Updated: December 2017

Babolat Tennis Racket Review

Why Babolat is a top name in the tennis racket industry..
When you commit to a sport, you want to know that you are playing with the very best equipment possible. Nothing can really beat a company which has been in the game for as long as there has been a game, and that is true about the Babolat tennis company. The company started out in France in 1875, just one year after the game of tennis itself was invented. Believe it or not, tennis was first played without strings on the tennis racquet. It was Babolat tennis rackets which came up with the innovation of adding strings to the racket, and as most people know those original tennis racket strings were made of gut (though not always cat gut). Babolat has been in business since that time, making quality tennis racquets which have been used by some of the biggest names in the game including Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Caroline Wozniacki, and Carlos Moya. The company's tennis racket logo is easy to spot, double lines of black or red on the strings and white, black, or yellow on the frames. There are a wide selection of Babolat tennis rackets (see entire line here), with different rackets suitable to different player's styles. In this guide, we'll look into what makes Babolat tennis rackets so good, and what you should look for when buying one.

babolat tennis rackets

Select the Best Babolat Racquets by Knowing your Game

While we can tell you which rackets from Babolat work well (and all are quality), what we can't do is tell you how you play your best tennis. At lower levels it doesn't matter, but once you start getting serious about tennis, the style of play you use will determine the right tennis racket for you. There are fine balances in tennis between control and power, and Babolat just like any other company manufactures certain rackets to meet the needs of certain players. For example, a player such as Rafael Nadal, who has perfected the power baseline shot prefers the signature Babolat AeroPro Drive Plus (Cortex) Tennis Racquet. The Aeropro Drive has a 100 square inch head, so it's not for the amateur player. You have to hit the sweet spot right on in order to retain control of the ball (and if you watched Nadal in his earlier career, you know that he didn't always get that sweet spot either). If you do have a great feel for your racket, though, there is no better choice. It can give just the right combination of power, spin, and speed to help you land those hard to read baseline shots, and it does have maneuverability if you are looking to play at the net. It's among the heavier rackets, at 300g, so have some conditioning in order to play a few sets with it. All of rackets in the Babolat Aeropro line, including the Aeropro Drive, Babolat Aero Storm, and Aero Storm Tour include trademarked Babolat Aero technology which makes the rackets more aerodynamic. They also have Cortex infused at the shaft to soften impact (great for sensitive players worried about ergonomics, but not for those who like the "feel") and Woofer systems which absorbs the impact on the strings.

On a personal note, I switched to a Babolat AeroPro Drive in 2009 after using a Wilson racket for about 1 year (and a several year layoff from the tennis scene prior to that). The Wilson I bought on a whim at Sports Authority one day, but I never felt like I was getting much power out of it, and couldn't stand the "ping"-ing sound it made with each connection. So after some research, I demo-ed several rackets from a local Golfsmith store, and at the end of the week, the Babolat stood out head and shoulders above the rest. True, I don't hit like those pros, but I feel much more solid and confident with the Babolat racket -- if this one ever dies on me, I'll be buying another.

Babolat Pure Drive - Babolat Aeropro Tennis Rackets

If you are looking for maximum power in a Babolat tennis racket, you probably want to check out the Babolat Pure Drive line . The Pure Drive Babolat line comes without the Aero technology, although it does include the Woofer system. The reason for this is that the Pure Drive line is all about one thing, and that's power. You will find that a few of the rackets in the line have a perfect balance between power and control (such as the Pure Drive Roddick) but don't expect the same cut through the air feeling or the impact absorption. Instead, these Babolat racquets were made to get the ball moving at speeds over 200mph when wielded by the pros; and they have the weight to prove it. The Roddick, for example, is a whopping 315 grams, definitely one of the heaviest rackets out there. You have to be in top condition, and male, and fairly large, to yield this one effectively. On the other hand, not all Babolat racquets in the Pure Drive line are as heavy. In fact, the BABOLAT Pure Drive GT is the most popular tennis racket Babolat makes. With the graphite tungsten (GT) manufacture, it's designed to deliver a punch but weighs in at 300g, the same as the Aero Drive Pro. For those looking for more control, the Pure Storm offers a 295g racket with a 16x20 string configuration, perfect for making the finesse shots as long as you can absorb the volleys from the power players. For the best control, there is the ultimate Pure Storm Limited, a heavy 320g tennis racket with a large head which has been designed all for control. Expect to pay about $175-$190 for these rackets.

Great Babolat Racquets for Recreational Players - Junior Babolat Rackets

Although Babolat makes its reputation on the play of the pros who use their rackets, it makes the lion's share of its money off of people who will never be on the court at Wimbledon. If tennis is not quite your full time hobby and you don't want to drop the $180 that the Pure Drive and Aeropro expert lines will cost, you have other options. The Pure Drive Lite gives you a great mix of power and control, for around $140. It's nice and light, too, as the name implies, weighing in at 275g. Slightly heavier because of a larger head size offering more control is the Pure Drive 107 at 280g, for the player in a bit better condition.

And of course, we can't leave out the next generation of tennis player. Kids looking to find their games have a couple of options in Babolat tennis rackets. The Pure Drive Roddick Junior helps with those power shots; at 250g it takes a stronger youth to wield this racket for a couple sets. The Aeropro Drive Junior is good for kids idolizing Nadal, and who want to finesses their way through the game. Babolat Junior rackets start at about $30 and work their way towards $100.