Updated: October 2017

Cat Tree/Condo Reviews:

If you have haven't seen a cat tree then you are missing out. Cat owners know what these things are, they are huge playgrounds for your cat with various levels for sleeping, napping, or just plain scratching to keep their claws sharp. Americans spoil their pets probably more than any other country and cats get the lions share. Cat towers and furniture are definitely a little overboard in terms of what your cat will end up needing, but it is true that younger kittens need something to play on and what better than a cat tree house. Larger, more mature cats tend to use the cat trees as a place to sleep but often don't play on them. Retail pet stores carry these cat trees but we found the best selection through online e-tailers like Cozycatfurniture.com and Cattreestore.com. Both sites have a lot to choose from with some cat trees reaching heights 76"+. Pricing varies little from site to site - the most expensive one we found was close to $200 with the smaller cat trees about $40.
cat tree

Let's start by comparing a cat tree versus a cat condo. A cat tree looks like a tree with a main trunk and various towers or limbs. A cat condo is something that sits on a cat tree and resembles a little house for your kitty to pop in and out of or sleep in. Before you get too excited and buy the largest one available, make sure you have room in your house or apartment for the product. The big cat trees or towers can be about 3 feet wide and 4 feet long with heights almost 6 feet. Measure the space in your home where you want to put the cat tree to determine just how big of a cat tree house you can fit. Many of the cat trees have ladders, ropes, sitting platforms, scratching posts, and hanging toys. They also have condos or nest for sleeping purposes. The cat tree is typically covered with a faux fleece, fir, or carpet. I've seen little kittens have a great time on these cat climbing trees so I know they can be a fun place for cats to hang out. Unless you have a bunch of playful cats, stick with the smaller cat gyms or cat scratching posts. Assembly is required on almost all the cat trees we read up on but most people say it went smoothly. The larger units will require a bit more time since they have more levels and perches to hook together. Pricing was very similar both online and through retailers but we found a much greater selection online. We found some excellent cat tree condo and tree reviews on websites like Petco.com and Amazon. You can browse the top selling cat trees and condos online here.

Best Cat Tree:

For the most complete cat tree that isn't too big, we think the Cat Tree Furniture with Cat Hammick ($120) on Amazon.com is your best choice. The cat tree stands 73 inches tall and is only 24" wide. The beige color should fit right into any home decor you have and the faux fur material will have your cat jumping. It holds a maximum weight of 60 lbs (enough for multiple cats) and features one cat condo, a cat hammock, two comfortable nests, 9 sisal scratching posts, and comes with 2 cat toys. Watching a cat try to sit in the hammock is hilarious. It's even better when 2 cats wrestle for the same spot. The sisal posts will help save your furniture and carpets from being torn up by scratching kitties. All reviews on Amazon are a perfect 5 out of 5 stars with comments like "our 2 cats are thorougly enjoying it" and "best cat tower around".

Kitty Condo:

Cat condos are cool looking and some are massive (for those with lots of cats) with multilevels and high perches. Cats do like to sneek around furniture and act like they are hunting so that is where these units come in handy. Cats get to crouch atop ledges and play with the toys that hang on these kitty condos. Petmate Kitty Kat Condo, Mouse Gray is a great cat shelter that works perfectly in winter or summer conditions. The carpeted floor of the cat condo will keep your kitty warm and comfortable. The carpet also allows for claw sharpening - better the carpet than your furniture. We even read were some owners put in a kitty heating pad that helps keep the cat warm on colder nights. We suggest that you view all the top rated cat condos and cat trees online here.

Unique Cat Tree:

Catsplay.com carries a real nice collection of cat towers, platforms, trees, etc. Out of all the sites we visited online their inventory was definitely the most unique and cool looking. The Lotus Cat Tree ($250) has a sleek design that includes a carpeted cubby for hiding, a sisal weave panel for scratching, and multi-level ledges for perching. The Purple Passion Cat Tree, Sunflower Cat Tree, and the Kitty Hollow Tree are all colorful and look different than the traditional cat trees sold on most sites. One caveat though, they are expensive with some going over $300. What we liked about these colorful cat trees is that they are giant behemoths like some, so you don't need a lot of space to have them in your house.