbermaid 3749 Double Deep vertical storage shed are roughly twice as large as regular models. Dimensions can also be found in more linear numbers, cubic feet and width by depth by height also being common numbers used. The Rubbermaid 3749 vertical storage shed is 17 cubic feet, for example, the Rubbermaid 3746 vertical storage shed is 21 cubic feet. On the other hand, you might find the Rubbermaid heavy duty vertical storage shed listed on as 66x36x78 , so you'll have to divide those inches into feet, then multiply the 3 feet dimensions to get the cubic feet storage volume. The Rubbermaid 3749 and the Rubbermaid 3746 models also both include a lot of shelving units, so they are perfect for storing garden supplies, tools, and other items on. Some other models including the Rubbermaid 7083 storage unit include drawers for those who prefer that style of organization.

Overall, Rubbermaid vertical storage sheds are well received by consumers. Sites such as NextStep and Amazon contain review after review which are positive about the prices, capacity, durability, and protective features of these products. You can purchase them at virtually any box store, including Wal-Mart, Sears, and Zellers as well as online at Amazon and other store sites. Prices range from around $140-$900. The Rubbermaid large vertical outdoor storage shed costs around $600, while at the lower end the much smaller Rubbermaid 3749 vertical storage shed 17 cubic foot unit costs about $140. Ultra deluxe models including multiple shelving units as well as large open spaces such as the Rubbermaid 3673 vertical storage shed can cost as much as $750; but anyone caught in the midst of clutter will agree the prices are worth it for one of the best vertical storage sheds out there.