Updated: November 2017

Stainless Steel Cleaner Reviews:

Do you have stainless steel appliances in your kitchen? Almost 1 in 5 of all appliances sold for kitchens these days are stainless steel meaning cleaning them can be an problem. There are lots of products out there claiming to be the best stainless steel cleaner on the market but how do they really perform. I recently bought 2 stainless steel appliances from Sears and that was my first question to the sales rep. Which cleaner is best? He assured me that no cleaner will keep fingerprints or water marks completely off stainless steel finishes, but some are better than others. My Kenmore Pro dishwasher and double oven looked beautiful in the showroom but I wanted to keep that same look once I got them back into my kitchen. We have 2 children under the age of 7 so I knew that fingerprints could be an issue. Sears sends you home with a bottle of "Stainless Steel Cleaner" from Elco Labs which promises to polish and clean your appliance and help prevent fingerprints.
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Stainless Steel Buying Guide

- So far we are pleased with the results when we use the cleaner. The guy at Sears did mention you only need a small amount and he was right. The bottle itself is only 4 fluid ounces, but I'm sure it will last a long time. There are other products on the market which include stainless steel wipes for convenience. My wife says out cleaner works great, but after giving it a try myself, I was more skeptical. I may not use as much "elbow grease" as her, but I felt I shouldn't have to work so hard just to get something clean. I decided to give the Stainless Steel Wipes from Stonecare.com a try to see how they would work. You get 35 sheets for $9.55 and they work pretty good. Just like Armor All wipes, just pull the wipe out of the canister and get cleaning. I later found that Pledge offers stainless steel wipes that work on refrigerators, dishwashers, oven fronts, sinks, and fixtures. There are some traditionalists who say avoid chemical cleaners on your appliances and in your homes altogether have do it yourself cleaner solutions like white vinegar. Some consumers also noted that regular water and a clean cloth can work on some stains. Even glass cleaners can be effective on smudges or fingerprints. Above all AVOID any stainless steel cleaner that contains chlorine as this can damage your appliance. Besides just basic cleaning, you also want a stainless steel cleaner that won't leave a bad smell or odor in your kitchen area. We found several online reviews of cleaners that did clean efficiently but left behind an odor that didn't fit well in an area of your house where food is prepared. So, just which stainless steel cleaners are worth it? We found a recent article in the Wall Steet Journal that tested out 3 products on stainless steel appliances and we ourselves tried out a few other products not mentioned in their survey. Also, you can find online consumer reviews of stainless steel cleaning products on sites like Amazon.com and Epinions. Consumer Reports did a recent article on polishes for silver products, but nothing we could find on stainless steel (perhaps next year). You can read about the variety of products down below. RECOMMENDED - Browse the best selling stainless steel cleaners here.

Top Rated Stainless Steel Cleaner:

If you want a versatile cleaning product, then consider one of the polishes/cleaners from Flitz.com. You may have seen their products advertised on TV or on the web. They offer 2 stainless steel cleaning products - Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner w/ Degreaser and the Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish. Both sell for $11.99 for 16 oz bottles. Works on both stainless steel and chrome. They are water based products with no odor or residue left over. You get streak free, fingerprint resistant appliances after each use. Some customer testimonials say you have to "rub pretty hard" but the results are there. You can order "free samples" online at their website (you will have to pay for Shipping and Handling). View Stainless Steel cleaner here.

Stainless Steel Wipes:

We read up on 3 stainless steel wipes to get an idea of just which product performs the best. The Method Stainless Steel Wipes are sold in Target stores and we found some positive feedback on Thenest.com discussion boards from users. As we mentioned above the Pledge Stainless Steel Wipes are a new product from SC Johnson but so far consumers say they are "efficient" and do well to remove "water spots". Both types of wipes are quick and easy to use making them the most convenient solution to cleaning your stainless steel appliances. Lastly, the Wall Street Journal included the Stone Care wipes in their review and they said the wipes did a "good job of shining up" the appliances but they noticed a "pungent" odor that came along with the wipes. My feeling is that the stainless steel wipes from any maker are too expensive for what you get. I definitely agree that they are convenient, but you could probably get 30 more uses from a bottle of cleaner than with wipes. I guess you pay for the convenience. RECOMMENDED - See the Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes.

Best Value Stainless Steel Cleaner:

One of the best values around is the stainless steel cleaning spray from Unelko. The Clean & Shield 1-Step Stainless Care ($5.95) is a spray that cleans fingerprints and water spots on stainless steel appliances, panels, hoods and counters. Their biggest claim is that the cleaner protects your stainless steel surfaces by putting an "invisible barrier" on your appliances so that dust and fingerprints don't stick to them. The WSJ said the spray did clean "without streaks" and their polish product made appliances "the brightest". At less that $6, this cleaner was the cheapest of the bunch for almost 25 ounces.