Updated: December 2017

Arachnid Dart Board Reviews:

There are few things more satisfying than taking your aggressions out on a poor, innocent dart board. Angry at your spouse? Throw a dart. Aggravated with your kids? Throw a few darts. Frustrated with your boss? Dedicate an entire dart tournament to him or her. Besides the obvious pleasure in throwing darts at an inanimate object, darts also is a great game to play with friends or to compete in - whether friendly or fierce competition. Dart boards have long been a staple in bars and clubs across the country and world, but you may not be too enthused about being around a bunch of dart throwers who have been downing whatever is on tap. Luckily, you can have your own dart board for your home, game room, garage, or even your office. Arachnid is the leading manufacturer of top quality darts and dartboards. If you want the fun and excitement of darts without the chance of an errant missile strike, Arachnid is an ideal choice. Arachnid was the innovator behind soft tip darts. These are lightweight with a soft plastic point. You will be able to tell the difference between a soft tip dart board and a metal tip one by the small perforations on the board. These fit the size of the dart point and have beveled edges to make it easier to get the point in the board. Unlike dart boards used with metal tips, those used with soft tips have sensors to measure the impact of the dart. The processor then calculates the score for the players. Arachnid brought this technology to homes and businesses the world over. In 1999, their consumer division was acquired by DMI Sports, Inc. Now you will find that all Arachnid dart boards are produced and distributed by DMI Sports. They still have the same great quality and excellent range of features.
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Getting Started with Your Arachnid Dart Board - The dart boards range in price from $60 to $250, the Cricket Pro 650 rates the highest amongst reviews, but we also think the 750 and 800 models are worth viewing as well. With electronic scoring you can simple through the darts and not worry about scoring or keeping track of what the other players are doing. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Soft-Tip Dart Game is priced at $150 and is very similar to tournament boards you may play on. The playability and durability are not an issue with Arachnid as they are built to hold up over time. On the 650 a computer voice calls out a recorded name to keep you in turn. Bounce outs are kept to a minimum with micro thin segment dividers. The LED game console shows your scores and Cricket displays. Families review this board as the best amongst the group. Read Arachnid dart board reviews here.

Dart Board Cabinets - If you want to create an attractive centerpiece with your dart board, a cabinet is a great choice. The Arachnid Walnut Electronic Dart Board Cabinet offers an Arachnid quality electronic dart board housed in a beautiful walnut cabinet. The dart board itself offers 29 games with options for Count Up, Hi-Score, League, and more. There is a regulation size 15.5-inch target area and can be played by up to 8 players, with a 4-player simultaneous display. You will also get player rankings, player handicapping, solo play feature, and sleep mode. The board includes 6 soft tip darts and extra tips, mounting hardware, AC adapter, and game instructions. All of this is displayed beautifully in the natural walnut-stained cabinet. Self-closing brass hinges keep the board concealed when it is not in use. This makes it great for any room in the house, not just the game room. This cabinet costs just over $140 - reviews for this model are not that great. Many people mention the cabinet is cheap and to avoid it. We agree, go with the soft tip dart games from Arachnid without the cabinets and mount them yourself. Arachnid dart boards are the perfect way to make nights-in fresh and exciting. Have a tournament with friends, teach your family to aim and release the darts, or just throw away your stress at the end of the day. Browse the top rated Arachnid dart boards here.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Soft-Tip Dart Game:

Several consumer review websites rated the Arachnid Galaxy II Commercial Electronic Dart Board as the best electronic dart board on the market. This $4000 dart board features real coin operation, missed dart detector, a lit target area, auto player change, 15-inch color monitoring, handicapping, and tournament capabilities. We mentioned the $4000 price tag, right? If you want a professional grade electronic dart board for your home that is much more reasonably priced, we recommend the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. The tournament quality Cricket Pro 800 allows up to 8 people to play any of 40 games with 179 options. That is a lot of versatility and opportunity for fun and entertainment. The playability is "top notch" with NylonTough and micro-thin segments for optimal durability and minimal bounce-outs and the 6 included soft tip darts, extra tips, and mounting hardware. Want to feel the excitement of a cheering crowd? You can have the fun of going out right in your own home with the Interactive Heckler, which praises your good shots and ridicules your bad ones - just like a best friend! How much does the Cricket Pro 800 cost? After seeing the $4000 price tag on the Galaxy II, you may need to brace yourself: the Cricket Pro 800 is $250. Yeah, that's right, not $2500, just $250. That is a great value for one of the few electronic dart boards available. You can browse the most popular Arachnid dart boards here.

Great Dart Boards for Lower Budgets:

If you find the $250 price tag for the Cricket Pro 800 to be too much, whether for your budget or for the amount of time you plan on using your dart board, there are Arachnid models that offer great quality at a lower price. The Cricket Pro 110 is one such model that offers a wide range of games and features. The Cricket Pro 110 has a smaller number of games at 24 and 132 options. That is still a tremendous amount of choice for players. Like the Cricket Pro 800, the 110 has micro-thin segment dividers to reduce bounce-outs and keep your darts where they belong. The LED screen displays player scores, and the computer calls out the next player's name. The target area is 13 inches as opposed to the 15-inch target area of the 800 model. Again, this is plenty big enough for most users, particularly casual ones. You will also find a sleep mode, ranking features, and player handicapping. You don't get the Interactive Heckler, but that just may be a plus for you. The Cricket 110 comes with 6 soft tip darts and extra tips, a battery option (the 4 AAs are not included), an AC adapter, mounting hardware, instructions, and a game manual. A pretty complete package with an astonishingly low price of $70. This dart board is ideal for families and those with limited budgets or who plan just casual use with friends. The Arachnid DarTronic series is another budget-friendly option, ranging in price from just $35 to $50.