Updated: December 2017

Best Basketball Hoops

Seems like every neighborhood has at least a few, where all the kids congregate. Basketball hoops, that is. Whether at the park or playground, in a backyard sports court, or a portable basketball hoop set up on the culdesac, or the ever reliable garage mounted basketball backboard, they are around. Most boys from age 8 up learn the basics of dribbling, double dribbling, and shooting, and boys tend to outnumber girls by about 6 to 1 when it comes to basketball teams. But having a basketball hoop around the house is a great way to get your kids into sports, and a great way to get your kids into exercise and away from video games for a few hours. Below, we will check out some of the popular basketball hoop setups, look into how much basketball hoops cost, and get some recommendations about setting up a basketball court at your house. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling basketball hoops and backboards here (including wall mount, portable, and in-ground systems).

Types of Basketball Hoops and Courts

One of the first decisions to make when selecting a basketball hoop for your home is how much space you have, and whether you want a fixed pole basketball hoop (what is fixed pole? cemented into the ground, stuck in one place), a mounted hoop (like on your garage), or a portable basketball hoop (you can move it around your driveway for example). If you have the space and the budget, the sports court is one of the most popular choices. A sports court can be half the size of a normal basketball court, or full size. And a sport court is multi-functional -- you can play basketball, roller hockey, soccer, four square, volleyball, tennis, and badminton. How much does a sports court cost? A half court, or 4 in 1 court, can start at about $10K and go up from there depending on the site, while a full sports court can run from $15-$40K.

Portable basketball hoops are normally sold as a set - you get the pole, backboard and braces, rim and net, and the base unit that keeps the whole thing from tipping over. You will need two people two assemble one of these portable basketball sets, especially when moving it to an upright position. Some poles come in 2 or 3 pieces - if you have a choice, look for single pole designs as those are stronger and less likely to bend or rust at the joints. The base units are normally filled with water or sand, as a lot of weight is needed to stabilize the basket and keep it from moving or tipping when players come into contact with it. You can find real cheap portable basketball hoops for $50-$100, but plan on that being a throw away training basket for your small kids. A more probable starting price is around $250-$350 - that will get you a better built, sturdier basketball setup, likely with adjustable height. Adjusting the height of your basket is good both for smaller children, and for bigger kids that want to be able to dunk. Higher-end portable basketball hoops can run from $500-$1000 - one very sturdy model is the Spalding Beast ($999). A little smaller than an NBA regulation board (60" vs. 72"), the Beast is adjustable from 7.5 feet to 10 feet and features a breakaway rim. It's base is filled with 50 gallons of water to provide stability. The old standard is the house-mount (or wall mount) basket over the garage. For about $1000 you can get one with built in brackets and braces for mounting on the sloping edge of a roof, but the more common ones are the ones where the backboard mounts flush on the side of the house above a garage door. You can find these for about $150-$250.

When buying a basketball hoop, look for break away rims that will release on a hinge when heavy weight hangs on them rather than shatter the backboard.

Buying a Basketball Hoop Online

Apart from Amazon, you can also check out Pro Shot Basketball at BasketBallSale.com. They make their own Pro Shot line of basketball hoops, but also stock and sell other leading basketball brands like Goalrilla Basketball sets, Hydra-Rib Basketball equipment, First Team, Wilson, and more. The Spalding Hydra-Rib NBA Spalding Elite Set goes for $1199, with free pads for the pole and backboard. This is a VERY sturdy hoop, with a 6x6 pole of 7 gauge steel. They sell the Pro Shot White Lightning, Black Thunder, Dominator, and many other models, all with thicker poles for less shake and vibration (and less chance at bending or being damaged), all with thicker premium acrylic backboards. The Bison Final Buzzer basketball hoop goes for $549, with a 36"x48" graphite backboard, black pole, and fastbreak flex goal. The fancier Bison Four Seasons goes for $1299, and uses super thick 1/2" acrylic for the backboard, height adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet, and a terrific one piece steel pole for stability. Also check out MVPHoops.com. They offer a complete line of in-ground basketball hoops, portable systems, backboards, rims, and everything else related to basketball. Checking out the wall mount baskets there, you can get a Lifetime 44" backboard and rim set for just $99, or a nice Huffy 48" composite backboard (blow-molded acrylic) combo set with quick clip net, roof mount, and 5 year warranty for $244. For portable baskets, the Arena 46 inch Acrylic Back Court Portable is $269, with a wheeled base, 46" steel framed acrylic backboard, and a 3 piece 3" diameter pole.