Updated: October 2017

Cat Flea Control Reviews:

Owning a pet is a never ending chore. Cats, although indpendent in nature, need plenty of care. One of the biggest areas of concern for any pet owner is fleas and ticks. Treatments have become much easier over the years, but still, you could be looking at $100's a year to keep up with your cats flea issues. The climate you live in will dictate quite a bit as to how you can handle the flea and tick problems that exist. You can be proactive during the spring and summer when warmer weather sets in. Fleas thrive in these conditions and protecting your cat with advanced care is critical. In talking with our veterinarian, she recommended a topical flea treatment during the worst months of the year - we live in Oregon. Those that live in warm weather climates year round often require permanent flea control with oral meds. No matter your situation, if you are going to be a pet owner, be responsible and help keep fleas to a minimum.

Choosing a Cat Flea and Tick Control Treatment - With so many brands out there, which one is the best? How long do they last? Should you go with topical or oral flea treatments? I am no expert in this field, but having owned several cats over the years, I received plenty of feedback while asking our vet how to proceed. Much like medication you would give to yourself or your child, you need to consider things like weight, age, and other things like is the female cat pregnant or nursing. Also, some of the flea and tick treatments are not appropriate for younger kittens. Talk with your veterinarian about the best options for your cat. Our vet is recommended Merial Frontline for years and just recently gave us the go ahead to try Bayer Advantage. The basic instructions for any type of flea or tick care is - follow all directions for the application of the medication. Don't reapply before the 30 days are up - even if you do see fleas. Always wear gloves when you apply the treatment. Cat Flea Control Reviews - When we searched online we found websites from Petco, Petsmart, and Amazon list dozens of owner reviews pointing out the pros and cons to each flea treatment. Obviously the best source is your local vet, but hearing what other pet owners have to say is also worth consideration. Like doctors, some vets may be paid to promote certain products so listening to an unbiased pet owner may help in your decision making. You can browse the best selling cat flea control treatments here.

Best Cat Flea Control:

RECOMMENDED - Although Frontline has a huge name in the industry, cat owner reviews and recommendations from actual veterinarians leads us to list Bayer Advantage II Purple 6-Month Flea Control for Cats 9+ lbs. as the best option. Advantage II kills adult fleas, eggs and larvae. Even after your cat has been shampooed or in the water, it will still be effective. This month long flea control treatment is perfect for cats that are 8 weeks or older and you get a 6 month supply. There are some holdouts that believe the original Advantage Topical Solution Flea Treatment for Cats Over 9 Pounds, 6 Applications provides better results. Both options are available on Amazon if you have a preference, although we think that eventually only Advantage II will be available.

Oral Flea Medication for Cats:

RECOMMENDED - Some pet owners like the idea of not having to get in contact with the chemicals found in these treatments. Unlike topical meds that require you to apply them to your cat, an oral treatment is ingested and therefore not an issue to owners and their families. Oral flea treatments are given daily - they work within hours and kill fleas - they DO NOT kill eggs and larvae. So for immediate relief the oral cat flea medications are good and work just fine. The problem arises if you have flea eggs and larvae just waiting to hatch around your house. You can do things like steam cleaning of carpets and floors to help the scenario. Reviews for Novartis Capstar Flea Treatment Blue Tabs for Dogs and Cats are quite positive. A few cat owners say their felines got a bit itchy and irritated after the initial does. The chemical comes out through the pores in the skin of your cat and upon contact with the fleas, the fleas may bite hard as a last ditch effort before death. The good news is that the process is quick and the majority of fleas are gone within hours. Only give 1 pill a day. View all the top rated cat flea control products here.