Updated: October 2017

Pet Door Reviews:

If you are in the market for a pet door you may have more to consider than you think. Pet doors have come a long way since those simple doggie doors with a flap for your pet to come in and out through. The basic pet door units are still very popular but now you have wall units, electronic pet doors, Plexidor dog doors, patio panels, and kennel units. Many of the pet door varieties that we researched are not cheap either - you are looking at well over $100 for some of the wall and door doors and the sliding glass pet doors from PetSafe are often $150+. Get educated on what you need and measure your dog so you purchase the right size - there are small dog doors, large pet doors, etc. Installation of a pet door is another thing to consider, especially if you are not that handy. Most are rated as "easy to install" and many of the reviews we read online mention that installation was not difficult at all.
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Which pet door is best? It really depends on your dog or cats size and where you want to put it. I know several pet owners that have placed a wall pet door in their garage which leads to the outside and a patio panel pet door which lets the dog into their house. A pet door should alleviate having to take your dog out to the bathroom at night once they get used to using it. I prefer the patio pet doors since they let your dog or cat enter or exit the house without having to hassle with opening or closing the door all the time. The Petsafe Deluxe Pet Panel for sliding doors is a favorite amongst pet owners for ease of installation and use. They do cost more than $150 but dog owners say they are the "perfect solution" for that constant in and out that dogs like to do especially when the weather is good. The patio pet doors are best for moderate climates as they are not as well insulated as the electro-magnetic doors which keep out the cold much better. The Plexidor electronic pet doors are very expensive (almost $800) but you do keep security. The electronic pet doors are designed to open only when your dog gets near the entrance as a key in your pets collar will activate the process. The "key" releases the catch on the door and allows your dog to enter. After your dog has gone through the door resets itself and is "locked" again. If you do live in an area like Buffalo or Chicago that get cold winters, look for a dog door that has quality weather sealing and doors that keep out the blustery winds and wet/cold conditions. Where do you buy a pet door? We found dozens of models at our local petstore (Petco) and if you go to their website you can read up on owner reviews and see which pet doors perform the best. For pet door reviews we suggest going online to websites like Amazon.com or Epinions to see all the comments and opinions posted by ACTUAL owners of dog doors. You can browse the top selling pet and dog doors online here.

Best Pet Door:

RECOMMENDED - One of the top rated pet doors on several leading pet websites is the PetSafe Telescoping Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door which comes in sizes small, medium, and large. The telescoping tunnel on the door lets you install it in 4 or 6 inch wall construction and the double flap construction provides quality insulation for your house or garage. The wall pet door is a great choice for homeowners that want to give their dogs the freedom of movement in and out of a garage or other room in the house. The Petsafe pet door can be installed in stucco, siding, and brick. Reviews from owners agree that the do it yourself installation is easy and the door works great. The door itself is meant for dogs 100 lbs or under which should cover most dog breeds out there. The durable aluminum frame and non-rusting locking closing panel make this a reliable option for all dog owners. Pricing starts at just $70 for the small dog door while the large pet door is $120. View all the PetSafe dog doors online here. Some reviews online note that Petsafe doors don't seal weather out that well with the vinyl and dogs can chew them up a bit. A few consumers mention the Heavy Duty Dog Doors from Gun Dog as being more durable and weather proof. You can view their products on Amazon as well.

Patio Pet Door:

Many homes have sliding doors that lead from a family room or kitchen area to the backyard and the invention of the patio pet door has simplified pet owners lives. BEST - The PetSafe Deluxe Pet Panel Panels for Sliding Glass Doors come in small, medium, large, and large/tall varieties. Although not exactly cheap, they do solve the age old issue of having to open or close a door to let your dog/cat outside. The patio pet doors are designed to be installed quite easily and they fit in the same slot as the sliding door. The panel pet door is designed with aluminum construction and corrosion resistant power-coat finish. You get shatter proof tempered safety glass and a vinyl flap for your pet to get in or out. A sliding glass pet door will cost from $165 to $250 depending on size. The Petsafe patio panel dog door comes with a limited lifetime warranty and several friends of mine say they hold up quite well. Patio pet doors don't have the same insulation as some of the wall or door models, so they work best in moderate climates where the weather isn't too extreme. The door is self adjusting and installation requires no cutting. If you are sick and tired of opening and closing a sliding glass door for your pet, definitely look into the newer sliding pet door options.

Electronic Pet Door:

Some pet owners want the extra security and pet access control in their homes. The ideal solution is to invest in an electronic cat or dog door. A magnetic pet door operates successfully because the electronic key in the dogs collar activates the door itself so it can be opened up. Once the dog or cat goes through the door is essentially "locked" again. The PetSafe Electronic Smart Door and the Plexidor Electronic Door Mount are the 2 top rated doors in this category. The Plexidor is perhaps the most expensive of all pet doors at close to $800 while the PetSafe dog door is much more reasonable at $170. Reviews are a bit mixed on both types, although we did find several postings on pet forums which said the Petsafe is a much better bargain. Some dogs and cats have a harder time adjusting to the doors on these pet doors which is something else to consider. You can view all the top rated electronic pet doors here.