Updated: October 2017

SportDog Training Collar Reviews:

Having a well-trained dog is not only pleasant (and impressive) but it is essential for safety and happiness for both man and his best friend. Dogs are pack animals, and they crave structure. If you don't provide it yourself as the alpha dog, then the dog will take over for you. This is not a good situation for anyone in your household, including your dog. Effective training is also crucial in the field; just as you have to know your area's hunting rules and regulations, your hunting dog has to know his rules and duties in the field. SportDog was created for just this purpose: to help you train your dog to be a safe and effective hunting partner. Sportdog training collars are designed to work in any number of conditions, because you don't always get a nice sunny, warm day to hunt, and as SportDog likes to say, they provide "Gear the way you'd design it." Does SportDog provide gear the way you want it? This guide will let you know.

What are SportDog Training Collars? - The purpose of a training collar, whether you are teaching your hound to hunt or you are training your dog to listen to basic commands in the yard, is to help your dog learn quickly and effectively. In collar training, you can instantly correct - or praise - a behavior; your dog then associates that behavior with the result. It is crucial that this be done instantaneously. It won't work to try to discipline your dog when you get home - he'll have no idea why you're mad. Likewise, he'll have no idea what he did right. Praise is nice anytime, but to reinforce behavior, it has to be given at the moment he has done something well. Collar training can help you communicate better with your dog and shorten the training period. They are ideal for hunting dogs, as well as the dogs who only prowl the backyard or dog park. But aren't dog shock collars cruel and unsafe? If they were, SportDog wouldn't sell them. Dogs are much more than mere hunting tools, and to many owners, they're much more than pets as well. Hunters, like other dog owners, do not want to mistreat their animals, and in fact, have a great appreciation of them. The "shock" administered by a training collar is an irritant, not a source of pain. It is similar to someone "zapping" you with static electricity. It may surprise you, but it doesn't hurt you. It is the same for the dog: the startled response is the goal. Pain is not a training tool, nor is it meted out by training collars. It is meant to be unpleasant for the dog, yes. That is so he corrects his behavior; it makes that irritating feeling stop. But pain? Forget about it. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com since they carry all the Sportdog products and you can read in depth reviews from actual dog owners. Their dog collars and training devices get excellent consumer feedback. You can browse the best selling SportDog products online here.

Best Sportdog Training Collars:

SportDog has a line of products that extends to field training, wetland hunting, upland hunting, sport hunting, and even training right in your own home or backyard. One of their most popular is the NoBark SBC-10R collar, which AceDogSupplies calls one of "the most advanced dog collars on the market." The training dog shock collar is also very well-received by Amazon reviewers. This collar promises to "cure" your dog of obsessive barking in a way that is safe and healthy for him. You can choose from 3 training modes with 10 training levels each; they require both vibration and the sound of barking to activate correction so your dog will not be "corrected" accidentally, nor will anything but your dog's bark cause it to activate. The collar shuts off automatically so your dog is not scared or "overcorrected." This SportDog training collar has a long-life rechargeable battery and carries a lifetime warranty. One Amazon reviewer had a barking problem so bad that several of her neighbors called the police to complain; she tried the collar, and her pets are "finally behaving themselves." Good for you, good for your pet, and good for intra-neighborhood relations! The 10R NoBark training collar sells for $90 on Amazon. SportDog also offers the NoBark 18 Deluxe, NoBark 6 Standard, YardTrainer 105, and YardTrainer 105S with varying levels of stimulation to train your dog. For the yard, you can also opt for the Sportdog In-Ground Fence for invisible protection. see all SportDog collars here. SportDog is useful for any dog owner but specializes in training perfect hunting dogs. If you are trying to break your dog into fieldwork, there is no better, safer, and more effective way than with the Sportdog FieldTrainer 400 series. The SD 400 FieldTrainer is the best selling training collar in the United States, and for good reason. It is tremendously effective, especially for field training and for dogs who will be working closely with you, such as spaniels or beagles. There are 16 levels of continuous stimulation and 8 levels of momentary stimulation. The SD 400 is a bump up from the 400 because it is designed to train large and/or stubborn dogs. The SD 400 can help you train your dog in a 400-yard range. The transmitter is a tiny 3.2 ounces. Best of all, the 2.8-ounce receiver is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. The SD 400 is the smallest dog shock collar that you will find for this price. It lists for $190, but you can pick it up for $160 online. As one Amazon reviewer notes, it is ideal for dogs already in training, who know basic commands. This owner also notes that the included instruction manual is better than many training books he'd purchased. A great training aid when used correctly. Whether you want a great hunting dog or a well-behaved dog in your home or yard, SportDog can help. Collar training can be remarkably effective, and it is safe for your dog. Check out SportDog's other great products online.