Updated: November 2017

Toro Snow Blower Reviews:

Finding the Best Toro Snow Throwers - You try to be optimistic when you wake up and find a foot of snow has fallen overnight. It's beautiful, white, pure. It looks like a perfect Christmas card. Shoveling your driveway will give you a great workout and make your cheeks nice and rosy, and afterwards you can relax with a mug of hot cocoa. But really, you end up frantically shoveling, hurting your back, getting your car stuck trying to get out for work, shoveling some more, and cursing that Christmas card snow. Skip that and try an electric snow thrower or snow blower. Your driveway or walk will be cleared in no time, you'll get to work on time, and the snow will suddenly return to a fluffy winter wonderland. A snow thrower is a relatively large expense, so you want to make sure you're getting your money's worth. This is your guide to Toro snow blowers, one of the top names in the industry and your ally in taming the snow.
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Why Toro?

- Toro has been creating top-quality residential and commercial products since 1914. They are well known for their turf maintenance equipment which has been trusted to ready the fields for Super Bowl games since 1967. They have also made a name for themselves in the area of snowblowers. The brand has been recognized as among the best in the industry by reviewers, including SnowBlowerGuide.com, which writes that Toro is an industry leader and provides "the best snow clearing performance you can get from a snow machine." If that's what you need, Toro has you covered. So step one is done: we know a Toro snow blower will give us great performance. Next is picking the right model for your needs. Which Toro Snow Thrower is Right for You? - When you're buying any type of large appliance, such as a snowblower, it is important to have a familiarity with some terms you will be seeing, such as horsepower, HP, single-stage and two-stage machines, chute, deflector, capacity, amps, and UL listing. When purchasing, keep these tips in mind:

*Look at the chute and deflector. This is how the snow is discharged. You will probably want an easily adjusted system, such as a crank.
*Choose the clearing width. If you have a small walk, you'll need a narrow clearing width. If you have a wide parking area, you'll want a much bigger model.
*Keep the throwing distance in mind. It won't do you a lot of good if it throws snow but not far enough to clear your driveway! The right choice for you will depend on the size of the area you plan to use your snow blower in.
*If you get light snowfalls, a single-stage machine, or even an electric shovel, will be fine. These models are electric-powered, which is measured in amps. More amps, more power. If you get heavy snowfalls, you will probably want a two-stage snow blower that is gas powered, not electric.
*Know if it is UL listed. This means that it has been tested by Underwriters Lab for safety.
*Single-stage vs. two-stage. A single-stage snow blower is used for smaller spaces and less heavy snowfalls. They have rubber-faced auger blades which cut through the snow. The snow then gets shot up through the chute. A two-stage machine has an auger and a pump. The ice or snow is cut by the auger and sent to the pump. The pump provides more force to throw the snow. These are typically used by those who live in more snow-heavy regions.

The right Toro snow thrower for you depends on where you live, the size of the area you want to clear, and your budget. We'll look at the top Toro models that will handle light and heavy snows so you can choose the best fit for you. You can browse the best selling Toro snow throwers here.

Light Snows and Small Spaces? Try the Toro Power Shovel:

ConsumerSearch combs through thousands of reviews on any number of products, analyzes them, and gives consumers suggestions for the top products in that category. They found the Toro Power Shovel to be the best electric power shovel on the market. This sleek, compact Toro electric snow thrower has 7.5 amps of power, a durable plastic body and metal handle and it is ultralight at only 12.5 pounds. It throws snow up to 20 feet and has a 12-inch width clearance. It can handle up to 6 inches of snow in one pass. It has a snow throwing capacity of 300 pounds per minute. With a 2-year warranty, the Power Shovel is great for light snows. But how long will you be out there snowblowing? You should be able to clear 4 inches from a 50x20-foot driveway in about 20 minutes. Compared to shoveling? That's worth the $200 price tag right there. The Toro Power Shovel is easy to maneuver, ideal for tight spaces, including stairways, and energy efficient.

Heavier Snows, Bigger Spaces? The Toro 1800 Snow Thrower is for You - If you have heavier snowfalls but still want the convenience and ease of an electric snow blower, the Toro Power Shovel snow thrower is ideal. It was rated as the best snowblower by Snow-Blower-Guide.com and ConsumersUnlimited.com. It has a simple start, 12-amp motor, 180-degree adjustable chute, plastic body, metal handle, safety key lock, and 2-year warranty. The 1800 is made for larger spaces with a clearance width of 18 inches and a 30-foot snow throwing range. You can move 700 pounds of snow per minute, so that 50x20-foot driveway can be clear in only 10 minutes. It can handle snowfalls of up to 10 inches in just one pass and, because of the compact body, it is easy to maneuver. This is a big consideration: some people don't have the strength to use bigger gas-powered snow blowers, so models like the electric 1800 are a good alternative and can handle a respectable amount of snow. The 1800 is available at Amazon for only less than $300.

Friends with the Abominable Snowman? You Need a Gas-Powered Toro Snow Thrower:

For those of us who live in areas where winter lasts a good 8 to 9 months of the year and for whom a foot of snow is a dusting, a serious gas-powered snow thrower is necessary. The best choice, according to consumers and Snow-Blower-Guide, is the Toro Power Max 828 LXE. This heavy duty machine has an 8HP Tecumseh Snow King 4-cycle engine, 28-inch clearing width, 45-foot throwing distance, 2000 pounds of snow per minute capacity, 6 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds, electric start, 1 gallon fuel tank, and a 2-year full coverage warranty. It weighs 245 pounds, making it tougher to maneuver than either of the electric models we talked about, but there are the 6 speeds and reverse so it will do a good job propelling itself and helping you turn. It will clear that 50x20-foot driveway and wonder what's next. The Toro Power Max snow thrower costs about $1800, but you can find it for about $1500 through Amazon. Snowblowers are a necessity if you don't have the time to shovel, or if your back won't let you. There are a wide variety of models so you can find one that fits both your snow and power needs, as well as your budget.