Updated: December 2017

Electronic Basketball Game Reviews:

Ever played those basketball shooting games in an aracde? They can be pretty fun and addictive if you enjoy basketball. Kids love the arcade basketball hoops games with electronic scoreboards. Most local arcades feature one of the arcade basketball systems and people keep playing it time and again. If you add up all the money you spend on a game like that, perhaps it's time to look into a home electronic basketball game so you could play for free. Our review staff did a survey of owners to find out the pros and cons of having one in your house. The first issue was space. You will need a dedicated spot for these rather large hoop sets. Don't think it will fit cozily in your family room. The assembled dimensions of the Lifetime Double Shot arcade basketball game are 89 by 51 by 90 inches (H x W x D) - you see what we are getting at. It's not like you can stuff it in a kids bedroom with 8 foot ceilings. So if you have the space in your recreation/bonus room, garage or basement, then continue reading.
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Choosing an Arcade Basketball Hoop - Most of the big brands like Lifetime, Spalding, Harvil, Harvard, Park & Sun, and Carrom make the arcade style basketball games for home use. Some are single hoop action but most offer double basket competition - great for 2 players. All of these electronic hoops systems are priced between $150 and $250. You could buy the $5000 Hoop Fever Basketball Arcade Game - just like the arcade and heavy duty in all features. We know from experience that having a dual shot system versus the single basket set is the way to go. So which system is best? We found plenty of complaints for broken rims on the Harvard M01462W and the Halex 2 Player Arcade Electronic Basketball. The other common issue are electronic scoreboards or scoring mechanisms that suddendly break or are delivered broken. It was almost across the board that we read this complaint. Some manufacturers are better than others at sending replacement parts. The Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System is the best seller but even a few of the owner comments posted on Amazon mention scoring discrepancies. Since kids will be the main users of these home arcade games, you'll want one that is well built and can withstand the abuse that children put toys through. Look for arcade basketball hoops with solid frames that are stable and well balanced. Assembly can be anywhere from an hour to 3 hours but it's pretty straight forward. If you can get a second pair of hands to help, that will help speed things up. Home Electronic Basketball Game Reviews - The best place to get feedback on these game units is at Amazon. They have compiled years of consumer opinions and ratings so you get to see them all in one place. Read up on assembly issues, scoring problems, features, see photos, and hear about the entertainment value you get for the money. You can browse the best selling arcade basketball hoops for home use here.

Best Electronic Basketball Hoop for Home:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on Amazon and many other websites is the Lifetime Double-Shot Arcade Basketball System which sells for $240. Features include adjustable height from 82 to 90 inches, 2 heavy duty pro style rims, electronic infrared scoring eyes, buzzers, sound effects, and multiple games. You get 7 balls with the system and a pump/needle included. The basketball hoop game will fold up for convenient storage. The steel tubing frame provides the durability that all parents and owners look for. Plugs right into your wall so no batteries are required to run it. There are a few gripes from owners about the accuracy of the score keeping. A few people have even returned the scoring mechanism to get a replacement part that works. Besides the scoring problem, users say the system is sturdy and provides hours of fun for the entire household. Measure the room you plan on putting the arcade hoop system into so you know that it will fit. One person thought they were going to use it in their basement and the Lifetime arcade basketball system was too large. Amazon has a good video on the product page where you watch the basketball set in action.

Arcade Basketball System:

RECOMMENDED - Another excellent option is the Carrom 752.69 Free Throw Duel Electronic Basketball Game that costs about $250. It's definitely the classic, arcade style basketball shooting game like you see in places like Chuck E Cheese. Putting it together was not too bad, 2 of us finished in less than 90 minutes. The hoops themselves are made of "cold-rolled, powder-coated steel, reinforced with cross braces; one-inch thick, 16-gauge tubing" and the rip-stop, double stitched ball return works well. While playing you will see that it tracks your score and the time remaining to shoot. There is an auto power-off feature that kicks in after 5 minutes of inactivity. In the box are the basketball system, 6 small basketballs, an air pump and the AC adapter. Again, these home electronic basketball gaming units are big, so make sure you have a dedicated space in a game room or garage to put it. It measures 41 x 81 x 83 inches (W x H x D). I will say that the limited warranty on all the arcade basketball units we found are pretty chinsy - most offer 90 days for the electronic parts and a few go up to a year on the frame. We will update this section on durability over the next year. So far, the unit is holding up very well with regular use from 7 to 10 year old boys.