Updated: Oct 13, 2016

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There are plenty of outdoor activities in which you can get wet and need to dry your equipment before it gets ruined with mildew and moisture. Shoe dryers, or boot dryers, have been around for years but have never worked as advertised until recently. Hunters, golfers, and skiers know what it's like to stick their foot into a wet shoe or boot and it's not a great feeling. Hunting requires wading in water often to get the best shot and boots can take a beating unless they get dried out at night.

I have golfed multiple times in the rain and my shoes were completely soaked. I tried to dry them next to a fireplace all night but the insides weren't completely dry the next morning when I had an early tee time on my golf vacation. Those that ski understand that the interior lining of their boots may be totally damp by days end and drying your ski boots is essential if you are going to come right back out the next day and ski the mountain. Boot dryers are becoming more portable and efficient at what they do. Most are only about $30 to $50, while the larger units that dry multiple boots at once go into the $100's.

boot dryer

The video below shows the basic functions of an Original Peet Dryer and what to expect:

What to look for in a boot dryer?

The top brand names for boot dryers are Peet, Dry-Doc, DryGuy, Seirus, and Maxx Dry. You can pick up a boot dryer in most sporting goods stores like Cabelas or Dicks Sporting Goods and online at Amazon.com or in hunting equipment stores. The key to any boot dryer is that it fits your particular size boot or shoe properly and that it will dry out the boot in a reasonable amount of time. The best kind are those that plug into a regular 110 volt outlet in your house, but don't be discouraged if you need something that will work outdoors.

Many hunters have access to their cars on their trips, so using a product like the DryGuy DryFast ($35) is another alternative since it has a 12-volt car adapter that you can plug in. Some models have the option of using batteries which means the unit is totally portable. A newer design from Peet is the Propane Shoe Dryer ($50) which can run off a 16 oz propane cylinder and will safely dry your boots or shoes within 3 to 6 hours. Given all these options, you should never have to wear wet boots or soggy shoes another day.

It's currently hunting season in my area (Oregon) and I visited our outdoors store (Cabelas) to see what they offered in terms of boot dryers. They carry all the Peet boot dryers and they said the propane model is selling quite well. For reviews, you can find plenty online at Cabelas.com, Amazon.com, and Bowhunting.com had a great review on the Primos Boot Dryer.

If you want an experts opinion, go to your local outdoorsman retailer and ask the salesguy or check online in forums related to hunting, fishing, skiing, or golfing. We found plenty of owner opinions posted on websites with pros and cons to several products. Peet is the best selling brand, although reviews for their boot dryers were no better when compared to the other brands. You can browse the top selling boot dryers online here.

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Best Boot Dryer:

Peet makes the best boot dryers on the market and they offer them in a variety of power sources so you can find the one that works best for your situation. The newer Peet Propane Boot Dryer ($50) is perfect for outdoor activities like hunting since the unit is portable and will run off of propane. It works great if you are camping in the woods and don't have access to a power source. The propane boot dryer will not only dry your boots properly, but experts say these type of dryers will prolong the life of the boots as well. The shoe dryer is safe to use and will have you waking up to warm boots. The unit runs silent as air circulates through your boots leaving them dry. Great for hunting trips where you know your shoes will get wet.

You can find it online here along with their other boot dryers. If you have access to a power outlet, the $34.99 option from Peet plugs into a 110 volt wall outlet and pumps air as hot as 120 degrees into your boots and works great. Reviews on the plugin model rate it better than the propane one, but since most hunting and fishing trips are outdoors, we sided with the product that is usable without electricity. The electric boot dryer from Peet is a great alternative for those in a house or hotel that need to efficiently dry golf shoes or hunting boots overnight.

To check out how to use a boot dryer - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Boot Dryer:

The Dry-Doc Boot Dryer ($39.99) gets top billing on Cabelas.com from customer reviews. Almost all feedback is very positive, although there were a few owners that didn't feel like the boot dryer dried their equipment very well. The Dry Doc, which plugs into the wall using an AC power wall adapter, runs quiet and works efficiently blowing air into and around your boots or shoes to get them dry for next day use. Will dry snow boots, hunting boots, golf shoes, mittens, gloves, and more. One reviewer noted that it worked great on her "neophrene scuba booties".

This versatile boot dryer will get your boots and equipment dry and ready to wear for your next adventure. RECOMMENDED - The most popular and #1 seller on Amazon is the Dryguy Sweet 16 - owners say it's perfect for anyone that likes snowboarding, skiing, hiking, hunting, or fishing. You can dry up to 2 pairs of shoes at one time and some consumers even mention drying out shoes and boots that are just sweaty. Choose the heat or air dry settings and the boot/shoe dryer does the rest.

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Best Value Boot Dryer:

If you are looking for a good value boot dryer, consider the DryGuy DryFast Boot Dryer ($34.95). It's the perfect gift for the hunter or fisherman in your household since it runs on a 12-volt car adapter or batteries. Comes with an AC power cord for use in homes or cabins where electricity is flowing. It weighs only 2 pounds making it an easy accessory to carry into the woods if you are going hunting for a few days. The DryFast boot dryer uses ambient air to dry your footwear within hours. Some owners say the unit is a little loud, but it gets the job done and that's what matters most. You can view more details on this and other products from DryGuy at Dryguy.net. Look for this particular unit online HERE.

More videos and resources are here on our Boot DryerResource Page.

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