Updated: October 2017

Pet Gate Reviews:

When we recently went looking for a pet gate it surprised us that they are not much different than the child safety gates you buy for things like stairs in your house. Pet gates are designed with the same purpose in mind, keep the pet (mostly dogs) confined to a particular area in the house. Although these gates are sold as "pet" gates, they tend to focus on dogs since cats are quick to jump over or around them. Dogs and cats are trainable, so even if they don't understand what the gate is for to begin with, over time they will come to know that they should not go past it. Since a dog or cat can easily jump up 3 feet or higher in a single bound, these gates for pets are meant to be a deterrent and not a foolproof system. If you are ready to buy a pets gate for your house, be sure to keep reading our buying guide down below along with reviews.

To begin with, you will find that there are pressure mounted and hardware mount pet gates. The pressure mount gates are convenient since no screws need to put into your walls or woodwork. Many are expandable to fit different sized hallways or door frames. The one drawback is that you will have to remove the gate each time you want to walk past it or it will need a walk through feature. The hardware mount pet gates are sturdier but again you have to install them into the door frame or stud in the wall by using screws. Usually they are designed so that the gate swings open but some have a walk thru design so that only a section of the gate is opened or closed. The mounted pet gates are made with plastic or metals while the pressure mounted ones are typically made with wood. We liked the freestanding pet gate idea where nothing actually gets installed or put into a door frame, the dog gate just sites on the floor next to the door or opening and deters the pet from entering the area. A top rated free standing pet gate is the Richell USA 94136 Rubberwood Freestanding Pet Gate that is stable and sturdy at around $100. You can get extra wide pet gates for doorways or walkways in your home that are too wide for regular sized gates. A friend of our has a tall pet gate since their dog likes to jump and the added height really deters the Labrador from considering it. Over time your dog or cat will get the hint and stop trying to get past the gate. Be consistent and make sure you don't hop over it yourself or else your pet and or kids will imitate your behavior. A pets gate can often double as a child safety gate for stairs, but make sure that you don't install the pressure mounted types at the top of stairs since the weight of a child leaning into the gate may actually force it down. Another popular model is the One Touch Pet Gate from Richell which sells for about $165 and it fits openings that are 36", 48" and 60 inches wide. We found some excellent pet gate reviews on websites like Petco.com, Amazon.com, and Pet-supplies-review.com. The top brands include Richell, KidCo, Cardinal, and Bindaboo. Almost all gates received above average reviews from pet owners and the only problems arose when they were installed into angled or non-standard door frames. Most manufacturers sell extension pieces for their gates but fitting them together with the original gates can be a problem with some. Try to buy an exact (or as close as possible) fit if you can. You can browse the top selling pet gates online here. Another good site to check out is Doggates-4less.com -- not only do they offer informative articles like "Choosing Dog Gates" and "Training With Dog Gates", they also sell almost all varieties of dog gates. Good resource.

Best Pet Gate:

RECOMMENDED - One of the most talked about dog gates amongst pet owners is the Richell One-Touch Adjustable Pet Gate which sells for about $80 and comes in either a white or wood finish. Many owners call them the "best pet gate ever" simple because it's easy to use and keeps your pets where you want them. We found several comments posted online from puppy owners who mentioned that the space between the bars on this pet gate is narrow enough to keep their puppies where they belong. The latched gate handle provides a little extra security and it opens and closes with "one touch" as their marketing claims. Works great with dogs of almost all sizes and it's tall enough to deter them from jumping over. There is an extra wide version available (see below) for those with doorways or hallways that require it. Read reviews for the Richell One-Touch Pet Gate here.

Freestanding Pet Gate:

BEST - The Richell USA 94136 Rubberwood Freestanding Pet Gate is the perfect solution to a pesky pet that wants to walk throughout your house. The free standing dog gate has side panels so you can easily confine your dog even if the hallway or door opening is large. The Richell pet gate has an adjustable width that ranges from about 40 inches up to almost 72 inches (that's 6 feet wide). The unit is sturdy with a very wide base so it won't be easy to tip over. The rubber feet will protect hardwood floor surfaces. Storage is simple, just fold up the gate and it's compact shape fits in closets or garages without problems. The only drawback we could find is that the gate height is just 20 inches and some dogs just can't resist jumping over something that small. Owners of puppies and smaller dogs say the gates work great and those with obedient larger dogs say the freestanding Richell gate works too. The gate/fence is decorative with wood trim and goes well in most rooms. The other option is the Richell USA 94147 which is slightly taller than the one above and this one is easy to assemble too. Adjustable widths make this a versatile gate that can fit near doorways or large opening in family rooms and hallways.

Extra Wide Pet Gate:

We don't mean to only list the Richell pet gates, but when it comes to overall customer satisfaction and product quality, their gates are always rated near the top. Many homeowners need an animal gate in doorways or hallways that don't fit the standard sized gates. In many cases, the only thing that will do is a gate that is wider tha average. RECOMMENDED The Richell One-Touch 150 Extra-Wide Pet Gate, Wood Finish is the #1 rated "extra wide" pet gate on the market. Fits openings that are 36", 48", or 60" and confines even larger pets by having a little extra height as well. It not only looks great but performs the function it was made to do. Any homeowner looking for a tall pet gate, consider the Bindaboo pet gates which offer extra tall gates and extensions as needed to fit the doorways in your house.