Updated: October 2017

Pet Barrier Reviews:

Taking old "fido" for a ride in the car can be a troublesome experience. Some dogs don't like motion and get sick while others are constantly getting up and down while the vehicle is in motion. As a pet owner, you want your dog to be safe while accompanying you in the car, but what is the best solution? There are pet barriers, pet seat covers, even safety harnesses that you put on your dog. I know our dogs enjoy sticking their head out the window and getting that fresh air. Some dogs jump from back seat to front seat - this is not good. Really, the best thing is to get a pet barrier between the cargo area (if you have an SUV or station wagon). If you are driving a 4 door sedan your options are limited, although there are net pet barriers that go between the front seats and the rear. Many of the pet blankets for cars and barriers cost between $30 to $70. Your needs depend on your car type and how mobile your dog likes to be once in the car.

Which Pet Barrier/Seat Cover is best for you? The simplest thing to do is buy a pet seat cover or basic blanket to put on your car seats to protect them. Many dogs shed fur and no one likes dog hair all over their car. The dog seat covers are easy to wash and clean. Those are ideal for dogs/pets that can sit down in one spot and relax while in the car. If you have a dog that likes to walk around and just can't sit still, then getting a pet barrier is probably a good idea. That way they will be confined to one area of the car. Amazingly enough, dogs prefer being kept in fairly tight confines. Think about a dog crate at night, many dogs prefer this smaller space versus larger resting areas. Pet owners can also go with a vehicle safety harness for dogs. The harness fits around our dog and then attaches to the regular seat belt area. This will keep your dog in one spot. Like anything else, once your dog gets used to it, they will do just fine. The reviews for the pet vehicle safety harnesses are mostly positive. The one complaint we found was that dog owners claim it's hard to get the exact fit for your dog (they are offered in small, medium, and large). Some were too lose and allowed the dog to jump of the seat and then get suspended in mid air. That is not good. Pet Barrier Reviews - You will find these products in Petco, in magazines like Frontgate and online at Amazon.com or Walmart.com. Reviews are rampart and most products get quality feedback from consumers. The pet barriers are not always that easy to adjust into your specific space and that is one reason they get a few negative reviews. Same goes for the harnesses (as mentioned above). The pet seat covers are the easiest thing to implement and owner reviews for those are the most positive. That being said, you need a pet that will remain on the blanket for it to be effective. You can browse the best selling pet barriers and seat covers here.

Best Pet Barrier:

RECOMMENDED - Do you have a dog that likes to jump from seat to seat in your car while it's moving? If you answered yes, then you'll need to consider a pet barrier to keep your dog in one spot. Those with traditional 2 or 4 door sedans will need to go with a product like the Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier which does work well. At just $25 it will keep your dog from the front seat. The Midwest Wire Mesh Car Barrier is another option and at $50 it's a little more heavy duty and will fit most SUV (small or big). We found several owners of Honda Pilots, Ford Excursions, and Jeep Cherokees that claimed the barrier "works great". The fit may not be exactly perfect, but the product does a good job of keeping dogs in one spot. Pet barriers should be made of durable materials - as some dogs may chew or bite on them. It needs to be adjustable so that it can fit into all makes and models of vehicles. For those that own SUV's with a cargo area in the back, this is the best solution possible. It keeps the dog separated from kids, passengers, etc. and it will keep your seats in good condition since no pets will roaming around on them. I've seen many situations where the pet barrier allows for 2 dogs to be kept in the rear cargo space of SUV's without an issue.

Pet Seat Covers for Cars:

The Solvit 62283 Deluxe Bench Seat Cover for Pets at $40 gets the best ratings we could find. Car owners almost all agree that the Solvit will protect your backseat from dander, hair, dirt, and spills. It's made with heavy-duty gauge twill that features a waterproof backing. The fact that it is totally machine washable make it easy to care for. The seat cover will fit in nearly every car - just attach it using the adjustable straps and Sta-Put devices. The one knock against it was that on some leather seats it does have a tendency to slide out a bit. Otherwise consumers call it "high quality seat protector" and "keeps dogs filth off our seats". Solvit also makes a hammock design that is similar but provides for slightly more coverage area. Check out all the top selling pet seat covers on the market.

Pet Harnesses or Booster Seats:

I for one am not a fan of small dogs, but as a pet owner I realize that the littlest of dogs often need custom products compared to average size dogs. For example, say you own a chihuahua or similar dog. Owners of these often let them sit up front on their laps and look out the window. If you could get them a booster seat or something that raised them up a bit so they could look out the window, it might be a good solution. We found pet booster seats, baskets, and other products that cater to the smaller dogs out there. Even the pet harnesses can work out. For safety purposes, a pet harness for the car might be the best bet, but certain a little basket or raised seat would make things more comfortable for the tiny dogs. View pet vehicle safety harnesses and booster seats here.