Updated: October 2017

Cat Bed Reviews:

The pet industry is a multi billion dollar market with pet owners spending huge amounts on their pets. There are millions of cat owners in the United States alone, and many buy cat beds or sleeping pillows for their felines (whether to keep them from leaving hair all over the furniture, or just to give them a "special" place all their own). Cats have always been pampered and well taken care of compared to dogs, and it really shows when you look at what is available for cats beds. The cheap cat beds are just simple pillows that they can snuggle up on but the luxury cat beds actually have heaters built in to keep your kitty warm on cold nights. There are domed kitty beds that allow your cat to enter their hotel haven and rest in privacy. Some may think many of these products are a little silly, but pets are treated like one of the family in many households across America. Cats are finicky pets and tend to be loners if given the chance to interact. Older cats especially like to sleep most of the day and when cats do get old it's nice to give them a soft pillow or bed to lay down on.

No matter which style of cat bed you decide upon, remember that washing it will be an important part. Some cat beds are easier to clean or wash than others. Keeping a clean environment for your cat will help keep fleas to a minimum and your cat in better health. As a creature of habit, cats have a hard time with change so be patient if you decide to switch out an old pillow with a new pillow or bed. Some people go beyond the heated cat beds and buy those larger cat furniture trees that have extensive levels of places for your cat to sleep. You often see them referred to as "cat condos". They can cost well over $100 but the big drawback to those is that they take up a lot of space compared to a smaller pillow or bed. The domed cat beds sell for around $30 and the best ones are made with fabric so you can wash them easily. Cats are definitely trainable and feline experts recommend having a cat bed set up early on if you plan on getting a cat or kitten. Some owners say all their cats share the same bed but often you will find cats wanting their own space so be prepared to purchase multiple kitty beds if you have more than 1 cat. One unique cat bed we saw was called the Kitty Sill Bed ($30 - it attaches to your windowsill either by velcro fasteners or with more permanent screws so that your cat can look out the window while they dose. The bed itself holds up to 40 lbs and measures 14"X24". The faux lambskin cover is washable so you can always keep it clean and tidy. We found this cat bed on Bedsforyourpet.com. Large pet retailers like Petco carry all sorts of cat beds so go and take a look to see what they offer. Some cats are more curious and don't mind new things, while others will shun new pillows and beds. Don't worry if one doesn't work out, eventually your kitty will find something they like.

Best Cat Pet Beds:

The Catnap Bed ($120) is perhaps the most talked about cat bed on the Internet. The bed is available in 5 different colors (pink, black, lilac, light brown, light pink) and just looks super cozy. The bed itself is built from a wooden frame, has fire retardent foam under the faux fir, and forms to the shape of your cat. The bed has a removable slip cover that is machine washable and althought the price is pretty high, owners say they would recommend this to other cat lovers. We found the Pet Dome Pet Bed ($30), which consumers say works great for cats that prefer privacy. Wicker cat beds have been popular for years as there is something about the wicker material that cats are attracted to. Wickerpetbeds.com offers some quality kitty beds made from wicker.

Budget Cat Pillow:

Petco offers lots of pet beds at discount prices. The Petco Chateau Lounger Bed ($13.50) is available on the Petco.com website and gives your pet the comfort they need for a price that is very affordable. The high back polyester lounger will keep your cat comfortable while the quilted bottom provides the necessary padding for a relaxing sleep. Cats sleep something like 20 hours a day so a lounger bed is just the solution. This product comes in 3 different colors and is machine washable. The reviews were positive from cat owners saying their cats loved it. One person even mentioned that their cat now sleeps on the lounger instead of being in bed with her.

Heated Cat Bed:

Ok, so you are a real sucker for your cat and want to buy him/her the best in cat beds. The most extravegent kitty beds we could find are the heated Thermo cat beds which range in price from $60 to $90. There is a complete collection of them online at Amazon. There is a crinkle tunnel, kitty bed, kitty cabin, lounger, mat, nest, blanket, crinkle sack, and pad to select from. The K&H Thermo-Kitty Bed 16" Diameter ($45) is one of our favorites - the pillow is fluffy and comfortable and provides enough room for any cat to relax on. The product is machine washable so keeping it clean and sanitary is on problem. Another top seller is the Heated Thermo Kitty Cabin 16" ($83) - the exterior is very flexible which allows the cabin to be twisted into 3 different shapes. The dual thermostat 4-watt heating unit creates the ideal warmth for your cat. It's meant for indoor use only and can accommodate cats up to 12 lbs.