Updated: November 2017

Spice Rack Reviews:

Where do you keep your spices? On a spice rack? Home chefs and avid cooks usually have a large variety of spices they use in their cooking. My wife is one of those home chefs that is constantly trying new recipes and making new dishes that require some kind of spice. Until recently she had a drawer spice rack that was not only limiting in space, but hard to get to in the back since the drawer only came out part way. As we looked for a new spice rack to enhance our kitchen's decor, I realized soon came to realize all the varieties of spice racks that exist - magnetic spice racks, wall spice racks, wooden spice racks, stainless steel ones, hanging racks, cabinet spice racks, and wire racks for spices. Which one is the best spice rack for your kitchen? It all depends on how much drawer space you have or how much counter or cabinet space is available. The wall mounted spice racks can add a touch of class to your kitchen walls and that is what we went with but there are dozens of other types to choose from.

Buying Guide - If you are forced to go with a drawer spice rack make sure you put them in a drawer that has a good width to it. That was the problem with my wives drawer spice rack, it was too small and hard to reach some of the containers. There are expanding spice racks that can grow with your collection of spices. Most spice racks are made from acrylic, wood, or stainless steel materials. The whole idea of having a spice rack is so that you can organize your spices in one area in your kitchen or pantry so they are easy to get to. When drawers and wall space are all taken, consider a door mounted spice rack that could easily attach to the back of the pantry door so that it's out of sight most of the time but easy to find when you need something. Another space saver idea is to put in an under cabinet spice rack that will make use of otherwise wasted space. Often the corners on your kitchen countertops are left unused, but the carousel spice racks spin around so you can get access to all spices with a simple spin. The metal tiered wall spice racks look great and are convenient for storing larger collections of spices. You will find them with beautiful satin nickel finishes and able to hold up to 24 bottles of spice. Magnetic spice racks are very popular these days since they are so convenient and certainly quite functional. They can be mounted in cabinets, on the kitchen wall, or just leave it as a freestanding unit. The key feature to a magnetic spice rack is that it comes with magnetic spice bottles (magnets are on the bottom or sides). One of our favorites was the J.K. Adams CSL-48-SM 48-Jar Maple-Wood Spice Carousel - it sits on your countertop or in a cabinet and rotates so you can quickly and easily access all your spices. We visited two of the top spice rack stores online at Stacksandstacks.com and Spicerack.com. Spicerack.com is a good site for researching the different styles of spice racks while Stacksandstacks.com has actual racks for sale. Amazon.com is another online shop that carries spice racks priced around $15 to $40. Below we have tried to list the top rated spice racks in several categories to give you an idea of price and the best sellers. You can browse their best selling spice racks online here.

Magnetic Spice Racks:

For those of you with smaller spice bottle collections, consider the Kamenstein 12 Tin Magnetic Spice Rack ($40) on Amazon.com. The stainless steel construction will go great with any modern kitchen and the spice rack comes with 12 magnetic canisters and 12 bags of spices. Some customers noted problems trying to mount the unit to a wall saying "it's difficult to get it to hang flat against the wall". As we read more reviews it appears that the problem no longer exists in this model and it should work just fine. Users say it works great just standing upright on your kitchen counter or being mounted to the wall. Although there are more expensive magnetic spice racks on the market, this one seems to do the job just fine. There is an option for a 6 canister version as well.

Wall Spice Racks:

The 3-Tier Metal Spice Rack ($20) on Stacksandstacks.com is the clear winner for a wall mounted spice rack. Choose from black matte or satin nickel colors and the rack is perfect for countertop use or wall mounting. The wall spice rack will hold about 18 spice bottles and the 3-tier design with scrolls adds plenty of style. Owners say the rack lives up to expectations since it is sturdy, versatile, and attractive. See all the top selling wall mounted spice racks here. Most are easy to install and with 2 or 3 levels you should be able to store all your spices.

Under Cabinet Spice Racks:

The Under Cabinet Kitchen Space Organizer - Pull Down Spice Rack ($25) was listed on both Amazon and Stacksandstacks as one of the few under cabinet racks we could fine. The reviews were mixed with the major problem being the side arms on the pull down mechanism. Owners say the parts were flimsy and not strong enough to last. McCormick.com is the official website for McCormick spices and their gourmet collection spice racks. We found a 2-tier chrome spice rack with a carousel base that would go perfectly in anyones kitchen under the cabinets and on top of the counters. The chrome plated wire spice rack is priced at $68.

Spice Rack Drawer:

Storing spice containers in your kitchen drawer is a great idea and the drawer spice racks are designed to keep things simple. If you plan on using a smaller space keep in mind you may run out of space if you continue to acquire new spice bottles. There are expandable drawer racks which may solve the problem, as long as the drawer is large enough to accept a wider spice rack. A basic drawer spice rack costs about $15 and are often available as narrow or wide designs. They can handle bottles and containers of various sizes or shapes. Spice jars are said to last longer (the spices) if they are kept out of the light, which is one thing a spice rack drawer will do. An expandable model will cost about $20 and should available in stores like Target or Kitchen Kaboodle. RECOMMENDED - Search the most popular drawer spice racks online here.