Updated: November 2017

SodaStream Reviews:

By now most of you have seen the SodaStream soda and seltzer machine that has become so popular. They are carried nearly everywhere you look - in stores, online, through magazines, etc. My curiosity has definitely increased and after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the stock price of this high flyer I wanted to learn more. A home carbonation system is not new to the American public as the idea was developed back around 1900 but never really took off until the 1970's and 80's. The process is really quite simple with the SodaStream. Get a little carbon dioxide gas, mix it with water and a little flavoring and you have instant soda, sparkling water or tea. Make regular soft drinks or diet ones. Add in the Sodastream flavors you prefer and there you go - instant soda water with flavor. Carbonation machines can be a great addition to any kitchen, but keep in mind that getting the carbon dioxide bottles is rather expensive and one way the company will continue to extract money from you even after you purchase the product.

Do you need a SodaStream for your house or office? - If you, your family, or friends are big soda drinks that like to try different flavors, then one of these carbonation machines could be a good purchase. Essentially you buy the SodaStream Pure Starter Kit and start producing . The kit goes for roughly $130 and then you will have to buy the flavor mixes and refill the CO2 cylinders when they run out. The Sodastream carbonator will let you make about 60 liters of soda before it runs out. At that point you can purchase another CO2 cylinder on the SodaStream website and even set up a cylinder exchange. They take the old cylinder (should be empty) and they send it to their filling facility where the container is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and refilled to be sent out again. The carbonators (60L refills) start at $30 for 2 exchanges and go up to $90 if you want to order 3 spares. As you can see, it does get expensive. Sparkling beverages are refreshing and go great at parties, backyard barbeques, and more. What I like are all the soda mix bottle flavors (each bottle makes up to 12 liters of soda - that's 33 cans) available to the public. Get Cola, grape, orange, cherry, lime, root beer, and many more. Diet soda flavors include ginger ale, lemon iced tea, cream soda, and lemonade. With all those flavors to choose from, you are not going to get bored. SodaStream Coupons - We found lots of offers online with $10 off, or a FREE Sodamix when you purchase the home soda maker for $130. Check out all the top rated SodaStream products online here.

Best Soda Maker/Seltzer Machine:

RECOMMENDED - There's really no question as to which machine is the best. The SodaStream clearly is the leader in this category and the reviews from experts and consumers alike back this up. In less than 30 seconds you can make yourself sparkling water (seltzer) or a flavored soda. The starter kit comes with either a black or silver SodaStream machine that features a brushed stainless steel exterior. You also get 1 carbonator (good for up to 60L of sod making), and 1 (some kits have 2) BPA free plastic bottles. What makes this product so great is that no electricity or batteries are required to run it. The CO2 cylinder does most of the work and that is why you will find these on RV's or even on camping trips. My dad for years has always told me that Pepsi is just carbonated water with some flavoring. He is right about that, and for that same reason it's possible to create your own sodas at home. With over 25 flavors to choose from, you will not get bored of this soda machine. Some families are such huge soda drinkers, that the SodaStream will surely save them money in the long run. Plus, the amount of aluminum cans or plastic bottles they use drinking soda will be greatly reduced by using this machine. How long will the soda last before going flat? The hermetic seal should keep your soda fresh and fizzy for about 7 days. The only real complaint I have is the price. It would be nice to see $50 dropped off the $130 pricetag since the carbonator refills and flavoring packs cost quite a bit themselves.

What The Experts are Saying:

The real dilemma is that you aren't necessarily going to be saving money with this process. Some websites show that the a liter of soda made with the SodaStream could cost you about $.65 while a liter of soda in the store runs $.60. What are you getting then? You are saving the Earth by ridding your recycle bin of soda cans and plastic 2 liter soda bottles. It's easy to use, say most, and the flavor packs are simple to add to the sparkling water. SodaStream sells this as a "green product" as it will lessen the recycleable waste from households in America considering the amount of soda we all drink. The video below is perfect for checking out how the SodaStream works and how you mix the flavors into the soda water.

We read dozens of individual reviews for the SodaStream online - at Amazon.com and on websites like Reviewcentre.com. Owners are 9 out of 10 times completely happy with the results they get from the soda/seltzer maker. We suggest watching a few of the videos on YouTube to get a sense of what goes into making the soda - watch the process and see if that is something you can take on. Not everyone wants to take the time to make their own flavored soda, they would rather just buy it at the store.