Updated: November 2017

Wusthof Knives Review:

If there is one thing chefs fear, it is being caught in the kitchen unprepared by Gordon Ramsay. The out-spoken, curse-using, and demanding Ramsay is many things, but above all, he is an award-winning top chef. He has 12 Michelin Stars to his name (an honor handed out very sparingly and only for superior culinary skills), three prestigious Catey awards, and his Restaurant Gordon Ramsey was an eight-time top restaurant choice of Harden's, a respected food guide. What makes Ramsay so good? Fresh ingredients, creativity, drive, and, of course, the best tools. Among his secret weapons are Wusthof knives, the clear choice for chefs - both those who cook for demanding customers and those who cook for demanding families and friends. The care you put into your dishes - the choice of ingredients, the spices, the preparation, the knives - is evident on the faces of those who are enjoying them. You can see the difference a good knife makes by viewing the great selection of Wusthof knives online here.
wusthof knives

The Wusthof Knife Difference - Wusthof has a distinguished history: almost two hundred years ago, this Solingen, Germany company began making fine, precision-forged knives. As decade after decade passed, their commitment to excellence has never diminished. Today, the world renowned knife maker is managed by Harold Wusthof, the seventh generation of Wusthofs to lead the company into the future. Gordon Ramsey is but one chef who depends on Wusthof knives; these kitchen knives are used by the German National Team of Chefs, as well as teams from other countries, and recommended by Le Cordon Bleu Institutes, the James Beard Foundation, and Culibooks. Why? What difference does a Wusthof knife make? The stainless steel knives, which are guaranteed against manufacturer defects, have an ergonomic handle, providing a natural, comfortable grip. Superior, easily-maintained sharp edges make Wusthof knives a pleasure to work with: even chopping the dreaded onions is a joy when you are working with tools as fine as these. Unlike lesser kitchen knives, Wusthof knives are precision forged and carefully manufactured. Each one is forged from a single piece of tempered high carbon steel, a strong, durable material to ensure long life. A special steel alloy (made of stainless steel, carbon, molybdenum for stain resistance, vanadium for hardness and edge, and chromium) is used. They maintain a great edge and are easily restored. Good enough is not good enough; it needs to be better. That is the Wusthof difference. What Type of Wusthof Knife is Right for You? Wusthof makes over 350 different types of knife - from paring knives to boning and steak knives to bread knives. The variety is dazzling, but that also leaves many wondering where to start. There are paring knives of different lengths, salmon knives, sandwich knives - what do you really need? You could take a whole class on this subject, but we'll condense it with a few great suggestions. Want to read a Wusthof knives review from the experts? We found excellent in depth reviews from Consumer Reports which rated knives on cutting performance, handle comfort, and handle balance. Wusthof had 2 of the top 4 sets as rated by CR. Good Housekeeping did a solid review on kitchen knives as well and of course Wusthof scored well with them too. Other feedback online was helping at sites such as Cookingforengineers.com and Cookingcache.com. You can browse the top selling Wusthof knives online here.

Wusthof Classic Knives:

*Cook's Knife. The line of Wusthof Classic knives includes several cook's knives. This knife has been called the "workhorse" of the kitchen. It can chop, dice, slice, and mince, making it an exceedingly versatile knife. It, too, is forged from a steel alloy to ensure durability but also that it takes a keen edge. The Cook's knife comes in a variety of sizes, though 8 inches is generally regarded as eminently manageable and ideal for home use. If you could only have one knife in your kitchen, it should most certainly be a Wusthof Cook's Knife. You can find the Wusthof Cook's Knife on Amazon for $150. While that is generally more than one would pay for a knife, it is more than worth it. The knife is practical, useful for a variety of purposes, and holds a lifetime guarantee. It really could be the only knife in your kitchen...and you can find it on Amazon for $99.95. See the entire inventory of Wusthof Classic knives here.

*Santoku. Wusthof Classic Ikon Santoku knives are modeled after Japanese knives that prepare delicate Asian cuisines. They can also be used for Western dishes, of course. Santoku knives are characterized by the indentations on the edge. Those who have ever cut vegetables very thin know that they tend to stick to the knife. Santoku knives are designed to make paper thin cuts without this problem slowing you down. You can slice, dice, and mince like a pro with double bolsters for control and balance, a triple-riveted handle with an ergonomic grip, and a full tang which extends through the handle. Its innovative curves make it comfortable and fast. This, too, is a versatile knife, though it is especially well-suited for vegetables. The Santoku knife by Wusthof is routinely praised for its precision and razor sharp edge. Its retail price is also a sharp $165, though you can pick it up for a mere $65 online (See top rated Wusthof Santoku knives here).

*Wusthof Gourmet Utility Knife. Made with all the painstaking care of all Wusthof knives, their Utility Knives offer great versatility. They can cut vegetables, fruit, sandwiches, and pretty much anything else you put in its path. This is a good all-around knife to have in your kitchen, and the price is extremely reasonable. You can find the 4045DT 4.5 inch Utility Knife for under $20. RECOMMENDED - Check out the best selling utility knives from Wusthof here.

Wusthof Knife Set:

*Can't Decide? Get a Wusthof Knife Set. There are a wide variety of sets available, so looking around and seeing what fits your budget is a good idea. If price is no object and you like to pretend you're on "Hell's Kitchen," then a knife set like the Classic 12-Piece will be ideal. This gorgeous set includes kitchen shears, a 2.75-inch trimming knife, 3-inch serrated parer, 3.5-inch parer, 4.5-inch multi-prep knife, 4.5-inch utility knife, 5-inch Santoku, 6-inch utility knife, 8-inch bread knife, 8-inch cook's knife, a 9-inch sharpening steel, and a beautiful 17 slot block. This comprehensive collection can cost as much as $1000, though you can find it for as little as $470. If you want Wusthof quality at a lower price, there are knife sets that cost under $150, as well as the Gourmet Essential Knife Set for $100. This set has a 3-inch parer, 4.5-inch utility blade, 6-inch cook's knife, two-stage sharpener, and pull-apart kitchen shears. A tremendous value, and a great way to upgrade your kitchen. Wusthof cutlery is award-winning, but more importantly, they will perform time after time, helping you create delicious dishes and creative cuisine. They do cost more than other kitchen knives, but the outstanding quality more than makes up for it - and you will not have to replace them. Browse through Wusthof's incredible selection of top quality knives here. BEST - We suggest going with the Wüsthof Gourmet 14-Piece Deluxe Knife Block Set - it includes everything you need - parer, utility, shears, 6 steak knives, bread knife, cooks knife, and a steel one.