Updated: December 2017

Backyard Soccer Goal Reviews:

My son recently got very interested in the sport of soccer. We bought him a ball, some decent cleats and some cones to dribble around. As he has progressed, my next item to buy was a kids soccer goal, the ones you put in your backyard for practice. I wanted to give him a target to shoot for and keep the practice fun. This way whenever he wanted, he could score a goal. Backyard soccer goals are relatively inexpensive - most range from $40 to $80. The top brands are Franklin, Mitre, PUGG, Agora, Park & Sun, and Petra. You can find them in stores like Target, Walmart, Sports Authority, and Dicks Sporting Goods. I went online to search for something that would fit my needs and wound up at Amazon.com.
backyard soccer goals

Choosing a soccer goal for your yard - If you are training to become a good soccer player, you will eventually need to learn how to shoot at the goal and develop a solid shot on goal. Younger kids play in leagues where the goal is smaller than the full sized soccer goals you see on TV. Many of the kids soccer goals I found were roughly 6 feet by 4 feet. Some were a touch smaller, but that is about the right size. Not only are they good for practicing your kicking, you can also train to be a soccer goalie with it as well. I know most kids would rather kick the ball and score than be a goalie, but you never know if your child is the next star goalie in the World Cup. Materials - Depending on the amount of play the goal will get, you can either go with the high quality galvanized steel tubing design or choose the pop up goals that Franklin sells. Either way, you want something that is sturdy enough to let a ball it the netting behind the goal and not fall over. The Franklin Pop-Up Junior Goal comes with peg hooks that secure the goal to the ground. The more durable goals have reinforced steel bars and premium ground stakes so your soccer goal stays where you want it. The netting should be solid so that it doesn't fray or tear after just a few shots. I have used our practice soccer goal in our backyard on grass and also taken it out to the street where there is more room to dribble around and shoot. As your child grow bigger, you can always purchase the full sized soccer goals which start at about $300. Where can you find reviews for soccer goals? - Amazon.com proved to be the best source online as they post dozens of owner comments and opinions right on their site. Read up on real consumer feedback and then make an informed buying decision. You can browse the best selling soccer goals here.

Best Backyard Soccer Goal:

Mylec is a reputable name in the industry and the Mylec Deluxe Soccer Goal is a great choice for those that want a dependable goal in their backyard. The Mylec is made with high impact PVC tubing and the heavy duty sleeve netting system holds up well. Parents say putting the goal together was fairly easy (15 to 30 minutes) and their kids like it. I went with a similar model offered by Franklin with the PVC tubing which I found very easy to assemble and I've had to take it apart several times to move it around and store it for the winter. At around $80, the goal will last, which is exactly what I wanted. No sense in having to purchase one every few years after it falls apart. If you are looking for something cheaper, the pop up goals from both Franklin and PUGG are both about $35 and provide a decent portable training goal.

Practice Soccer Goals:

If you are looking for a more sturdy, larger soccer goal, consider the Franklin Sports Competition Steel Soccer Goal, 12-Feet X 6-Feet. Not everyone has room for something this big in their yards, so make sure you take that into consideration before buying anything. It measures 12' x 6' when assembled and is 5 feet deep. The all weather 4" x 4" PE net holds up in all conditions and the 6 galvanized ground stakes keep this soccer goal solidly in place. The goal is a nice piece of equipment if you are son or daughter is a tournament player and needs extra practice at home. Sets up easily with the precision fit locking pins. Another option is the Agora folding soccer goal - they offer a huge selection online and their youth soccer goals are always top rated.