Updated: November 2017

Shed Reviews:

Do you lack storage space in your garage or house? Is your garage full of junk or lawn equipment not allowing you to even park your cars in it? Buying a storage shed for your backyard can save you lots of space and be very practical at the same time. Outdoor sheds are great for storing tools, lawn mowers, kids toys, patio furniture, and much more. We have seen so many garages and attics clogged with "stuff" that could easily be stored outside in a quality storage shed. Rubbermaid makes a large line of outdoor sheds that are weather resistant, durable, and have locking doors to protect your things. You can purchase small garden sheds that will let you store gardening tools, planter boxes, fertilizer, watering cans, bird seed, or wheelbarrows. Depending on what you plan on storing in your backyard shed, there are sheds of all sizes and shapes to accomodate your needs.
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Buying Guide - Storage barns and garden sheds tend to be made with either wood, vinyl, or metal. A storage shed made of vinyl is often made with double wall vinyl panels which are perfect for resisting dents and bangs. A vinyl shed is pretty much maintenance free and can withstand all weather climates. Vinyl sheds usually come with steel doors which add to the security of your stored items and when painted they look nice. Metal storage sheds are made of aluminum or galvanized steel and when coated with a baked enamel finish they provide years of solid protection for a cheap price. Wooden sheds or barns are what many of us think of as more of a traditional look and feel to backyard storage facilities. Wood sheds are definitely the most stylish option available with various trim and siding choices and designs that can match your current house. Some features to consider when looking into storage sheds are shelves for organizing your tools, work benches for gardening materials, ramps for easy entry and exiting of hand trucks or wheeled power equipment, and windows/skylights so that enough light gets into the shed if you want to work on projects inside. Some of the major brand names for backyard storage sheds are Rubbermaid, Suncast, Duramax, Arrow, and other leading manufacturers at Home Depot or Lowes. Expect to spend at least $350 and up to $2000 for a good quality storage shed. You can browse the most popular storage sheds online here.

Best Storage Shed:

We found Arrow sheds to be the best selling and most popular in consumer reviews we read online. The Arrow Estator ($700) is sold online at stores like Home Depot and measures 10ft x 14ft giving you over 950 cubic feet of storage. For those of you with enough space in your yards, this Arrow shed is the most popular size with plenty of room for tractor mowers, powertool equipment (chainsaws, snow blowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, etc), or lawn furniture. The extra wide door opening is easy for loading in your stuff and the center height at over 8 feet tall provides plenty of headroom. It comes with a 12 year limited warranty. Owners say it does take lots of time to assemble this shed, but the end result is well worth it. The steel shed has eggshell colored walls and a coffee accented roof and trim. These type of sheds are great for homeowners with lots of tools, larger lawn mowers, or for those needing winter storage space for patio and lawn furniture or kids toys. The metal shed will protect your things all year round. RECOMMENDED - You can view all the top selling Arrow storage sheds here.

Garden Shed:

When it comes to smaller garden sheds, we read many reviews on the cheaper Arrow sheds but found many customers gave negative feedback on the less expensive Arrow models. A brand with a great reputation for producing storage solutions is Rubbermaid and the Rubbermaid Roughneck Modular Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed ($715) seems to be the solution for a good garden shed that will store all your gardening tools plus bikes, outdoor play equipment, patio chairs, and anything else you can think of. It's a freestanding unit with double-wall resin panels that lock together quite easily and provide for a sturdy storage structure. The angled entry ramp on the floor makes it easy to wheel in lawn mowers or other wheeled pieces of equipment. The structural foam floor can support up to 1300 lbs. and the molded-in grooves in the wall panels let you place up to 6 shelves (need to buy them separately). The front doors (2) are lockable and the shed is 6 feet high inside so you can walk inside if you need to. All the sheds we read up on were considered fairly hard to put together, although the Rubbermaids seemed to be the simpleist to assemble using just basic tools. The biggest complaint from consumers on the assemble process is that it can be time consuming and sometimes the parts don't fit together as easily as the manufacturer would like you to think. Amazon.com carries a complete lineup of Rubbermaid storage sheds here.

Building a Backyard Shed:

Since almost all the sheds you purchase require you to essentially put them together yourself, many sites we went to online mention that building your own storage shed is a viable option. It will definitely be much cheaper than store bought models and if done right you can put together a nice wood shed for under $500 (not including your labor costs). Building a storage shed from scratch is not easy, but if you have construction or woodworking experience it's the type of project that's worth the effort since you can then custom build a shed that has the exact shelving, style, and design you prefer. There are sites that offer complete shed plans for all styles. We recommend going to LLShedPlans.com for a complete listing of gable plans, barn plans, saltbox plans, and some "how to" guides on building a shed with step by step instructions. Hometime.com/store2/p_shed.htm is another excellent online resource for shed plans with most plans costing about $12.