Updated: October 2017

Litter Robot Reviews:

Why the Litter Robot is One of the Best Recent Innovations for Cats - When you hear the words "Litter Robot" you may immediately think of some sci-fi machine straight out of the Jetsons. Does an actual robot follow your cat around and collect its excrement? Actually, the litter robot is a very innovative electronic self-cleaning litter box that comes from the company Automated Pet Care Products. This company was founded in 1999, and the Litter Robot debuted in 2000. The Litter Robot automates the cleaning of the litter box to save the cat owner the hassle of constantly scooping the litter box. I know in my case, I kept forgetting to clean the litter box. Cats are clean creatures and get quite depressed when no one comes to keep their box tidy and clean. When I got my Litter Robot, I was thrilled to finally solve this problem. The machine is made from recycled plastic and is designed to be sturdy and to last. Currently, Automated Pet Care Products offers a 3-month money back guarantee on their products so there is really very little risk involved if your cat doesn't like it. Check out all the Litter Robot cat litter boxes here.
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How does the Litter Robot Work? The Litter Robot is shaped like a globe and is fully covered. When the cat steps into the chamber, a sensor detects the cat has entered. The Litter Robot leaves about 7 minutes for the cat to "do his business" and leave. Then the Litter Robot starts a clean cycle that rotates the entire globe and separates the clumps from the clean litter. The waste product is deposited in a drawer at the bottom of the Litter Robot. Once the cycle is completed, the litter robot has a clean amount of litter ready for the next "drop off." The design itself is very simple. The Litter Robot should be plugged in to a nearby socket. The pet owner simply needs to empty the drawer every so often and also add new clumping litter inside the Litter Robot. You can view an animated video of how the Litter Robot works below:

Litter Robot Buying Guide:

Amazon sells the Litter Robot for $329 with free shipping. It comes in a variety of colors including beige, black, and grey. For an additional $20, you can also get the Bubble Unit which has an expanded bubble area inside that gives the cat a bit more room as well as a clear window. Currently, there are almost 300 reviews which give the unit a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Reviewers are thrilled with this device overall. People mentioned that the machine does exactly what it promises. Cat owners who bought the Litter Robot were pleased with the odor control as well as the flexibility it gives them not to constantly have to empty a litter box. Customers were also pleasantly surprised that their cats easily acclimated to the Litter Robot. Everyone who reviewed this product seemed to think that it was well worth the price. Also reviewers pointed out that the assembly was very easy. You can watch a video of setting up the Litter Robot here:

Litter Robot Reviews:

We looked at a variety of sources including Litterbox central and Gear Diary to see what people have been saying about the Litter Robot. On Litterbox central's forum, there are a wide array of positive comments and happy customers. Also people point out how wonderful the Litter Robot's customer service is. We did take note that reviewers advise that the black model shows dirt the easiest. If you are having trouble deciding on which color to choose, you may want to take that into consideration. The most prevalent complaint (although minor) was about the noise that the Litter Robot makes when it cycles. Gear Diary also highly recommends the Litter Robot. They do point out that your cat must weigh 5 pounds to use the device safely. This means that you really shouldn't use the Litter Robot with kittens. Gear Diary also adds that cleaning up is extremely easy. They point out that it is particularly important for houses with more than one cat.