Updated: October 2017

Best Deshedding Tools - What is a dog de-shedding tool?

I own three cats, and my favorite has fur so thick I can't even find her skin to properly apply her flea medicine! You can imagine what my couches and bedspreads look like, let alone the vacuum cleaner bag after a good house cleaning. Now I've found the answer to my problem: not just a brush, but a de-shedding tool. What's the difference between a brush and a deshedding tool? What is a de-shedding tool? A brush just removes the hair that is already loose, the hair your dog or cat would remove themselves with basic self-maintenance. A de-shedding tool removes all of that, and the loose undercoat too, the fur that was going to show up on your couch in a week, all without damaging the top coat. When you look at before and after photos of dogs and cats who have experienced a deshedding treatment, you won't believe your eyes! The best deshedding tools on the market are the FURminator and the Furbuster. This guide will review both of these deshedding tools and refer you to the best prices on-line (best-selling pet products here).
dog deshedding tools

The FURminator Deshedding Tool

A husband-and-wife team, former dog groomers, developed this awesome deshedding tool over more than a decade. They've also developed a complete line of deShedding products (like shampoos and solutions) to complement the FURminator deShedding Tool ($25-$50 depending on size). It kind of looks like an ice scraper you'd use on your frozen windshield, except it has a metal comb along the edge. You simply drag the FURminator down through your pets coat, and watch the loose fur pile up. They make small (1.75" blade), medium (2.65" blade), and large (4" blade) de-shedding tools, as well as a deshedding tool for cats (the only difference between this tool and the small deshedder is that it comes in purple instead of blue) and a deshedding tool for horses (5" blade). FURminator claims to reduce shedding by up to 90% in cats and dogs.

I want to note that the "blade" is not actually a sharp edge- this won't cut you, your pet, or the pet's fur. The FURminator "blade" is more like a comb, and it only removes already loose fur. Cats and dogs actually enjoyed being brushed by it! Be sure to be gentle, though- no need to brush hard for great results. Reviewers also note that the coat looks great, like your pet has been to professional groomer, and that the results last for much longer than the typical, multi-tool regimens for dealing with furry pets.

You can also try the FURminator deShedding Tool with FURejector. This tool has a button you can press with your thumb to release the collected fur more easily and efficiently -- reviewers testify that it will cut down on your brushing time.

The Bamboo Furbuster Cat Deshedding Tool

Bamboo is a division of Munchkin, Inc. dedicated to pets and pet care. Their slogan is, "Pets are kids too!" and since 2004 they've been re-examining all kinds of pet toys and care accessories and re-releasing them in new Bamboo versions that are "safer, smarter, and just plain better". The Furbuster de-shedding tool is one of their best products. What's cool about this particular de-shedding tool is that the handle is standard and the blades are interchangeable. That means that if you own a cat and a medium-sized dog, you don't need to buy two different de-shedding tools- you can buy the FurBuster Cat De-Shedding Tool and simply buy a bigger blade to switch out for use with your dog. It's that easy (and cost-effective!). Furbuster de-shedding tools generally cost less than $20, and their replacement blades run between $11 and $18. If you don't care about flashy colors, you won't be paying the higher end of that spectrum. The Furbuster deshedding tool comes in red, purple, green, blue, or pink, but if you buy through their website you're only going to find the green, blue, or pink versions.

I want to make the same note I made for the FURminator: the "blade" is not actually a sharp edge- this won't cut you, your pet, or the pet's fur. The Furbuster "blade" is more like a comb, and it only removes already loose fur.