Updated: December 2017

Bike Stand Reviews:

Bike Racks and Bike Stands Review - Americans have always equated cars with freedom; but bikers know that real freedom doesn't come on 4 wheels, it comes on 2. You have the freedom to feel the wind on your face, feel the burning in your legs, and feel the thrill of beating your best time or going somewhere new. You also have freedom from high gas prices. Your bike will need repairs during its lifetime, though, and the best bike stands can help you out. These are great for at-home bike mechanics (which all serious bikers must be at times) to help keep your bike upright and stable while you work. How do you choose? What should you look for? And where do you put them when you're done and need convenient, compact storage? We'll help you out with our guide to the best bike stands, garage racks, and storage solutions so you have the freedom to get back on the road anytime you want.
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Bike Stands and Bike Racks

- Choosing the right bike stand or bike rack depends largely on what you plan to use it for. In general, people use them to store their bikes (these are the racks you often see in public places, though you can get home models for storage in your garage) or to facilitate repairs by ensuring your bike is immobile and secure as you work on it. The materials from which these bike racks are constructed will vary depending on the use as well - those intended for outdoor use, for example, have to be weather-resistant and durable. Bike racks and stands are commonly made of stainless steel, steel, plastic, or thermoplastic. Bike stands intended for repair usually have a tripod design for stability.

The Best Bike Stands for Repairs

- When repairing your bike, you need top quality to ensure that it is stable and won't fall on the floor - or worse, you - when you're working. The best bike stand, according to reviews we found on several websites including Amazon, was the Park Tool PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand. At $140 it's priced fairly and the features are many. The cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes (24 to 76 millimeter), the clamping pressure is totally adjustable and you can replace the jaw covers if needed. You get 360 degree clamp rotation and the quick release height adjustment lets the bike mechanic lower or raise the height from 99 to 145 centimeters. Want stability, the Park Tool PCS-10 features a 3 point leg system and a reinforced center yolk so the bike remains stable while you work on it. 26 out of the 27 reviews on Amazon are 5 of 5 stars (that's not easy to achieve unless you have a quality product. A high end choice is the Feedback Pro-Elite. This is a top rated bike stand that is constructed out of anodized aluminum, weighing only 12.6 pounds. It folds easily for compact transport and storage. The Pro-Elite telescopes from 42 inches to 71 inches with a quick-release lever. It has a secure-lock clamp for all tube sizes. The clamp allows for 360-degree rotation, which combined with the telescoping stand, allows you to work in comfort. It is durable, strong, and stable. A review by bike experts MTBR praised the "little touches" that make the Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand so great, like the compact design and the ergonomic lever. "Those are the little touches that really add a lot of flavor and usability to Feedback Sports bike stands." MountainBike.about.com also loved the design, the looks, the ease of use, the compact design, and rugged, durable construction. One downside this review noted, however, was the price. It is about $255. It is one of the best stands on the market and has the price to match.

When looking for bike stands, Topeak is one of the top names in the industry. They make several models, among which is the popular Topeak Two Up TuneUp Bike Stand. This gets consistently high ratings from Buzzillion and Amazon reviewers, as well as BicycleRepairStand, which praised the Two Up TuneUp's sturdy construction, compact folding, and rugged tripod for stability. The Two Up TuneUp is both a multi-bike storage system (holds up to 4 bikes) and a portable work stand. It has a sturdy tripod base, 4 adjustable hangars that hold up to 39.7 pounds, aluminum tubing, locking quick-release stepper foot, and telescoping center pillar that extends up to 7 feet. It is about $150 (see the top rated Topeak bike repair stands). A great deal for this multipurpose stand. Other top names to look for include Park Tool, Spin Doctor, Delta, Nashbar, Racor, Mighty Rack, and Ultimate. In general, look for compact design, portability if you want a work stand, strong tubular aluminum design for light weight and strong construction. You can browse the best selling bike repair stands online here.

Best Bike Racks for Storage:

Whether you are storing your bike in the garage for the winter or just parking it there for a few days, you need a reliable stand so your bike doesn't fall - or take up valuable floor space. Compact design is a must, and luckily, there is a huge selection. When it comes to storage racks, there is no better name in the business than Racor. One of the most popular is the Racor Pro PLB-2R Two-Bike Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand. It is a freestanding rack equipped to handle 2 bikes. The Gravity has independent adjustable arms, vinyl-coated cradles, option for wall mounting, lightweight (20 pounds), and an epoxy-coated black finish that won't damage your bikes. This Racor bike stand is $50; you can get a 4-bike Racor storage system for $86. If you have a small space and need to store your bike inside an apartment or loft, Cycloc makes a storage solution with you in mind. The Cycloc bike system is an example of very simple yet ingenious design. The "stand" looks like a round circle that mounts firmly onto your wall. It fits a wide range of bike sizes and styles, and allows you to free up floor space by keeping your bike on a wall, which is essential when space is tight - or even when you just want a cleaner, more clutter-free look. The compact bike rack has won design and product awards, including the Entrepreneur Challenge Award, London Development Agency's Connect Award, Plastics Industry Award for Consumer Product Design of the Year, Consumer Product Design of the Year from Design Week, and the Best Startup for Cycloc. Cycloc is a UK-based company, but you can find the storage systems online at retailers like Y Living, Opulent Items, and MetropolitanDecor for about $125 to $135.

A bike stand that is highly regarded by reviewers on Amazon and TotalBike is the Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand. Like the Racor bike stand, it holds two bikes and creates a compact storage solution. The Michelangelo offers gravity-based storage, which doesn't require drilling into your wall - another plus for those in rental homes. It simply leans against the wall, and the rubber-tipped feet ensure that it doesn't slip or slide. The Michelangelo holds up to 100 pounds. There are independent adjustable arms for any style bike, and the silver epoxy powdercoat will prevent scratches to your bike - and it looks sleek and stylish as well. You can find the Michelangelo for about $57. If you need a storage solution for more than 2 bikes, Delta can help with that as well. The Cezanne (you know they're going to be great racks when they're named after such renowned artists!) can handle as many as 6 bikes and has adjustable arms for any bike style. There are two wire racks, slots for skis or snowboards, and hooks for jackets and bags. More than a bike rack, the Cezanne allows you to clear other clutter from your home and create a convenient spot for your gear. The Delta Cezanne 4-Bike Storage Rack is ideal for any home with bike enthusiasts, especially families. You can find it for $160. Other names to look for are Prostor, InterChange, Atomic, Saris, GearUp, Nashbar, and Spare Hand. As with the repair bike stands, look for quality, yet lightweight construction, no-damage features, like epoxy-coated finishes and no nuts and bolts. View the top rated bike storage racks and stands here.