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The game of badminton has been around for a long time, but it wasn't until 1992 when it became an official Olympic game that it's popularity took off around the world. Back in 1934 the International Badminton Federation (IBF) was formed and since then many badminton world championships have been held.

Badminton is a very serious and competitive sport in many countries and is still one the favorite backyard sports of all time. Badminton equipment is pretty simple - each player has a badminton racket (racquet), there is a badminton net in the middle of the court, and one player starts the action by hitting the birdie, or shuttlecock, across the net. You can play singles or doubles and play can be quite fast and powerful. A badminton court measures 17 x 44 feet (singles) and 20 X 44 for doubles.

Most badminton racquets are made of lightweight materials like graphite or aluminum. The badminton shuttlecock (I grew up calling it a birdie) is a circular piece of rubber that has a crown of about 14 to 16 plastic feathers. The birdie gets hit back and forth across the net (much like tennis) and can't hit the ground or else the point is over.


The video below shows How to Play Badminton : How to Set Up a Badminton Court:

What to look for in a badminton set?

Badminton is a sport that can be played by novices and experts with the same enjoyment. When choosing a badminton racket, consider your playing leveling. For beginners, any racket that comes in a badminton set should work just fine with string tension somewhere between 15-22 lbs. Advance players can handle higher string tension (22-28 lbs) much like professional tennis players. You also need to consider shaft flexibility, weight and balance, and the frame itself.

The top badminton racquet brands are Victor, Carlton, Yonex, Karakal, Wilson, Pro Tech, Qiangli, and Pro Kennex. Rackets range in price from $10 to $230 depending on your level of play and the technology involved to produce them. We recommend going with a mid-range priced badminton racket that will give you hours of enjoyment in your backyard and offer you enough features for a serious match here and there.

The most popular badminton rackets in the $40-$65 range are the Carlton Powerblade Titanium Badminton Racket ($65), the Wilson V8 badminton racquet ($50), the ProKennex Iso Dynamic 400 Badminton Racket ($45), and the Wilson Dynasmash 500 Badminton Racquet ($60). The Qiangli 5501 Badminton Racket ($28) is a great value with a high quality brand name - graphite and aluminum construction and a nice carrying case.

For top of the line, high-end badminton rackets, go with the Winex Nano Kevelar Badminton Racket ($130) - great control and power for an offensive minded player. The Victor IW 2500 Badminton Racket ($140) weighs only 85 grams and can be strung up to 30 lbs of string tension - has a isometric head shape and an extra stiff shaft.

The Yonex badminton racquets for touring professionals offer excellent shot making ability. The Yonex NanoSpeed 8000 Badminton Racket for $220 is our pick for the best high end badminton racket. You can buy rackets, nets, shuttlecocks, and any other badminton equipment or supplies online at Badmintonsource.com or Amazon.com. You can browse the top selling badminton sets and racquets online here.

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Best Badminton Sets:

RECOMMENDED - For the avid enthusiasts, the Park & Sun Badminton Pro Set ($100) is a great option. This is a quality set designed with the more advance player in mind. Includes 4 steel rackets, 3 A-grade nylon shuttlecocks, net, poles, guyline system, and carrying case. The Halex Select Combination Volleyball/ Badminton Set ($40) is perfect for the weekend player with durable rackets, net, poles, and deluxe carrying bad.

The Franklin Recreational Combination Set ($40) is another excellent value buy for those that enjoy badminton or volleyball. If you are looking for a better constructed badminton set, go with the SportCraft Heritage Badminton Set ($90) - complete with 4 high performance rackets with grommets, steel shafts and padded grips and hi-sheep strings. You also get a 21-inch tarpaulin net, a pair of feather shuttlecocks, a tension crank system, ground stake mallet, court making kit, parts storage bag, game rules and instructions, and a sturdy wooden crate to store your set.

The Jaques Challenge Badminton Set ($180) is another top rated garden badminton set designed for years of use. The heavy-weight metal posts, deluxe net, and alloy rackets will provide years of badminton games in your backyard.

To check out how to setup a new badminton set in your yard - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Badminton Set:

If you are a recreational badminton player, then just buy a badminton set that includes a badminton net, 4 badminton rackets, and a carrying case. The top badminton set brands are Halex, SportCraft, Franklin, Jaques, and Park & Sun.

The best badminton set for the family is the Halex Platinum Badminton Set - great entertainment value with an all weather PVC sleeve net, 4 aluminum shafted badminton rackets with grommets and padded PU grips, a preassembled double guide rope system, carrying bag, and 1 1/8 inch diameter telescoping PVC poles at official 5 feet 1 inch height, and 2 molded shuttlecocks. If some players are better, then purchase seperate racquets.

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Rules of Badminton:

Badminton is a fairly simple game to learn and play and the rules have evolved over the years to hopefully keep the game open to players of all abilities. The World Badminton site is located at Worldbadminton.com and was started in 1995 as a starting point for people interested in learning about badminton. There are on ads on this site, only helpful "rules videos" and equipment reviews to get you playing the game of badminton.

There is a complete list of Badminton Organizations that you can look at and find a local chapter in your area. http://www.badmintoncentral.com is more complete with a discussion forum on new badminton products, equipment reviews (rackets, shuttecocks, strings, shoes, clothing), and a complete section dedicated to badminton techniques, professional players, and tournaments. These are 2 great sources for rules and current playing opportunities.

More videos and resources are here on our Badminton Resource Page.


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