Updated: November 2017

Pot Rack Reviews:

Do you find your pots not fitting properly in your cabinets? Are you slowly running out of space in your kitchen due to oversized pots and pans? Installing a new pot rack is the ultimate solution in terms of organization and space saving. You can organize your pots/pans right in front of your eyes where they are always visible and you will eliminate the clutter that existed in your once crowded cabinets. The 2 most common types of pot racks are ceiling mount and wall mount (standing pot racks also exist). Many homes have limited wall space in the kitchen, so the ideal pot rack is a ceiling mounted one. Although a little more difficult to install, a hanging pot rack in your kitchen looks great and shows off your collection of fine cookware. Wall mounted pot racks work well too, are easier to install, but as we mentioned above many homeowners find it difficult to secure an area on their kitchen walls with enough space for pots and pans. Typical shapes to pot racks include round, oval, straight bar, rectangular/square, half round and corner.
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Buying Guide - Pot racks can be made of wrought iron, stainless steel, copper, wood, brass, steel, or metal. Try to pick something that will either match your cookware or your kitchen decor. The styles include modern, traditional, ornate, novelty and contemporary. Some design features are lighted, bookshelf, low ceiling racks, and chandelier design. The top brand names in pot racks are Bago Luma, Rogar, Enclume, Calphalon, and Old Dutch International. Most pot racks will cost you between $70 and $150 with some of the more professional looking ones priced above $600. It all depends on how much space you will need for your pots/pans. Go through your cookware so see which pots or pans are hangable and how many you will want to hang. Then find an appropriate pot rack that will accommodate all your pieces. The majority of pot racks have hooks in which the pot or pan can hang from and many can handle a variety of shapes and size to pots or pans with no problem. We visited several online pot rack retailers like Allpotracks.com, Cooking.com, and Amazon.com to see which models were the most popular and best selling and we also read customer comments on websites such as Epinions.com, Cooking.com, and in cookware forums to determine just which pot racks deserved the best ratings. You can browse the best selling pot racks online here.

Best Ceiling Mount Pot Rack:

Ceiling mounts look great and definitely add a touch of class to any kitchen. The most popular ceiling mount pot rack is the Rogar - Hammered Copper Oval Pot Rack w/ Grid ($100). The Rogar ceiling pot rack also comes available in hammered steel or stainless steel as well. It includes 4 pieces of 24" hanging chain, 8 regular hooks, and 4 grid hooks. The oval shape is great for placing lids or other items. Rogar makes very reasonably priced hanging pot racks that fit well in any kitchen with their variety of materials and finishes to choose from. If you are looking for a high end piece, then consider the Enclume - 3' Grid Lighted Hanging Pot Rack ($568 Hammered steel or $854 Stainless Steel). Enclume is synonymous with quality in the pot rack industry and this ceiling pot rack with lights will show off any modern kitchen. It features 12 straight pot hooks, 6 angled pot hooks, 20 Watt Halogens, and it mounts on 12" centers. BEST - We suggest going with the Innova Classicor Wrought-Iron Oval Pot Rack which sells for less than $50 and gets excellent reviews from owners. The ceiling mount pot rack is made with wrought iron construction and comes with 12 hooks and hanging hardware. Most consumers say the unit is easy to install (get a stud finder and a power drill).

Top Wall Mount Pot Rack:

In this category, we went back to the Rogar brand to find the best buy. The Rogar Chrome Bookshelf Pot Rack (35-inch) for $100 - this wall-mount/bookshelf pot rack is for kitchens where there is no space for an overhead hanging pot rack. You can hang pans or pots from the rack and put cookbooks on the shelf. Wall-mount racks are gaining popularity due to their versatility to store multiple items. This chrome plated model comes with 6 eye and 2 grid hooks. Reviewers say the Rogar wall mount pot racks are very sturdy for the money considering some of their competitors offer similar racks for almost twice the price. The Old Dutch - Decor Copper Bookshelf Pot Rack w/ Grid & Hooks ($154) is another top seller. Old Dutch International has been making housewares since 1950 and this wall-mount pot rack is the same top quality piece that consumers expect from them. You get 12 hooks, it's lacquered to resist tarnishing, and it is available in chrome or graphite too.

Ceiling Mounted vs Wall Mounted Pot Racks:

We often get asked which type of pot rack is better or worse - ceiling mounted or wall-mount? There is no clear winner, but there are pluses and minuses to each. The ceiling rack can be tougher to install, but the look of a hanging pot rack in the kitchen adds style and ambience to an otherwise bland room. On the other hand, a wall-mount pot rack can be easier to install, still looks nice in any kitchen that has significant wall space, and can double as a bookshelf for cookbooks. In terms of sheer style, go with the ceiling mount pot rack. With added features like lights and chandelier designs, the ceiling pot racks are beautiful and serve their function well.

Standing Pot Racks:

Although not seen often in modern kitchens, the standing pot rack can be a decorative piece to add to any kitchen. The Enclume Pot Rack Stand, 8-Tier ($330) is stylish and fits well in corners or small spaces. They are more than just a storage shelf, pot rack stands do well at displaying a collection of pieces - pots, pans, mixing bowls, etc. The important thing with any standing rack that will fit in a corner is to measure properly so the rack fits ok. View all the top rated pot racks here.