Updated: November 2017

Best Shower Doors:

Are you in the market for some new shower doors? Perhaps you are looking at sliding shower doors of glass. In your search you may see shower doors referred to as shower enclosures or bath enclosures. Manufacturers market them under a variety of titles which can be a bit confusing as a consumer. Some of the top manufacturers include American Standard, Century Bathworks, Vigo Industries, and Dreamline. Shower sliding doors typically are framed with brass, stainless steel, chrome, gold, etc. although the new frameless enclosures are quite popular. The glass thickness ranges from 5/32" up to 1/2" thick and most are made with tempered safety glass. A friend of mine recently walked out of his shower (an older sliding door) and when he closed it the door completely shattered leaving glass shards all over the floor. Tempered glass sliding doors are the way to go.
sliding shower doors

We just recently did a slight renovation to our guest bathroom and after 15 years of wear and tear we decided to replace the shower doors with a newer design and frame color. Gold is pretty much out these days so we went with a nicer satin nickel finish which matches the other bathroom fixtures we bought. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears all carry shower doors so you can get a good look at them before purchasing. Slidingshowerdoors.net is a good website if you want to see some prices and pictures of the different styles of shower doors that slide. Prices start at $189 and go up to $550 with quite a few in between. The glass shower enclosures They offer the Windsor collection which is a more Euro designed shower door that costs about $400. Most are available in 58" or 72" height and the width varies on your shower design. Homeportfolio.com is another informative website with a good buying guide on shower doors. Look for doors with adjustable roller assembly since they can come in real handy on out of square installs. The tracks that sliding shower doors roll on can become dirty over time which makes the "gliding" of the door a little bumpy. Some manufacturers produce "stay clean" tracks which means a longer life of the slider for you. Always go with tempered safety glass and make sure the jamb bumpers are in place. I recently had one of the bumpers come off in our master shower and had to re-glue it. Browse the best selling shower sliding doors here.

Shower Sliding Door Cost:

How much are sliding shower doors? When you are redoing a bathroom those are the type of questions you may have. Shower doors range in price and you will find that you can get a decent pair for $350. We purchased a 58 x 70 inch shower slider door with gold hardware and clear glass for $255, but that was a low end model. The sliding bathtub enclosures from Windsor go from $429 to $679 and that includes widths of 54", 60", 66", and 72". Their shower enclosures are adjustable which means if you have an out of level tub or out of plumb wall you can order jamb fillers or a sill filler to level things out. The more expensive brands often have heavy duty rollers which makes for a smoother "sliding" sensation. American Standard has their Town Square Sliding Shower Door Enclosure which sells for about $880 with a polished chrome finish. Satin nickel adds roughly $200 to that price and antique glass brings your total up another $450. Keep in mind that doors for showers will be sligthly different than those meant for use with shower/baths. The Internet allows you get pricing and see which brands offer your finish and glass style.

Sliding Shower Doors Installation:

The installation of a sliding shower door is not terribly difficult, but most homeowners choose to let a professional installer handle it. We had a local glass company do the work for us and the labor was not too bad. We paid $35 for them to remove the old shower sliding door and $65 to install the new one. We ordered the shower door through them so they delivered it to us and installed it on the same day. The American Standard sliding shower door we had looked at had concealed caulking channels so you get a water tight installation and after some concern with the one we ordered, it too had a similar feature which meant no leaks. That should be the main goal besides a square install. There are competent DIY homeowners out there that could easily install a new shower door, but it needs to be done right so that you are water tight going forward. When the installer was doing our doors, he noticed that the entire shower had shifted (with the house settling over the years) and there were a few cracks forming that would eventually mean the shower would have to be replaced. It's years down the road as long as the cracks don't progress to fast.