Updated: November 2017

Music Stand Reviews:

I've got 2 kids that are taking instruments through school and outside music programs so we need supplies at home for their practices. Besides buying sheet music, practice CD's, and the violins, we had to get music stands. We have all seen the orchestra stands that hold sheet music or notes. Musicians, especially those just learning the music, use them to hold up the music so they can read it as they play. Our school has dozens of these for band practice so I asked the instructor where she recommended buying one. There are music stores all over most metro areas and I didn't have to travel far to get one - they are available online as well if that is more convenient. Sheet music stands are priced between $10 and $40.
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Choosing a Music Stand - They are all made mostly out of metal - some feature solid metal tops while others are more open in design. Adjustability - Every one of the stands I looked at was adjustable. Adjust the tripod bottom, the height, or the top tray. Whether your musician is 5 years old or 15, the stand should adjust to reach their height and allow them to see the sheet music while playing. Folding music stands are quite popular and some even have their own carrying case. The Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand is the most heavy duty orchestra stand we found while the On-Stage SM7211 Professional Folding Orchestral Music Stand was a best seller on several websites. In terms of best quality for the price - we say go with the Musician's Gear Folding Music Stand for $20. If your child has to carry the stand very far, consider the ones that are lightweight and foldable. It will make it much easier on your kid. We lug ours up and down a flight of stairs. The tray tops that are open (not solid) feature wire music clips and an adjustable angle desk so the music stays in place while your little musician plays away. My son has had some difficulty in adjusting the stand on his own (he is just 6), but my 10 year old daughter has no problems with it. Top brands include Musicians Gear, On Stage Stands, Manhasset, and Hamilton. Music Stand Reviews - There is no better place than Amazon.com with hundreds of owner comments and opinions posted online. You can find all the major brand names, great prices, see photos, and more. Browse the best selling music stands here.

Best Music Stand:

RECOMMENDED - I personally like the old school stands you used to find in band rooms at junior high and high schools. The Manhasset Model #48 Sheet Music Stand has all the characteristics we would want in a music stand. These are durable, long lasting stands. The all-steel welded base provides the stability any musician wants. Owners like the easy to use no-knob friction-tilt neck because it allows you to get constant tension no matter the tilt position. Width of the desk is 20" and the height is 12.5", with the ledge being 2 1/2 inches deep. With the height adjustable feature, you can raise or lower the desk anywhere from 26 to 48 inches (that's the lip of the desk to the floor). Maximum overall height is a bit over 60 inches. There is some assembly required, but it's simple to do. Owner reviews online note how 'simple' assembly was and that they really 'like the sturdiness'. Manhasset stands are top rated amongst music teachers, band instructors, and individual musicians.

Orchestra Sheet Music Stand:

RECOMMENDED - At a slightly cheaper price than the Manhasset (above), you will find the On-Stage SM7211 Professional Folding Orchestral Music Stand which still rates quite high and is very popular amongst the buyers on Amazon.com. The bookplate measures 13 1/2 inches by 18 3/4 inches. Features include angle adjustment tension knobs and the desk removes easily from the upper shaft. Consumers also like the friction locking knobs so you can quickly adjust the stand from 24 to 45 inches. The variable spreading legs with non-slip rubber feet provide the ultimate in stability and sturdiness. We found solid evidence that this is the perfect stand for those that either stand up to play music or sit down. The new tripod folding base is considered a 'desired' feature for those on the go.