Updated: December 2017

Baseball Glove Reviews:

When looking to buy a baseball glove, you need to consider the following aspects - price, size, materials, and your position. If you are buying a baseball glove for a youngster who has never played, then go with a generic glove instead of something specialized since you are not sure the position your child will be playing. In general an outfielder's glove will be larger than a pitcher or infielder's glove. A first baseman's glove and catchers mitt are totally unique and different. There are utility gloves for players that eventually play multiple positions, but no need for those when first starting out. The 2 top grade materials for baseball gloves are full-grain leather and premium steerhide. If money is no object go with a top quality leather glove, but keep in mind that kids will outgrow the glove in a few years. Nokona baseball gloves are made from buffalo skin which is tougher and lighter than full grain steer hide and they are quite expensive. Leather, or cow hide gloves perform well and break in rather fast but they wear out quickly as well. For a youth glove, cow hide makes sense since the kids need a glove that breaks in fast and they don't need it to last more than a few seasons because they will outgrow it anyways. There are also pigskin and kangaroo skin baseball gloves available in youth sizes.
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How should the glove fit? You want it snug once it's adjusted. Plenty of young baseball players wear a batting glove under their baseball glove, so make sure there is room for that extra thickness when you try it on. Experts say you should wear a batting glove inside a fielder's glove so that your sweat doesn't ruin the inside lining of the glove. Will you want an open or closed web design? Closed web gloves let you get the ball out of the mitt faster while open web gloves are better at trapping the ball. It comes down to personal preference and position. Shortstops and 2nd basemen tend to like the closed web gloves so they can turn double plays easier and outfielders, 1st, and 3rd basemen like open web gloves. Conventional back gloves are for those that like tighter gloves in the wrist area and closed back gloves tend to velcro straps you can adjust to your desired tightness. You should be able to find a quality baseball glove for less than $75 that will last several seasons (depending on how well you care for it). Other gloves are $200+ and deliver superior quality leather and craftsmanship. Your budget will determine what price category you shop in, but more expensive doesn't always mean better. Mizuno baseball gloves are very well made and we have read reviews on their cheaper models that still rate very high. Rawlings is a time tested name in baseball and their gloves range from budget to premium, although we suggest staying away from their vinyl models. Nokona makes premium baseball gloves and their buffalo skin gloves fetch over $250 in stores. Nike and Easton are relatively newcomers to the baseball glove market and have yet to produce standout products like the other manufacturers. There are softball gloves as well, but we are focusing just on youth hardball gloves in this article. Most makers of gloves will offer left-handed versions, but make sure you buy the correct hand when purchasing online. We read glove reviews online and checked out the latest inventory on sites like Justballgloves.com, Baseballcorner.com and Amazon.com to come up with a "best selection" in various categories below. RECOMMENDED - We suggest you shop online at Amazon.com - they carry the widest selection of baseball gloves at the lowest prices. You can also read all the owner reviews posted on their website before buying anything. See the top selling gloves and mitts online here.

Best Overall Youth Baseball Glove:

One of the hardest things for any beginning baseball player to do is catch the ball. It's hard enough just to judge where the ball is going to land, but you also have to be able to catch it in your glove and secure it. The Mizuno Prospect Series: GPL1150 Youth ($50) is a mid-priced youth baseball glove that offers the best chance at consistently catching baseballs for your youngster. The Dual V-Flex "helps initiate" the closure of the glove and the patented PowerClose lets youths close the glove and catch the ball like no other glove on the market. The Mizuno is an 11 1/2 inch model with a closed back, closed web, parashock palm buttersoft lining, and a PowerLock adjustable wrist closure. The Prospect series from Mizuno are great for baseball beginners and they provide superior feel and comfort. Another excellent choice is the Rawlings Junior Pro Lite Series: JPL110 ($50) with basket web, fitted foam, conventional back, and it's lightweight. This glove is recommended for youths 9 and under who want a comfortable fit and top performance. See all the most popular Rawlings baseball gloves here.

High End Baseball Glove:

If you want a high-end, luxury basball glove, go with the Nokona Buffalo Series: AMG100BF ($220). These top rated gloves are made with buffalo leather and break in fast and last a long time. The reliability and performance of Nokona baseball gloves is legendary and this model features a closed, dual strap back, a full weave closed web, and a hinged style pocket. The Wilson A2000 Series: A2K ($280) is even more expensive than the Nokona and prized for its comfort and consistency, but the Nokona gets just as good reviews and is priced much lower. These top baseball gloves are meant for semi-pro or professional players that need durable gloves. You can browse all the high end baseball gloves here.

Value/Budget Baseball Glove:

If you play baseball a few times a year on a seasonal team, then buying a $200 baseball glove doesn't make sense. For under $100, you can own a quality Mizuno glove with the Mizuno Tradition Series: GTR1255. The one thing that amateur players mention about catching baseballs is the shock that they feel in the palm of the glove. The Mizuno features a Para Shock system with a palm pad to absorb the repeated slamming of the baseball into the palm area of the glove. Ideally we would like to catch the ball nearer to the webbing of the glove, but most players aren't that good all the time. The palm is laceless which adds to the feel, comfort and fit of the Mizuno baseball glove. This hand-crafted ball glove is perfect for players of all ability and ages. Amazon carries all the top rated left and right handed baseball gloves here.