Updated: November 2017

Best Security Lights

Home owners and business owners have always been interested in security and safety, often in the form of alarms or security systems. However, even a basic security lighting system can help make your home or business location significantly safer. Most criminals are attracted to easier targets - places with poor lighting, places unlocked, places without alarms. Exterior home lighting, in the form of floodlights, security lights, and motion sensors, are a great way to protect your home and ward off prowlers. The placement and location of security lighting can be challenging, since there are a variety of options from ground lights and eave-placed lights that can be used to light up a driveway, yard, or patio area. Below, we will look into the best home security lighting solutions, with some reviews, pricing information, and suggestions for keeping your home safe.

Street lights are the most basic city-provided security lights - they provide basic lighting for streets and neighborhoods, in addition to home lights. But real security lights begin on your property. Many people opt for ground level lights that cast light up against the home, lighting up trees and architectural details. These lights can give an impressions of occupation, but they really don't provide any additional security.

Floodlights and Security Lights - Outdoor lighting

The best lights for outdoor security lighting are floodlights. Floodlights cast a bright, wide beam over an extended area, lighting up entire sections of your yard or driveway. Motion activated lights are even more powerful, lighting up only when something moves within their field of vision. If you want to buy online, check out the best selling security lights here. You can also pick up standard motion sensor lights at places light Home Depot or home lighting stores. Expect to pay from $20-$40 for basic lights to up to $150-$200 for fancier looking outdoor lamps. Lampsplus.com has things like the elegant Monarch Motion Sensor Rust 25 1/2" High Outdoor Wall Light for $195, which detects motion along a 180 degree detection angle (basically, the entire area in front of the lamp, from side to side). A little simpler is the Capella Motion Sensor 15 1/2" High Black Outdoor Wall Light, for $99, it works from dusk to dawn and pops on whenever something moves nearby. How do motion detector lights work? Motion detector lights are pretty simple. They work like an eye scanning the infrared spectrum of light, picking up heat waves from moving objects. Most motion detector lights let you adjust how long they stay on for - 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. once they detect something. A good motion detection has a field of vision of at least 180 degrees (everything in front of them) and can see for at least 75 feet. Sometime leaves blowing around can set off your lights, but you can often adjust their sensitivity.

Motion Detector Lights - Installing Security Lights

Placing motion detector lights around your property can help you in a few ways. First, they can be set to turn on any time someone (including you) approaches the property. This works great for things like lights around the front door or walkways. Why worry about turning lights on and off each night when they can do it by themselves. With motion sensor lights by your front door, for example, you can set them to turn on for 10 minutes whenever they are activated. That way if you or someone else walks up to your door, the area is illuminated. You don't need to fumble in the dark for keys or keyholes, and visitors have their way lighted without stumbling through the dark. And you don't need to remember to turn them off at bed time - they turn themselves off and will turn back on when needed automatically. Most security lighting is pretty basic to install if you have an existing light fixture. The first step is turning off electricity from your fuse box. Then turn off the light switch that controls power to the fixture to be double safe. Then remove the existing light fixture, disconnecting the ground wire and the white and black wires that provide power. Follow the instructions that come with your new security motion sensor light, reconnect the ground and black and white wires and attach the light to the bracket as needed. Your motion sensor light is now installed. You can generally control its function by flicking the light switch off an on - one flick puts it into sleep mode (it only comes on when needed), while an on/off/on sequence usually moves into manual mode, where the light stays on permanently until turned off. Motion sensor lights should be placed 6-10 feet above the ground for optimal coverage and responsiveness. Keep in mind that ourdoor lights require specialized weatherproof conduit and electrical boxes -- installing new outdoor ligths and security lights is not a task the average do it yourselfer should attempt unless they know the local electrical building code and are familiar with working with electricity.