Updated: November 2017

Weber Genesis S330 Gas Grill Review:

Every 10 years or so I replace my barbeque with a new one. For the most part I have stuck with Weber as the top brand simply because their grills last and have minimal problems. My last model was the E series from Weber and it worked quite well for about a decade and then the starter switch was having issues and the grilling grates were getting a bit corroded. We live in the Portland, Oregon area so rain and winters can be hard on outdoor equipment like a barbeque. The Weber BBQ worked great, but it was time for a new one. I listed the old model on Craigslist and it was gone within an hour. Off to Lowe's I went to get the latest S330 from Weber. I am lucky to have a natural gas hook up in my backyard so that is the model I went with. They do offer the S330 in a propane gas model as well. The price on the new grill was $969. Of course, you need to buy things like a cover and accessories which pushed our total over $1000. You may say that is too much for a grill, but given that we use it at least twice a week to cook meats, fish, and veggies, it's well worth it.
weber s330

Choosing a Weber Grill - The Benefits of the Weber S330 - Stainless steel seems all the rage these days in kitchen appliances and for the most part BBQ grills are no different. I knew I wanted a stainless steel Weber in my backyard, I just wasn't sure of the model. Originally I had grand plans of having a built in BBQ with the S660 but at almost $2000 it was hard to justify - that is not even including the surround which would have cost a lot more. Weber offers the Spirit, Genesis, and Summit series with quite a bit of selection in each series. Do you need 3 burners or 4? LP or Natural Gas? How about a searing station? A 3 burner BBQ is usually enough to handle the occasional load of neighbors or family over for a weekend get together. Pricing varies from $500 up to $2000 or more, so I figured the $1000 was reasonable given the amount of use we get from ours. You can compare Weber grills online at http://www.weber.com/explore/compare/114/. I'm not one to just pick a product without doing some research. Websites like Consumer Reports and Amazon.com feature in depth reviews on grills like the Weber S330 that are both from an expert point of view and backed up with actual owners putting in their comments and opinions. Most say the grill is well constructed, cooks evenly, heats up fast, is easy to clean, and looks great. Perhaps the best part of using a natural gas grill is to have it hooked up to your gas line and never run out of gas in the middle of a backyard BBQ. We have cooked several neighborhood get togethers on the grill and the BBQ has done the job. I say check with Consumer Reports on their lastest findings - they rate the grills every year. Check out all Weber Grills here.

Weber Genesis S330 Natural Gas Grill:

RECOMMENDED - After a few weeks of looking into reviews and asking neighbors/friends I went with the Weber Genesis S-330 Natural Gas Grill which is a great BBQ. Price just under $1000 it is expensive, but well worth it. The capacity is 507 square inches of primary cooking space along with a 130 square inch warming rack. The cooking grates are stainless steel and the enclosed cart is great for storing supplies. The center mounted thermometer will never leave you guessing as to how hot the grill is. The output is 38,000 BTU per hour. The heavy duty locking casters on the front are what my last BBQ lacked. I can move it around the patio area and then lock it in place to cook. The 3 stainless steel burners have buttons mounted on the control panel and they are easy to use. There is an individual electronic ignition system - just turn the dial of the burner you want on and then push the ignition button. Our grilling needs have been met and so far the S330 has performed flawlessly. Other reviews online all point towards a quality grill from Weber and even Consumer Reports rated this model very high.

Weber S330 Assembly:

I am not the greatest DIY homeowner, but I took on the task of putting together this large BBQ and it was easier than I would have thought. The box is enormous and this BBQ weighs over 150 pounds. The pieces were all in place as I tore open the box so I layed them out on the ground and started into the assembly. I figured it would take 1 1/2 hours to do the entire thing and I was close. They give you a simple screw driver and wrench that is specific to many of the bolts. The instructions were fairly easy to follow, I think only once did I consult my wife to see how she interpreted one of the diagrams. I could tell while lifting the various parts that the Weber was built solidly and the stainless steel look was great. The only hiccup for us was that the old line to the gas hook-up was slightly smaller than the current S330 required leaving us wondering what to do. The natural gas company was nice enough to come out and get us the right piece so we could connect the new grill properly. Once the line was hooked up the grill started and we've been using it for about 2 months now. I will update this review periodically with notes on how the grill is performing. UPDATE FALL 2014 - The grill is holding strong and has performed nothing short of perfect for us. We periodically clean the grates and wipe down the outside surface, but otherwise the S330 is a solid purchase.