Updated: November 2017

Worx Cordless Lawn Mower Review:

I've been mowing my lawn for the last 10 years and have gone through 2 lawn mowers in that time. The first was a Yard Machine gas mower that did a great job but I hated having to maintain the darn thing with oil, gas, and periodic tune ups. About 5 years ago I moved on to a Homelite Electric lawn mower that was corded. I got pretty good at moving the cord around as I mowed my small lawn, but eventually that mower lost it's power and I was in the market for a new mower. I figured with all the money I've saved by doing my own lawn (versus hiring a lawn service) I could afford a decent cordless electric mower. I had seen commercials for the Worx products and they seemed user friendly and convenient. Why did I choose Worx over say Black & Decker, Earthwise, or Greenworks? I give you all the answers and full review below.
worx cordless mower

Choosing a Worx Cordless Mower My main reason for switching from corded to cordless was because mowing a lawn with an extension cord behind you is annoying and a bit dangerous at times. Also, the newer cordless models are much cheaper than they used to be and I figured for an extra $50 I could have all the convenience of a cordless electric lawn mower. Why Worx? Similar cordless models from Black & Decker get excellent reviews per owners reports on Amazon.com, but the cost seems prohibitive at close to $400. The Worx GW781 was only $250 at Home Depot. You get the same 36 volt battery and 19 inch deck size. The battery run time is about 1 hour and can cut up to 18,500 square feet of lawn per charge. I usually only run mine for about 15 minutes so it's quick and easy work. The rechargeable battery takes up to 16 hours for a complete charge and you can either leave the battery in the mower during the charging or take it out. Just plug the battery charger plugin into a wall socket and let it go overnight. With the simple pull of a level at the handle the motor starts and off you go. I would say the only drawback so far is that the WG781 is a bit heavy at over 75 pounds. It must be the battery that weighs much of that since the lawn mower itself was much easier to maneuver once the battery was out. I have 4 sections of lawn at my house so I have to lift the mower over some rocks and plants to get it to all areas of the grass. I will be sure to sharpen the blade once a year (as is recommended). I figure if I get 3 to 4 good seasons out of the mower I save myself $1000's compared to hiring a full service lawn crew. Going cordless is what I wanted and the Worx has not disappointed me at all. A few times I have let the grass grow for 2 weeks during the peak summer months and it takes out the taller grass with ease. If the grass is wet, my recommendation is to let it dry before mowing. All it does is clog up the mower with wet grass and make it more difficult for the mower to work properly. Check out the video on the mower below.

Worx Cordless WG788 Mower:

RECOMMENDED - The closest model we could find online at Amazon was for the WORX WG788 which is very similar to the WG781. Home Depot sells the 781 for cheaper so see if they have it in stock or check out Amazon online for other models that fit your needs. Worxtools.com lists all the various models offered by Worx and you can find which mower is best for your lawn. Features that I like on the WG781 is the easy to adjust mowing heights from 1.5 to 3.5 inches, the removable battery, the 2 year warranty, and the ability to mow my lawn without cords hanging behind me. The fold-able handle lets me store the mower in my garage in a compact area. The grass catcher bag is much simpler to use than on my previous Homelite mower and the capacity is 1.6 bushels (that equates to quite a bit). Noise levels - This is always a concern for homeowners but I have to say it's much quieter than a gas powered mower and it is only slightly louder than the smaller engine size Homelite I had. The performance is great and most of my neighbors have checked this mower out and think it's much better than owning a gas mower.