Updated: October 14, 2016

Dog Hair Clipper Reviews:

Growing up we always had dogs in our family and I remember taking our Springer Spaniel and Golden Retriever to the groomers quite often. Their long hair was always getting matted and clumped together after they ran through the 10 acre orchard behind our house. We did our best to groom them at home on a regular basis, but they needed to see a professional pet groomer at least twice a year to get a hair cut and makeover. A dog clipper is an essential part of any dog grooming kit you may purchase and will help to keep their fur in good shape. We usually prefer to use a nice grooming comb first to get out what we can before going in with the clippers. Pet clippers are mostly sold for dogs, but you'd be surprised at how many owners use them on cats as well. Dog hair clippers feature a detachable cutting blade that is powered by a motor and they are offered in single and two-speed models, many of which are cordless. Grooming tools are not cheap, as the most popular dog clippers on Amazon, the Oster 078005-010 Golden A5 Single Speed Clipper sells for about $125.
dog hair clippers

Which dog clipper is right for you? When you are considering a pet grooming tool like dog clippers, go with a product that features a powerful motor. There are many breeds of dogs that have thick, matted fur to begin with and trying to shave off the hair with a weakly powered clipper will only frustrate you. The Oster and Andis dog clippers are the best on the market and really the only 2 brands to consider. Wahl offers a few mid-range dog clippers, but none compare to the power and performance of Andis and Oster. The single-speed dog clippers can produce up to 3000 cutting strokes per minute and they run fairly quiet. The two-speed variety give you 3500 cutting strokes per minute and many are produced to keep cool and not heat up. The worst thing is trying to clip your dogs hair with a clipper that is very hot in your hands. Maintenance free clippers are the best since you don't have to oil them up. Some of the professional dog clippers stay oiled for up to 100 hours of use (that's years worth). Cordless dog clippers are available and run off of batteries giving you about 30 minutes of trimming time. The portability is convenient but some of these models lack power which we feel is even more important. An ergonomic fit is appreciated say most owners as some clippers are heavy and if not held properly can cause wrist or hand fatigue. When it comes to blades, remember that the closer cut you want, the higher the blade #. For tips on grooming your dog with electric clippers at home, we suggest viewing the video posted on Ehow Here or see what DogChannel.com offers. If you want reviews for the most popular dog hair clippers, we suggest sites like Epinions, Groomers.com, and Amazon.com. You can browse the top selling dog clippers and grooming tools here.

Best Dog Clippers:

RECOMMENDED - The most popular dog hair clippers on Amazon.com are the Oster 078005-010 Golden A5 Single Speed Clipper. These pet hair clippers are top rated and certainly hold up to their reputation on all breeds of dogs. The Oster dog clippers offer cool running and the rotary motor produces 2000 strokes per minute. You get the new CryogenX blade with AgION antimicrobial coating as part of the kit and the blade is detachable making changes quick and easy. The versatility on this unit make it stand out from the rest and owner comments include things like "great for really thick fur" and "better than my Andis". The Oster Golden A5 Two Speed Clipper 078005-140 is the step up in terms of power, the 2 speed motor creates over 3000 strokes per minute. Some owners complain the 2 speed motor gets hotter to hold in your hand versus the single speed version. Perhaps sacrificing the extra power for a cooler clipper is the smarter decision. See all the top rated Oster pet clippers here.

Andis Dog Clipper:

It's not easy getting a perfect rating on Amazon considering dozens of ACTUAL owners leave reviews and comments online. The Super 2 Speed Model AGC 2 has a pretty solid 5 out 5 stars from every person who has reviewed it so far. The 2 speed settings allow for 4400 strokes per minute on high versus the lower speed with 3400 strokes. The good news is that his dog clipper will run cool leaving your hand feeling the benefits. We read lots of reviews from dog owners that do their own grooming at home and many said they prefer the Andis dog clippers but often put in an Oster blade for better performance. The blades are easy to change in and out on this model. The housing around the main components is shatterproof and you get a long 16 foot cord. The Andis requires no oil or grease to be put on any of the internal parts making this dog clipper about as easy to maintain as possible. See the most popular Andis pet clippers online here.

Getting Rid of Excess Fur - Deshedding Tool:

RECOMMENDED - Even if you do take your dog to the groomers and choose not to use a hair clipper on them at home, you still need to keep up with excess fur throughout the year. The best grooming tool we could find anywhere (pet stores and online) is the FURminator deShedding Tool - and at less than $25 this sturdy device will give you years of service. Works great on long or short haired dogs and some owners choose it for their cats as well. The 4 inch stainless steel edge will remove all that loose fur, especially on breeds with longer hair. Owner say that shedding can be cut down dramatically if you keep up with this tool. Pet hair can become a nuisance around the house or in cars so staying on top of a dog that sheds alot is important. The FURminator is perhaps the "best grooming tool" on the market say many owners and the results speak for themselves. See a complete list of all the pet grooming supplies online here.