Updated: October 2017

Pet Carrier Reviews:

For those of us with pets we know that taking them everywhere can be a hassle if you don't have the right equipment. Pet carriers have become all the rage and celebrities like Paris Hilton have made the smaller, dog totes or purses incredibly popular. Most pet carriers are designed for dogs - both large and small. Smaller dogs can fit in backpack carriers, slings, rolling wheeled pet carriers, and dog totes. Some pet owners travel with their dogs or cats, so having an airline approved pet carrier is crucial. I see lots of dogs going to the park with their owners in bicycle pet carriers which are expensive but very convenient. Which pet carrier is right for you? What are the top brands? How much do they cost? We answer all those questions down below.

First, you need to consider your pets size. Is your dog small or large? How heavy are they? If you have a smaller dog breed like a Chihuahua then the dog totes or small dog slings may work just fine. With larger dogs, you may need to go with the bigger bicycle carriers for pets. For the most part, the everyday pet carriers are meant for small to medium sized dogs (sometimes cats) that can fit in the dog stollers or soft sided pet carriers that you carry almost like a duffle bag. Traveling with pets through airports and on airlines you need an airline approved pet carrier - either the carry on or check through variety. The carry on pet carriers are designed to be durable enough but lightweight at the same time so you can transport your pet through the airport. PetMate makes the harder, dog carrier kennels which get checked in at airports and travel in a special cargo area for pets. The Sherpa Pet carrier is one of the most popular soft sided airline approved products on the market. Do you really the same designer pet carrier that Paris Hilton owns? Probably not since they can get pricey for the luxury dog carriers which are more fashionable than practical. The basic backpacks, slings, and duffels are convenient and not too expensive. The bike carriers for pets are great and Solvit makes the Track'r models which sell extremely well in pet stores and online at Amazon.com. Just attach it to your bike with the universal hitch and off you go with the dog in tow. Whether you are going for a casual bike ride or want to go to the dog park, these bicycle dog carriers make it easy. Most are made to fit medium to small sized dogs, but you will find the larger models if you look. Want to read some pet carrier reviews - then go to Petco.com, Epinions, Petcarriers.com, or Amazon. Most of the dog carriers get excellent feedback from owners although a few like the Designer Front Carrier didn't do so well when it came to pet owner comments. The smaller the dog the easier all these pet carriers are to handle and transport around. You can choose from top brands like Bergan, Solvit, Petmate, Teafco, Outward Hound, Sherpa, and Machioro. You can browse the top selling dog carriers online here.

Best Pet Carrier:

RECOMMENDED - Whether you have a cat or a dog, the Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier, Large, Black is the perfect solution. Features a padded shoulder strap, excellent ventilation, and holds pets up to 22 lbs. The soft sided pet carrier from Bergan is convenient and considered a "good value" from many of the reviews from owners we read online. Taking a cat to the vet for a checkup can be a hassle, but with the Bergan it's much simpler.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier:

If you plan on traveling on an airplane with your pet, you'll need an airline pet carrier that is approved. There are essentially two types - the carry on variety and the kennel carriers that go down below in the cargo hold. The most popular carry-on pet carriers for airlines are the Teafco and Sherpa models. They are both duffle style bags with plenty of room for small dogs. RECOMMENDED - The top selling Teafco Argo Airline Approved Aero-Pet Carrier comes in 5 color varieties and there is soon to be a large size as well. It's made from 1680 denier nylon fabric and it's lightweight too. Provides excellent ventilation with 6 mesh windows. Owner reviews are extremely positive on this model. For those with larger dogs that can't come on board the plane, consider the kennel/crate styled pet carriers. You can browse the entire Petmate pet carriers here.

Bicycle Pet Carrier:

There are pet owners that like to take their pets virtually everywhere they do go. For those with bikes, a bicycle pet carrier is a great product that allows you to take Fido to the park, store, or just for some fresh air. I see these things all around Portland (Oregon) and the dogs do seem to be having a great time. The one drawback to these bike carriers for pets is that they are expensive. The most popular Track'r Pet Bicycle Trailer from Solvit is about $150. Reviews are incredibly positive for the trailer made with heavy duty polyester and a waterproof floorboard. Just place your dog through the rear door and zip it shut. Your dog can stick its head out the front of the bicycle pet trailer and see what's going on. The pet trailer assembles up easily and folds down fairly compactly for quick storage. The universal bike hitch that comes with the product attaches to almost all bike types. Owners say the steel frame is durable and the product has a rugged look to it. Some say that 2 smaller dogs can actually fit in this Track'r trailer. Overall the ratings from pet stores and pet owners are thumbs up.