Updated: October 2017

Anti Bark Dog Collar Reviews:

We all know how annoying a barking dog can be late at night and as dog owners we need to take care of the problem. Bark collars have been around for some time now and reviews are still very mixed on their effectiveness. Most dog owners want their dogs to be able to bark at an intruder or a thief, but no one needs the dog to bark uncontrollaby at a squirrel or your Aunt Betty. As a canine owner myself, I understand that a barking dog can be threatening to someone that doesn't know the dog, but if the barking goes undeterred then everyone suffers. Now bark dog collars, the static correction ones, are humane and work on some dogs. I talked with several dog owners in our neighborhood and asked them if they had ever used an anti-bark dog collar and several said they had tried. One guy, who received countless threats from the HOA eventually had to get rid of his dog because it wouldn't stop barking when he was at work all day and none of the bark collars seemed to work.
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Why Bark Collars?

Bark collars are designed to eliminate the excessive barking either through electric shock, spray, or ultrasonic noises. The static correction collars deliver a mild shock that the owner can adjust accordlingly whenever the collar senses a barking noise. The one complaint on these bark collars is that they are not that accurate and some owners say their dog was shocked a few times even without barking. The spray, or citronella, dog collars are supposedly twice as effective as the shock collars and how they work is that when the dog barks, a small spray of citronella is released near the dogs snout. Through conditioning, the dog will refrain from barking not wanting the spray of citronella. Reviews on products like the Mutlivet Spray Bark Collar Citronella are very favorable and owners say within a day or two their dogs had stopped barking - Beagles, Schnauzers, Dachshund, and Labradors to name a few. Owners say they bought spray bark collars like the Premier Spray Sense Anti-Bark Dog Collar because they feel they are more humane than the ones that give an electronic shock.

The ultrasonic bark control devices are recommended for smaller dogs that may not fit into the average dog bark collar. A popular product is the Petsafe Ultra Sonic Bark Control which has no receiver collar but instead senses barking through ultrasound and has a 25 foot range. A bark will activate the unit and it sends out an ultrasonic noise that only the dog will be able to hear. The problem with these units are that they don't work very well outdoors since their range is limited. If you have a smaller dog, consider the Petsafe Little Dog Bark Collar which is a newer product designed just for little dogs and uses nano technology. PetSafe also offers a collar just for big dogs called the Petsafe PBC00-11047 Dog Bark Collar (see the whole family of Petsafe products here). Many of the static correction collars (shock collars) have a warning beep that comes on before the shock is delivered so your dog can avoid the shock if they are able to understand what comes after the beeping noise. Although controversial in some countries, the electronic dog collars are used quite often in the United States. Hunters find dog training collars very useful out in the field where barking dogs would scare off ducks, quail, deer, and other animals. Pet owners need to find something that works so their dog gets positive reinforcement when they are not barking and negative reinforcement when the dog barks.

Top Selling Bark Collars

The top selling dog bark collar brands are PetSafe, Innotek, Premier, Multivet, Sport Dog, Canicom, and Tri Tronics. Pricing varies by collar type, but the basic bark collars go for about $45 to $60, and the spray bark collars start closer to $65, and the sonic bark collars go from $29.99 to $99.99. For bark collar reviews, we found the best ones listed at Amazon.com but be sure to check out Petco.com for their review section as well. It appears from the reviews that the Sonic bark collars are the least effective and the spray and static correction collars do the best in terms of stopping the barking.

You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling bark deterrents here.

Best Bark Collar:

We found a few bark collars that stood out in reviews and passed the test. No collar had perfect results, but some were more effective than others in getting a dog to stop incessant barking. The Tri Tronics Sport Basic G3 Electronic Dog Collar gets praise from owners for its comfortable fit, durability (waterproof), and features the bark odometer so you can see how often your dog is barking when you are not home. The biggest surprise most dog owners get is that their pet is barking while they are gone at work or the store. There are 5 levels of static correction and you can easily change the level by pressing a button. Another top ranked no bark collar is the Innotek Free Spirit ($60) which gets good reviews from pet owners as it too is water resistant, operates on a 6-volt alkaline battery, and is safe to use. Innotek bark collars have been improving over the years and the Free Spirit BC 50B appears to have hit a high point for them. Lastly, the PetSafe PBC-102 No-Bark Collar ($49.95) is a top pick amongst dog owners in helping them train their pooch to stop barking. The Petsafe dog collar will send a static shock to the dog when it is barking and owners say the nylon collar is adjustable to fit smaller or larger dogs. You can read up on the all the details online HERE.

Spray Bark Collar:

Some dog owners think that the electric shock collars are not humane so they go with the spray collars that have proven to be very effective. The Premier Spray Sense Anti-Bark Dog Collar gets mixed reviews on Amazon, but most owners agree that the product is effective when it's working. Some say it's cheaply made and is prone to breaking if you have a dog that likes to rough house around your yard. More reviews were positive for dogs that tend to spend more time indoors than out. Other owners were hoping to eliminate the collar altogether once the dog stopped barking, but once they remove the collar the dog goes back to barking. So, the collar works when it's on, but many dogs were unable to get the hint that barking is no good once the collar was off. For $30 the Premier spray collar is a good value but keep in mind that you might have to get refills for the citronella spray. The Multivet Gentle Spray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar gets reviews that are extremely positive. You can get odor or odorless spray and experts agree that these units are successful because they give your dog lots of negative feedback for barking - they see the spray, smell it, hear it, and even feel it on their snout.

Sonic Bark Collar:

There are lots of products in this category and most get fairly bad reviews like the Petsafe Ultra Sonic Bark Control which is considered "ineffective" by most dog owners. They report that their dogs to seem to notice the ultrasonic noise that is supposed to deter them from barking. Even the Canicom Sonic Bark Collar which sells for $60 is not proven to be effective. These collars are to inconsistent to be recommended by us and so we suggest trying one of the other varities before thinking about one of these.

Small Dog Bark Collar:

One thing that often comes up in online forums for dog owners is which bark collar is best for "small dogs". Perhaps it's all the dog owners now that get little dogs, but the bark collars don't often fit the little necks on these dogs. A new product is available from PetSafe called PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Collar for $120. The price is a bit steep, but owners say this bark control device will fit small dogs much better than the other products. Results are still mixed on this unit, but enough people had positive results that we are willing to include it in our article. The Innotek BC-200 which is much cheaper at $70 can fit dogs that are 5 lbs or bigger, so give it a try first. It's amazing to use that the smaller the collar the more the price. I guess it pays to have a larger dog when it comes to no bark dog collars.