Updated: November 2017

Security cameras Reviews:

It seems that everywhere we go these days, video cameras are watching. There are security cameras in convenience stores, banks, casinos, fast food restaurants, and even some bathrooms. They are supposed to protect us, but I would say the average persons privacy is being smothered. There are a variety of systems you can buy for your home or business - single camera systems, 4 camera systems, 8 camera systems, 16 camera systems, wireless security cameras. The most basic single camera security system is the MVL25 B/W 2.4GHz Camera Transmitter with Monitor Receiver ($199) - it's a black and white CCTV wireless transmitter & receiver security camera with monitor. Many homeowners go with this type of security camera, something to put near the entrance of their home to watch for prowlers and burglars. Keep reading to find out more about 8 camera systems and surveillance cameras.

Say you run a small business and need surveillance at multiple locations, then the 4 camera system is probably sufficient enough. The VSS40-PG - 4 Camera Complete System (black and white professional grade) for $399 lets you keep track of 4 distant areas in your business and see them all at once on a monitor with split screens (4). The 8 camera and 16 camera setups are for larger companies that need to track lots of hallways or office space. We recommend going wireless when you go above 4 cameras since the wiring alone will cost you an arm and a leg to have it installed. Wireless security cameras are more expensive to setup, but less to maintain since there are no cables or wires to worry about. You can shop for security cameras, surveillance video cameras, and wireless security cameras at Supercircuits.com, PolarisUsa.com, and Cctvwholesalers.com. They offer weatherproof, wireless, and surveillance DVR cameras. The top sellers are the KG-190EX Weatherproof B&W 0.003 LUX Starlight Camera ($125), KG-190SWB Pro-Grade B&W Weatherproof Bullet Camera ($63), KG-230EX Weatherproof Color 0.05 LUX Moonlight Camera ($168), and the KG-230VF Pro-Grade F4~9mm Varifocal Weatherproof Color Bullet ($183). SkywaySecurity.com is another excellent website dedicated to carrying the best surveillance system packages. They offer remote viewing (via modem, network or internet) security cameras, affordable DVR's, and complete installation for about $1850. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the best selling security camera systems here.

Best Wireless Security Cameras - Home Security Camera Systems:

When it comes to home security, for years people just had alarms installed to help protect their homes from burglars, but with the price of security cameras coming down, more and more people are having them installed too. You can spend about $500-$750 for a decent home security camera system with at least 2 cameras to view multiple areas around your home. With the latest wireless technolgy, you can avoid all wires and cables wiht a wireless outdoor camera/receiver system for about $500. We found 123Securityproducts.com to have the largest inventory of top brands like - Altronix, Ademco, Extreme CCTV, Nuvico, Panasonic Security, GE Interlogix, Mitsubishi Products, Samsung, Sanyo, Silent Witness, Sony Security and Toshiba. The Sony Security products pretty much cover all you would need - security cameras, digital recorders, network cameras, ip cameras, time lapse security recorders, security monitors, and complete security camera systems. Again, home security camera systems are cheap with just 1 camera, but we recommend switching to a wireless security camera system if you have go with more than 2 cameras. BEST - The Lorex LW2702 7-Inch LCD Quad Digital Wireless Surveillance System is the top seller in this category and it sells for less than $300. You get date stamped recordings, can record at VGA or QVGA resolution, plenty of options for recording times (daily, motion sensored, etc.).

Hidden Security Cameras - Fake Security Cameras:

Detectives and FBI agents have used covert cameras, or hidden cameras for years. Spy cameras as they are sometimes called are small and can into/on almost anything. Spytown.com carries a huge selection of covert cameras like button cameras, ball cameras, board cameras, boom box radio cameras, book cameras, pen cameras, smoke detector cameras, and many more. The First Witness Video PEN color Camera With a built-in 2.4 GHz transmitter ($299) is one of those gadgets you have seen on movies like James Bond 007. The problem with technology is that now it is so easy to put up hidden cameras in restrooms (and people are doing this) that innocent people are being exploited. Perhaps someday they will invent "hidden camera detectors" so that we can all know when we are being watched.